If you’re in the mood for a tough as nails side-scroller that follows the exploits of a black inky mutant you’re in luck, as OCMO hits iOS devices worldwide from today. Developed by the aptly named Team Ocmo in Finland, the game aims to let physics-based platforming fans unleash their inner monster in a game of rope swinging skill.

As the titular creature it’s your job to eat as many bunnies as you can find. The catch is that they can only be consumed at the end of each level, requiring precision and dexterity as you touch, tap, and swipe your way through OCMO’s 80 unique stages.

Helping all speedrunners to scratch that challenging itch, OCMO isn’t just about mastering timing, but movement too. Using the creature’s tentacles, you’ll need to reach and pull your way to victory, accounting for the surrounding physics to fully embrace the feel of flow. Maintaining momentum throughout the word is essential, but should you die a handy instant respawn is always there to ensure frustration never sets in.

Completing OCMO is an enjoyable experience, but trying to fully master it brings countless more rewarding hours of fun, with many secrets and treasures awaiting those willing to put themselves through the paces.

Face your fears and swing your way to success. OCMO is available now for iOS devices.


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