Monster Hunter Rise

Despite being a challenging experience, there is no denying that Monster Hunter Rise is also extremely balanced, offering players the right level of challenge depending on where they are in the story and the quest they are trying to complete. As such, Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t feature any difficulty setting: the experience is so flexible, that it is possible to make things as hard or easy as one desires.

Still, there are situations where Monster Hunter Rise couldn’t have been balanced properly. Being a game that can be enjoyed solo or with other players, getting the difficulty just right for the multiplayer quests was not easy. The developer, however, managed to do so almost effortlessly by using a particularl mechanic. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How Does Difficulty Scaling Work in Monster Hunter Rise?

Difficulty Scaling, and multiplayer monster difficulty, only comes into action when you are playing the game together with other players. Generally, the higher the number of players, the more difficult the monster will be to take down. So, to make an example, any monster will not have the same amount of Health Points when fought by three different players as when it is fought by four.

The Difficulty Scaling system, however, is not a static system, and so will not fix the monster difficulty to the number of players that have started a specific quest together. So, if any player drops out during a quest, the difficulty will be scaled back immediately. The same happens when someone joins in the middle of a hunt: you can be sure the monster will then become much harder to take down.

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