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How to leave a clan in COD: Mobile

How to leave a clan in COD: Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile

Clan is one of the in-game features of Call of Duty: Mobile, which allows users to join a group of players on the platform. While being a part of the clan, players can perform many different activities and complete several in-game challenges to earn some free loot.

In the previous guide, we discussed How to join a clan in COD Mobile, and for those who aren’t aware, players can only join a single clan at a time. Therefore, if a user wishes to join a new clan in COD: Mobile, it’s necessary to leave the old one first. Thus, here’s a guide to leave a clan in COD: Mobile.

Steps to leave a clan in COD: Mobile

  1. Launch Call of Duty Mobile and click on the ‘Clan’ on the main screen.

  2. Navigate to ‘Member’ tab located on the top of screen.

  3. Hit the Leave icon right next to your clan name.

  4. Click OK on the next prompt.

    Confirmation about leaving the clan

Unlike creating a clan, joining a clan in Call of Duty: Mobile is free and doesn’t require to spend CP coins. However, it’s important to note that players can’t join another clan for the next 24 hours from when they leave the existing one.

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How to leave a clan in COD: Mobile


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