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How Do I Beat Boldore in Pokemon Go

How Do I Beat Boldore in Pokemon Go
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As fun as Pokemon GO can be, the game can be pretty challenging at times. The game has introduced raids as a feature that’s been running for years at this point, and while some can be quite the fun experience with friends, others can be a little too challenging for one’s liking.

Tips for Beating the Boldore Raid in Pokemon GO

Thankfully, Boldore isn’t one of those raids that you will need to break your phone over in rage and frustration. Boldore is a weaker form of its final evolution, Gigalith, and so it has much lower stats than its evolution, making it not much of a hassle.

Steel type Pokemon seem to be one of the contenders for the best Boldore counters. Metagross and Steelix immediately pop out as ideal picks, Metagross having access to Bullet Pullet and Meteor Mash that will make quick work of Boldore, while Steelix can swiftly take it down with Iron Tail and Earthquake.

What stops Steel types from being the immediate picks to counter Boldore is the fact that Boldore carries the move Mud Slap, which deals super-effective damage to them in return.

So your other options to counter Boldore are Water, Grass, Fighting, and Ground types. A lot of the Mega & Legendary Pokemon come out as top picks for the Boldore raid, such as Mega Blastoise, Mega Gyarados, Mega Venusaur, & Kyogre and Zarude, respectively.

If you want to go for more budget counters, then Pokemon like Conkeldurr, Garchomp, Roserade, Empoleon, and Swampert and also solid picks that can get the job done just as well.

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How Do I Beat Boldore in Pokemon Go


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