How Much Health Does the Warden Have in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? – Answered


The Warden is easily one of the most talked-about addition to the game amongst the Minecraft community members for months now. This is because the boss has been long anticipated to make a debut and it has finally happened.

There have been numerous snapshots of the Warden as well as balance changes that include new abilities that have been added over time. This has raised questions about the boss mob such as how hard it’ll be to kill and how the Warden compared to the game’s other boss mobs.

So in this guide we’ll be detailing some of the Warden’s abilities as well as how much health does the Warden have in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How Much Health Does the Warden Have in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? – Answered


The Warden has a total of 500 health in Minecraft Bedrock Edition which equates to a total of 250 hearts in-game. Designed to be an overwhelming force of nature, the Warden is far too resilient to kill before its massive damage output kills the player.

Mojang Studios who developed the game wanted players to be fearful of the Warden, and they achieved this with the boss mob’s massive health pool.

The Warden’s health pool is by far the largest health stat of any mob in Minecraft Java Edition. The Wither boss came close with a 300 health and around 150 hearts.

Bedrock Edition players however, have the potential to better the Wither, who when the game is set to hard difficulty, has 600 health and 300 hearts.

Other Boss Mobs in Minecraft

There are two other powerful boss mobs in the game which are the Ender Dragon and the Elder Guardian. A lot of players in the community consider Elder Guardian a miniboss, as they don’t quite compare to other bosses individually.

Considering each ocean monument has three elder guardians, they are around the same level as the other bosses in a fight. The Warden remains one of the most powerful boss mobs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition as He does 30 damage to the players on Normal Difficulty, bringing players’ HP to a mere 7, even if they are wearing a set of the Netherite Armor.

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How Much Health Does the Warden Have in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? – Answered


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