Home Steam Deck How Many Steam Decks Were Sold as of May 2022?

How Many Steam Decks Were Sold as of May 2022?

How Many Steam Decks Were Sold as of May 2022?
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The first portable console from Valve turned out to be very popular with the public, but it is important to note that the manufacturer failed to meet the demand for supplies for obvious reasons. Let’s look at what Steam Deck sales are and how many pieces have been sold as of May 1, 2022. The statistics are based on information from open sources.

Steam Deck Sales Statistics: How Many Sold?

Analytics say that 1.5 million devices were sold as of May 2022.

Now it is important for the brand to optimize production capacity. However, Sony and Microsoft face similar problems in the production of the ninth generation of home consoles. The volumes are insufficient, so in many cities and countries there is a certain shortage.

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One and a half million is an ideal number – many analysts were more sceptical and said that Valve’s portable console would be a failure. There really were prerequisites for this: the previous devices were not in great demand. The examle is Steam Machine, a branded gamepad with a touchpad, a TV set-top box for remote play, etc. All of them are more of an experiment than a product for the mass consumer.

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How Many Steam Decks Were Sold as of May 2022?


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