How Many Character Presets Can you Create in Tower of Fantasy? – Answered


Tower of Fantasy is a new anime MMORPG sporting gorgeous graphics and wondrous environments. The game features a robust character creator, and you can save presets to use them later. You can even check out the public listing to see character presets created by other players! Today, we’re answering the question: How many character presets can you create in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy Character Presets Limit

In Tower of Fantasy, you can customize your character before you even start playing the game. On the login screen, tap on the Preset button on the right side to get started.

On this screen, you can create your own custom character. You can change their clothes, give them accessories, change their hair, and use custom colors.

For those who really like complete control over their characters, you can even fine-tune facial features! You can change stuff like cheekbones, chin size, nose zine, mouth type, and more. There are lots of cool customization options for those that care about them.

Whenever you’re done creating your dream character, you can tap on the Complete button. This will save your preset as it is to your personal storage, and it’ll also share it to the public directory of presets, where other players can check out your designs.

Creative players will love this function as they can create presets based on their favorite characters or just go wild and create a brand-new character. The best part is that there seems to be no hard limit to the amount of presets you can create.

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To test this, we created around 20 copies of the same preset just for testing purposes. The game uploaded each one without fail, and we would seemingly upload more with no restrictions.

We assume that there IS some sort of limit, it’s just not predefined. We’re thinking that the server will eventually automatically clean up unpopular presets, but still keep them to your own personal storage.

That concludes our guide on how many character presets you can have in Tower of Fantasy. We hope you enjoy creating lots of presets, and if you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How Many Character Presets Can you Create in Tower of Fantasy? – Answered


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