Honkai Impact 3rd Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

In today’s article we will cover all of the Honkai Impact 3rd tips and cheats to help you get more powerful and progress further into the game!

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In the game there will be quite a lot of things which you will have to keep track of, so for that I have gathered everything that you need to know right here to help you out all throughout the game!

From how to improve your heroes to what to do in order to pass the stages when you get stuck, I will tell you everything that you need to know and give you an insight into what you should expect from the game.

So without further ado, let us dive right into the Honkai Impact 3rd tips and tricks right here below and get right into the most important game features!

Play through the stages and advance as much as you can

One of the first things which lets you advance in the game first and foremost is playing through the stages. This will let you advance, collect plenty of Crystals and let you do a pretty neat gacha summer later on.

I suggest that since the very beginning you start playing the levels, because you will have a lot of levels to play and grind through, and you will need all of the resources which you save up from them.

Upgrade your captain level

As you progress through, you will be able to gain EXP, by completing the stages and by claiming the rewards you get for doing so. Your captain level is super important, as that will dictate what you can unlock and how much you can level up your Valkyries (captain level is your account level basically – upper left corner).

Upgrade your Valkyries

Your Valkyries are your heroes, and they can be upgraded to the same level max as your current captain level. That’s another big reason why leveling up is super important! Always upgrade them when you level up! This will help you battle the enemies much easier!

How to upgrade your captain level fast

The main ways to gather a lot of EXP and upgrade your captain level is to complete (and try to finish) the main story quest and do your daily quests (more details about this below).

Do your dailies!

Early game the daily quests are arguably as important as everything else, because they will reward you with plenty of EXP and also enough resources which you can save up and use later on in the game.

The daily quests can be completed once per day, so try to do them every single day and claim the bonus you get for completing all of them. This bonus is shown as milestones in the bottom side of the dailies tab, so don’t forget to claim them!

Finish the levels with all side objectives complete (Challenges)

This is a super important thing because it will give you +5 Crystals for each extra objective which you can completed. That will help you acquire new heroes, so I really suggest that you try to give them a quick read beforehand and then try to keep them in mind while you are battling.

These extra Challenges will be seen as soon as you tap on a stage that you want to play, and they are quite simple tasks, such as not taking more than X hits, or not die more than once and stuff like that. They can be claimed once, so if for example you fail to complete one of them you can come back at a later stage and try playing that stage again to complete the challenge!

My tip here

Right before you complete a story quest, make sure that you check if you finished all objectives! You can do this by pausing the game before the stage completes. If you didn’t get all objectives, quit the stage and restart to try again. This will not waste your Stamina! I also suggest that you do all of the challenges because they will give you +15 Crystals per stage (once per stage) and they will add up for when you want to acquire more Valkyries from the gacha.

Dodge and perform counterattacks

The game has a pretty fun and interesting battle system, which lets you attack and dodge and perform all kinds of special moves. The one move which I want to highlight here the most is the dodge one, which will let you counterattack if successful.

What you should do in my opinion is to pay close attention to the dodge button in your skill bar, which will start glowing or pulsating when you are about to get attacked. When you see that happening, try to tap it and dodge the incoming hit.

If you have successfully dodged, then you will see that your surrounding will change a little bit, putting you into something like a frozen time lapse, in which you can attack the enemy and deal massive damage. Try doing this whenever you can because it will make the battles much faster and easier!

You can also try to dodge when you notice that the time during the battle slows down, as if allowing you to perform some action!

Pick up the drops if you want

After defeating the enemies you will notice various drops on the ground appearing from them. You can either go ahead and pick those up beforehand (in some cases might be useful, if they are HP restore or such) but in most cases if you are trying to do a speed run, then you might want to wait until the stage is finished so you can claim them automatically.

Either way, just pay attention to what they are and if you want to pick them up, then go walk over them.

Use characters which will counter the enemy

All of your characters (or battlesuits or Valkyries or however you want to call them) will belong to a faction (or element). Those factions will be either powerful or weak against others, so try to always pick the one which will have an advantage over the opponent.

These are the factions and their counters:

– Psychic is strong against Mecha, but weak against Biologic

– Mecha is strong against Biologic, but weak against Psychic

– Biologic is strong against Psychic, but weak against Mecha

– Quantum and Unknown counter each other.

Do the in game events

In the game you will have under the Attack -> Events tab some extra in game events which will give you some pretty useful rewards! As soon as you start playing the game, you should focus all of your Stamina into playing the main story quests, and progress as much as you can (try to rush it).

Once you can not advance any further, you should go ahead and check out the other battles which you can do, in this case the event battles. They are super good, so don’t miss them!

Another type of events in game can be found in the main interface of the game, and on the left part of the screen in the Event tab. There you will see all of the active in game events and you can claim the rewards for completing them. You can also see here for how long the said event is running and try to complete it by the time it is over.

Save your crystals until you can do some good gacha summons

In my opinion there are a couple of good ways that you can get more heroes, but you should focus on those only after you cannot advance any further with your heroes even after upgrading them, because you should always try to save Crystals as much as you can – especially if you are a f2p player!

– Standard Supply: this will most often than not give you A rank characters, so do not bother with it – it’s not worth it in my opinion, but if you have a different experience then go ahead. I just don’t recommend it because of the bad drop rate.

– Dorm Supply: this is super good in my opinion, because after 25 drops you will get an S rank guaranteed, so it’s definitely worth investing in it.

– Expansion Supply: this is like an event gacha, so every once in a while it will give you different drops. You will get guaranteed the S drop within 100 tries, so if you have the Crystals it is a good way to spend them if your wanted hero is there.

– Focused Supply: here you will obtain gears. Once you have the Valkyries you want, invest everything here because gears are super important!

With your Crystals you should always buy Stamina if you are low and can progress

If you already have all of the heroes which you want, you should then make sure you follow what we mentioned at the beginning and start progressing through the main story line. This can be done by using Stamina per stage, so if you are running low and can still progress pretty easily, then you should make sure that you invest into buying some more!

You can buy some Stamina by tapping on the + icon next to the Stamina (in the top side of the screen) and it will cost 25 Crystals and that will buy you 60 Stamina. Do this when you have some extra Crystals sitting around and your heroes are strong enough.

Log in daily to claim rewards!

You will receive free Stamina every single day for logging in to the game, but not just that – you should make sure that you log and claim the other daily rewards as well. Even if you won’t plan on playing that particular day, you should still make sure that you log and claim them because they will definitely come in handy.

A few more Honkai Impact 3rd tips and tricks:

– Never forget to upgrade your weapons, as well as your characters. They will increase their power and make it easier to pass the stages.

– Check out the Supply -> Shop every day because the Logistics Terminal will refresh every several hours, so if you see something worth buying you should make sure that you buy it before it resets.

– Receive the rewards whenever you complete something and save them up. Whenever you finished a task you will see a small red dot above the in game feature. Tap on it and you will see that you can claim those rewards!

– Try to check out the Achievements and if you want a lot of Crystals, check out the achievements which give you tons of Crystals upon completion. Then try to do them, because they will pay off.

– Whenever you are into the fight screen, you can tap on the Pause menu and take a look at the controls and attack patterns for the heroes quickly in case you forgot them!

These would be all of our Honkai Impact 3rd tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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