How Many Endorsements to Level Up in Overwatch 2? Explained


Overwatch 2 is a 2022 first-person shooter where you and other players split into two teams and select your hero from a roster of 35 characters. In this game, players can assign 3 endorsement categories – 2 for a teammate and another that could be given to anyone in the match. And today we want to talk about how many Endorsements to level up in Overwatch 2.

What Do Endorsements Actually Do in Overwatch 2?

Endorsements in Overwatch 2 let you tell your teammates that they are doing nice work without having to activate your microphone or the chat bar. It’s there to help people feel good about their game. The thing is that some gamers can feel very terrible about their performance at times (even if they were ideal teammates). But still, endorsements are more than a virtual thumbs up.

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Those endorsement bonuses, though, may be quite large. A player who consistently obtains maximum endorsement XP bonuses will be able to go through the Overwatch 2 battle pass much faster than someone who does not get endorsements.

How Many Endorsements to Level Up in Overwatch 2?

The more endorsements a player earns, the better his or her rank. Endorsement levels range from 1 to 5, with a maximum of 5. Without endorsements, Overwatch 2 players will now receive Battle Pass XP regularly. There is no set quantity, and the value grows as a player’s Endorsement level rises.

Players who want to know what their current Endorsement Rank is may head to their Career Profile and look under the Overview page. The Social Menu allows a player to view the Endorsement levels of others, including friends and those with whom you have just played a match.

That’s all that you need to know about how many endorsements to level up in Overwatch 2. Thank you for reading the guide. Good luck! And while you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best Overwatch 2 aim trainer codes.

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How Many Endorsements to Level Up in Overwatch 2? Explained


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