Home Game Guides House Designer: Fix & Flip Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Become the Best House Flipper

House Designer: Fix & Flip Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Become the Best House Flipper

House Designer: Fix & Flip Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Become the Best House Flipper

I am sure I’m not the only one who’s a huge fan of those TV shows where people buy ruined houses, renovate them and then flip them for massive profits. I always end up saying that I could do that – but the truth is that I don’t have the money, nor the skills for actually making it happen.

Fortunately, with the mobile game House Designer: Fix & Flip I have a chance to feed the ego and do some house flipping myself – even though virtually.

And today I’m here to help you get the most out of it by sharing some House Designer: Fix & Flip cheats and tips with you in a complete strategy guide.

This will help you earn more money quickly, make more profits and be able to afford and purchase the best decorations in the game to make even more profits and have more fun.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out below some House Designer: Fix & Flip tips and tricks!

Do the missions over and over again
There’s not a lot of variety at the moment in terms of missions that you can complete in House Designer: Fix & Flip, so you should pick your favorite one and complete it over and over again in order to raise the money you need for your projects.

The first thing you should do whenever you start a mission is to immediately sell every item that’s available there. You won’t make a fortune, but it’s extra money and it all adds up in the end. So why let it go to waste when you can make some extra money?

Next, you should take things methodically and one room at a time. I personally prefer to handle one task at a time – like removing the garbage first and cleaning up afterwards, since this makes everything a bit easier and I don’t have to juggle with the various controls in the game.

And finally, remember that you don’t have to get 100% in order to be able to complete a mission and rack up those profits. If there are some things that you really can’t find (like a hidden stain or garbage item), don’t waste too much time searching for it as you don’t lose a lot of money if you don’t get the 100% on each mission.

Try to also measure how much time you spend in each mission and only do the ones that give you the most income per hour. For example, the starting bar cleaning one is completed very fast so you can do that over and over again instead of Mark Kelly’s house, for example, which takes a lot more time and isn’t as profitable.

Don’t invest too much in your starting house
The Small House is the house you start it and unfortunately, you can’t sell it as it is your home base. Therefore, it makes little sense to invest too much in it, especially early on when the funds are low.

Instead, wait until you have enough money to buy your first house and restore that, then quickly sell it for a profit.

You don’t have to turn it into a luxury mansion – simply cleaning up everything, adding some appliances and a bit of furniture will increase its price greatly. Sell it then to have more funds on hand. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

That’s the secret of house flipping – and always wait until you have enough money before taking on a larger house which requires more money to renovate.

Increase your game’s performance
House Designer: Fix & Flip is a massive game that requires some resources, so if you’re trying to play it on an older phone, you might have some trouble getting a good performance and instead get some choppy / laggy gameplay that would make it less enjoyable.

Fortunately, you can improve your game’s performance by going to the game’s settings: simply tap the in-game tablet (where you choose your missions or the shop). From there, deactivate shadows, grass and improved rendering.

If these don’t fix your performance issues with the game, try toying around with the other settings as well.

The texture resolution and the screen resolution can also be tuned down – so take things methodically. Tune the textures down a bit to see what effect that has on the game, then tune down the resolution if you need a bigger increase in performance and so on. You will eventually be able to find the perfect settings for the game to run flawlessly.

Watch videos for extra money
Did you know that you can actually do this? Well, you can and even though you’re only getting $25 per video, it’s better than nothing and a lot faster than going through most of the in-game missions.

In order to be able to do this, you should tap your in-game tablet, then go to the Money tab. At the bottom, you will have this option which will help you quickly make $25. Could come in handy!

This would be it for now. If you have some additional House Designer: Fix & Flip tips and tricks to share, please let us know by commenting below – I am sure fellow flippers will be very grateful.

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House Designer: Fix & Flip Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Become the Best House Flipper


  1. This isn’t a comment it’s a question in which I can’t find the answer anywhere online and the game doesn’t have a “help” tab or even a “contact us” option.
    This is my 1st time playing this and im on the 1st “after party cleaning” mission. I finished living room, kitchen and I’m on the 3rd of 5 rooms, the bathroom. I have 2 remove dirt tasks left and they are in the shower. So, my question is how do I get inside the shower to clean those 2 spots? I tried using my hand to open door knob like opening the room doors but I the shower will not open.

  2. I’m stuck fixing a bathroom got up to closed blinds and it will not apply for some reason I’ve tried putting the blinds on numerous times and it will not register

  3. I just got the app and hav finished a house what do I do ?do I just keep doing other ones cause when I did that I started back at 300$ I didn’t add what I had from the other house

  4. I cant finish Sparks Family house
    “Make a room for firstborn”… I tried making a baby room it didn’t work. Then I tried adding kids furniture and changed the walls and flooring. Help!

  5. Anyone know how to clean behind the bar in the bar mission? All of the dirt and trash I have left is behind the bar but I can’t figure out how to get there! None of the doors open and I can’t climb over.

  6. I have a question too. How do you store paint cans and putty (or get rid of empty paint cans) after you use them. I can only seem to move them around but not delete or put in my inventory?

