Hot Rush: A Horror Adventure Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


A young man wakes up in the middle of cave full of lava, with no recollection of anything that has happened. It is up to you to help him regain his lost memories in Hot Rush: A Horror Adventure! In this maze adventure game, you will help Antonio navigate tricky mazes to rediscover the truth. Our Hot Rush: A Horror Adventure cheats and tips will help you solve the mystery!

Hot Rush is all about navigating the mazes swiftly but surely. One slip up could mean everything, so read on to become a pro in our Hot Rush: A Horror Adventure cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Take your time maneuvering the mazes!

All of the levels in Hot Rush are designed to be maze like, so even though you are on a timer you should still take your time as you navigate the level. Keep in mind that if your character comes within even a pixel of the lava or whatever environmental danger there is, you will have to start all over!

There is nothing more frustrating than getting all the way to the end of a level only to accidentally move too far into the lava.

Study the movements of the monsters!

Each of the unspeakable horrors you will encounter while in the lava drenched caverns have their own movement patterns. For example, the white skeletons move quickly back and forth on one fixed path, while the dark skeletons move slower.

Early on in the game you will be able to just walk around them, but later on you will have to deal with cramped paths. Wait for the right moment, then go!

Play endless mode for coins!

The only real way to earn coins in this game is to play the endless Nightmare mode. In Nightmare mode, you are trying to outrun an advancing wall of flame before it engulfs you.

You will have to maneuver through flames and the same monsters you encounter in the story mode. Peppers are still around, but they will boost you through embers.

There are coins scattered about, and you should grab them when you see them. They are worth one coin each, so you better start saving now if you want to afford anything from the shop!

Use both hands for more control!

The virtual directional pad in Hot Rush is a bit wide spread – you probably have noticed this but you cannot really make smooth movements. If you need more control, we recommend playing using both of your hands.

You can use one thumb for two directions and another dumb for the other two. This will help you navigate the mazes more smoothly!

That’s all for Hot Rush: A Horror Adventure! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Hot Rush: A Horror Adventure Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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