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How Do You Get Both Pyroar in Pokémon GO

How Do You Get Both Pyroar in Pokémon GO
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Pyroar is the very first Normal and Fire dual-typing Pokemon introduced in Generation VI. It is also available in Pokemon GO, with both its different forms available for you to catch.

How Do You Get Both Pyroar in Pokemon GO?

There is no special method to getting both forms of Pyroar in Pokemon GO. The two different versions of Pyroar are simply its male and female counterparts. The male Pyroar possesses a thick mane, while the female one has a long streak of fur.

This means that, in order to get both versions of Pyroar in Pokemon GO, you simply need to catch two different Litleo, one male and one female, then feed them each 50 Litleo candy. Doing this will have them each evolve into their respective gender’s Pyroar form.

It should be noted that the male version of Litleo is much harder to encounter than the female one. This make complete sense, since in regular Pokemon games, the chance of a Litleo being male in an encounter is merely 12.5%, while the chance of it being female is a whopping 87.5%.

Litleo can easily be found in the wild, during raids, and in research activities as eggs. The gender odds for Litleo will still be prevalent in all of those methods to obtain a Litleo, so you may be hunting for a male one for quite some time. There are no visual differences between male and female Litle, which means that you won’t know which one you’ve encountered until they’re actually caught.

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How Do You Get Both Pyroar in Pokémon GO


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