    • You have to be in another house, go to realty and click on the house you want to sell. You will then have an option to sell and the price offered.

  7. I always clean the garage at Paul and Daisy’s house. It gives u $850 and u only have to spend around $127 to do the little bit of renovating. (That’s only accurate if u sell back the putty and paint cans after using them before finishing your job.) I was able to buy the mansion after about 2 days of playing this game. I wish there were more options though. I love this game!

  8. Is there a way to make more money on the missions? You end up spending so much that you only take home a small amount. Some missions hardly seem worth it.

    • you are using things not on the task list which is why you are being charged. the task list is at the top left corner. the task list will be different for every room you enter. for the room with no task list and shows 100%, you leave the room undone even if i was filth as pigstay.
      use only the things on the task bar and you can bring home the whole mission amount without spending a penny.

      • buy the item of filling it is right before the paintings and use the tool of wall fixing in your inventory
        and you can always sell the item you bought after you are done for 75% of the buying price

  9. When doing jobs to make money, I always complete all the rooms. I look and make sure every room is 100% complete. For some reason it still says finish work? I can’t find anything else that needs to be done. Can anyone help?

  10. Hello. I bought a house. The one for 1000. Cleaned, made repairs, put in a few bits etc. But it us selling at a loss of over 600. Where am I going wrong?

  11. Hi guys, I started playing last night and Im doing a house. cleaned and everything, busy buying furniture. I bought a carpet but now that I have to buy a cabinet to put in the kitchen on the carpet there is nowhere to place it as it just shows red and not green. I cant sell the carpet either. HELP!

  12. How can I fix a door? The mission says “fix the white door” but it’s in the air. How is it possible?! I’ve spending 3 hours to find a solution.
    (If you don’t understand my question, sorry, my English sucks)

  13. I bought a house last night before bed. The one that costs $1,000. Went to sleep and today I got on and I don’t know where to find the house. I go to the realty tab and it shows the house but when I click on it, it is showing I have to pay for it again. Is this a glitch??

    • Did you save the game before you closed it? Save your game by clicking on the iPad icon and going to the settings tab. Check your funds to make sure you didn’t actually buy it.

  14. When using the price gun. No price comes up when I use it at a clients house it only shows $0 each time. I only get a price when on the price gun when I use it in my own home. How do i fix this??

  15. Is there a way to put bigger doors in after selling a regular door? Like if you want to put a sliding door in your base house is that possible or does it have to be something that fits in the same hole?

    • You can go to the pet bowl and use the “price tool” to sell it. This actually places the pet back into your inventory. Click on the pet paw logo to find your pet. Now, place the pet bowl back into your house. Your pet will spawn right next to it. Keep the doors in your home closed so this time your pet will stay indoors.

  16. I tried to paint a wall. it sayd ‘you need to get some paint’ so i put the roller in the paint (i tapped ‘get paint’), but the wall still says that i need paint
    help please

  17. mission want me to stick a new wallpaper,prob is..when I start tu change the wallpaper it wont change,that ‘use’ bar didnt change..do I need something to do before sticking the new one..

    • your point is not very clear but i assumed that the wall you mentioned has no holes, so choose the wallpaper from the shop and point to the wall you want it to stick and tap and hold the USE button untill a circle in the middle of you screen is completely filled blue and disappear.

    • go to realty tab. if you have bought another house, the house is tagged with YOU OWN THIS HOUSE sign. tap the house and you will find two option MOVE TO THIS HOUSE and SELL THIS HOUSE. tap the MOVE TO THIS HOUSE

  18. I’m cleaning the mechanics garage and I have one piece of garbage left and I honestly can not find it. There isn’t much in the room and everything is clean.. but I can’t find the last piece of garbage to finish this mission :( help!!

    • There are 2 circular buttons (one on the left and one on the right) and they both say “use”. This will place items. It also opens doors and turns on lights too.

  19. I’m trying to do the Japanese style room and I found the Japanese red wood lanterns but it only counts one I placed. I’m placing more but they won’t count! I’m guessing it has to be in a certain location but I’ve been at this all day I can’t figure it out.

  20. what is that thing in your wall, the one under the window at the back of house, it is the same in the bedroom just right after u enter? What is it for?

  21. Hey! I’ve been playing for a little under a week and I am getting the same homes over and over again! Same fixer uppers requiring the same furniture, same rooms… even same price too! But my friend has the game as well, however all of her mission homes are completely different from mine! I haven’t seen these home missions on my game. Why is that??

  22. Painted my first house but the room is aways dark and looking orange the walls and floors always look either orange or its always night time how do i Change this

  23. i have the “mansion on porto drive” is there a way to paint the outside , change the window above the front door, and the stairs on the inside?? i’ve tried selling the window but can’t get close enough to sell it. please let me know ! it’s driving me crazy lol

  24. The game is dark, you can see car lights. We thought it was because my son was out of money so I bought some. Bought the 1000 house, still dark. We only see tree shadows… removed the game and installed it again, still dark..thanks


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