Horde of Heroes is a brand new RPG / match three combination available for both the iPhone and iPad. Although there are already a ton of similar games available on the App Store, this one manages to impress thanks to its nice retro graphics, quick gameplay and collectible items and upgradable skills. But we are not here to praise the game, but talk strategy so read on if you want some Horde of Heroes cheats and tips to help you get the most out of this game and turn your little hero into a force all monsters will fear!

1. The timelapse cheat
You only have a limited number of lives in the game, and you probably don’t want to wait until your health is fully restored. You can do an easy trick to get your lives back: simply change the time on your device to a later date and you will get your hearts! Easy as pie!

2. Equip only the best equipment
When completing missions or unlocking chests, you will receive different pieces of equipment. Make sure that you regularly visit your inventory and check out all your items and equip the best that you have, based on your play style (since some might increase stats in a specific area, but decrease it otherwise).

3. What attributes to upgrade
Every time you level up, you receive a limited number of attribute points to use on your hero. Although trying to keep things balanced might be a good idea, focusing on the three elements (Attack, Magic and Defense) worked very well for me. I always keep those 4-5 points ahead of the others (without counting the item changes). I don’t really notice the elemental advantages from upgrading them, so that’s why those are always my last ones to get an upgrade.

4. Select the best power-ups you have
Just like in the case of the items, you can only use a limited number of power ups based on your level. Select the ones that fit your style the best and don’t overuse them, even though coins are won to use the power-ups. The starting power-up, Heal, is useful for a pretty long time, so I suggest sticking to it for a while. As soon as you unlock the second slot, go either for the Attack or the Monster Power-up.

5. Only open big treasure chests
Don’t use your keys on the small chests and wait until you get enough to open the biggest one since there you will find the best items.

6. Start matching at the bottom
Just like in the case of all match three games, the best approach here is to start making matches at the bottom of the screen in order to get bigger chances at triggering combos and wreaking havoc upon your enemies. Also, just as starting at the bottom and trying yo use and create special tiles is important, it’s also extremely important to be very fast. Basically, you should just work your magic, while in battles, and find matches as fast as possible without actually looking at the enemy or anything else. Just look every now and then to make sure that you have enough health left, but otherwise focus on being as quick as possible with the matches. Things change a bit when there is no monster battle in the game, when you should concentrate your efforts on getting a score as high as possible.

And these are our tips, tricks and cheats for Horde of Heroes. Do you have any other advice that you think might help our readers? Let us know by commenting below!


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