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How Big is the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex?

How Big is the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex?
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It’s hard to imagine the enthusiasm of Pokémon players when Nintendo announces new games in this universe. One of these has been officially confirmed and is already waiting to be released. This will happen on 18TH November 2022 on the Nintendo Switch platform. In this guide, we will tell you how big the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex is.

What Is New in the Upcoming Pokémon Game?

There are many questions swirling around in players’ minds that have been waiting to finally try this game. The game will finally introduce the 9th generation of Pokémon. It means only one thing – more and more new pokémon are coming. At the same time, one major and basic question arises – how many Pokémon will the Pokédex include in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

What is Pokédex?

Before answering this question, let’s make a quick note of what Pokédex is. Pokédex is a handheld device that gives you information about Pokemon. After catching a pocket monster, you can get detailed information about your Pokémon’s weight, height, and even serial number.

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As previously mentioned, the game will introduce a new line of Pokémon, and at the start of the game session, you’ll have the opportunity to choose one of three companions. The player will be able to choose one of the following: Sprigatito (Grass Pokemon), Fuecoco (Fire Pokemon), and Quaxly (Water-type).

How Many Pokémon Are There in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex? 

What will the set of Pokémon be like in the new game? The exact number is hard to say yet, as the game hasn’t been released yet. In the meantime, according to the leaks, there is information that there will be approximately 70 new in-game monsters in the ninth generation. It is also worth mentioning that more Pokémon will be added from each previous generation, but exactly how many there will be is still unknown.

So, this is everything you need to know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex. The new game promises a lot. It will not let the player get bored quickly. It also promises lots of fun with a set of friends at your side.

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How Big is the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex?


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