How Many People Play PUBG Mobile? Full Pubg Mobile Player Count


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds transited to becoming a game that is played for free. Moreover, they have added the mobile version, which positively influenced their popularity. However, the free-of-charge access to the game made it more difficult to count the total number of people involved in playing the game. Nevertheless, The Verge tracked the number of sales for consoles and PC before PUBG had given free access. The data they have provided state that the quantity was more than 75 million of sales. Do you want to know how many people play PUBG Mobile? Let us, please share the Mobile player count for your convenience. Keep reading!

Quantity of People Playing PUBG Mobile

The recent data states that as of 2022, more than 1 million people downloaded and started playing the game. Now, the game creators say that there are not less than thirty million players who log in and play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds daily. The source Active Player says that 58.54 million players are the highest recorded quantity of players per day. Please check the chart below to see the amount of the active players in the past year:

MonthMonthly Active PlayerAverage Daily Players
Last 30 Days521,026,65943,418,888
February 2022525,011,47643,750,956
January 2022530,901,17744,241,765
December 2021531,755,68644,312,974
November 2021532,602,11644,383,510
October 2021530,114,75544,176,230
September 2021525,990,14743,832,512
August 2021527,605,54643,967,129
July 2021530,844,73043,665,201
June 2021533,601,44639,947,701
May 2021531,014,47640,144,576

Now you know how many people play PUBG Mobile and have access to full PUBG Mobile Player Count. Keep reading our guides to be in the loop!

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How Many People Play PUBG Mobile? Full Pubg Mobile Player Count


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