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Honkai Star Rail Battle Pass – Is It Worth it?

Honkai Star Rail Battle Pass – Is It Worth it?
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Battle passes are the perfect feature for players who want to get bonus extras for their favorite game. They can be named different things in different games but they amount to the same deal: pay a few extra dollars for exclusive cosmetics, in-game currencies, and more, all while you play and level up.

Read on to find out about Honkai Star Rail‘s Nameless Honor Battle Pass and if it is worth paying for.

All About the Honkai Star Rail Nameless Honor Battle Pass

The Honkai Star Rail Nameless Honor Battle Pass contains various rewards that are unlocked as the player completes missions and gains EXP. Every time you gain EXP, you will level up and get closer to unlocking the next level of the pass. You do not have to decide to pay for the pass right away if you don’t want to as there is a free tier of rewards (Nameless Gift) just like any other Battle Pass.

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To decide if the Nameless Honor Battle Pass is worth purchasing really depends on what you want from the game, and how casually you will play it. Usually a Battle Pass is a good thing to buy for players who will be playing regularly enough to be able to unlock all 50 tiers by the time the season ends. Each Honkai Star Rail season lasts around 45 days.

Everything the Honkai Star Rail Battle Pass Contains

LevelNameless Gift (Free)Nameless Honor (Paid)
16 Adventure Logs6 Traveler’s Guides
24 Condensed Aethers6 Refined Aethers
315K Credits60K Credits
46 Adventure Logs6 Traveler’s Guides
52 Fuels2 Fuels / 10 Lost Crystals
64 Condensed Aethers6 Refined Aethers
715K Credits60K Credits
86 Adventure Logs6 Traveler’s Guides
94 Condensed Aethers6 Refined Aethers
101 Star Rail Pass1 Star Rail Special Pass / 10 Lost Crystals
118 Adventure Logs8 Traveler’s Guides
121 Track of Destiny 2 Tracks of Destiny / 1 Gift of the Pathstriders
1320K Credits80K Credits
148 Adventure Logs8 Traveler’s Guides
151 Track of Destiny2 Tracks of Destiny / 1 Gift of the Pathstriders
166 Condensed Aethers8 Refined Aethers
1720K Credits80K Credits
188 Adventure Logs8 Traveler’s Guides
196 Condensed Aethers8 Refined Aethers
201 Star Rail Pass1 Star Rail Pass / 1 Gift of the Pathstriders
213 Traveler’s Guides12 Traveler’s Guides
223 Refined Aethers12 Refined Aethers
2330K Credits120K Credits
243 Traveler’s Guides12 Traveler’s Guides
252 Fuels2 Fuels / 1 Gifts of the Pathstriders
263 Refined Aethers12 Refined Aethers
2730K Credits120K Credits
284 Traveler’s Guides16 Traveler’s Guides
294 Refined Aethers16 Refined Aethers
302 Star Rail Passes2 Star Rail Special Passes / 1 Treasure of the Starry Seas
314 Traveler’s Guides16 Traveler’s Guides
324 Refined Aethers16 Refined Aethers
3340K Credits160K Credits
345 Traveler’s Guides20 Traveler’s Guides
351 Track of Destiny2 Tracks of Destiny / 1 Gift of the Pathstriders
365 Refined Aethers20 Refined Aethers
3740K Credits160K Credits
385 Traveler’s Guiders20 Traveler’s Guides
395 Refined Aethers20 Refined Aethers
401 Self Modelling Resin200 Relic Remains / 1 Grand Gift of the Pathstriders
416 Traveler’s Guides24 Traveler’s Guides
426 Refined Aethers24 Refined Aethers
4350K Credits200K Credits
446 Traveler’s Guides24 Traveler’s Guides
452 Fuels2 Fuels / 1 Grand Gift of the Pathstriders
466 Refined Aethers24 Refined Aethers
4750K Credits200K Credits
486 Traveler’s Guides24 Traveler’s Guides
496 Refined Aethers24 Refined Aethers
501 Star Rail Pass680 Stellar Jade / 1 Grand Gift of the Pathstriders

To unlock the Nameless Honor Battle Pass for Honkai Star Rail, you will first have to reach level 13. This allows you time to figure out the mechanics of the game, get to know some characters, and see if the game is a good fit for you. This should be enough time to decide if you love the game well enough to purchase the 50-level Battle Pass full of rewards and goodies to help you as you travel the galaxy! For more free gifts and rewards try out the Honkai Star Rail codes.

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