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Home Design Makeover Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Get Money for All Home Makeovers

Home Design Makeover Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Get Money for All Home Makeovers

I think that there’s nobody out there who doesn’t enjoy decorating and redecorating homes. Fortunately, since the real life thing is so expensive, we have various virtual methods to keep on doing that and one of the latest is Home Design Makeover – a beautiful match three game that brings in some hose remodeling into play.

And we’re here to help make the experience as smooth and easy as possible by sharing a bunch of Home Design Makeover cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide. There’s not too much to learn about playing this game, to be honest, since it’s a pretty straightforward one – but it also doesn’t hurt to have one or two things in mind when playing if you want to make the best of it.

So let’s not waste any time! Let’s check out below some Home Design Makeover tips and tricks to make more money for the houses’ makeovers!

Go for matches at the bottom
As it happens in most match three games out there, in Home Design Makeover you also have a slight advantage when matching at the bottom of the screen. When you do so, there’s a chance that falling pieces from the top will create combo matches, giving you more points and making your life a lot easier in the long run.

So unless there’s a level with very specific areas that you have to focus on, always start by looking at the bottom of the screen in order to start making matches there.

Maximize earnings
A level, once completed, cannot be replayed. This means that the amount of coins you get for that particular level is yours to keep and there’s no other way to make more money unless you complete a new level. And since they get more and more difficult as you go up, you should always play trying to maximize earnings.

You get a base score for each level you complete and that influences the amount of money you receive at the end. Your score is higher if you manage to complete the level with as many moves left as possible – so always try to do that.

I would go as far as saying that, unless you’re dealing with an extremely difficult level, it’s always a good idea to fail a level on purpose if you’re about to complete it with one or no moves left. Those extra money come in handy when you’re doing those expensive makeovers!

Look for multiplied tiles
An interesting concept – and something that makes everything a lot easier in the game is the fact that when you create matches next to tiles that are required to complete the level, their value is multiplied. This means that a single tile can have an actual value of 2, 3, 4 or more.

The catch comes from the fact that, unfortunately, those multipliers don’t last more than a move. So if you don’t use those tiles in a match, they’re gone! This is why you should always keep an eye for those and use them to make matches whenever you have the chance, unless you won’t be able to meet the requirements at the end of the level!

Be careful with the square matches!
There are a few special tiles that you get when matching 4, 5, L-shaped or square shaped combos on the board. They are less useful than in most match three games out there and especially the square match is very tricky.

The good thing about it is that when you match a square, the multiplier for the resulting tile (as long as it’s one required to complete the level) will not be reset after a new move and you’ll be able to increase it by creating matches next to it. The bad thing is that in order to collect it, you will have to use it in a new match.

This means that you are basically wasting a move and you never have the guarantee that you’re actually going to collect that tile later on in the game. It happened to me on multiple occasions to create a square tile just to be unable for the remainder of the game to actually use it in a new match. So be very careful with this!

Go for the most difficult part first
Most levels will require you to collect a given number of tiles, but as you progress, more difficult tasks will join them as well. It’s advisable, therefore, to always start the level focusing on completing the most difficult challenge first. This way, you will have better chances to complete the game.

Choose your favorite designs

The final thing that you have to do in Home Design Makeover is to put that hard earned cash to good use by redesigning and remodeling the rooms of your customers. You get no bonuses here, no matter what you choose and how you match things, so always go for the items and colors that you enjoy the most.

This is like a final treat for yourself only: do a complete makeover that you alone have to enjoy. Now that’s a prize worth playing for!

These would be, for now, our Home Design Makeover tips and tricks. Do you have extra bits of advice – or maybe questions – for fellow players? Don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing a comment below!

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Home Design Makeover Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Get Money for All Home Makeovers


    • Make matches next to them and one match will face them and a second match right beside them will get rid of it. Be careful though because if you don’t get them again, right away, they will go back to normal. The daze is only there for one move, so get them quickly.

    • Yea I’m on level 64 and they just keep popping up and eating the ones I need it’s very frustrating I’m about to give up lol I’ve been trying for a week now

    • You can make multiple changes during the design process. Just tap and hold on what you want to change and the original options appear.
      I’ve actually emailed support with a suggestion that we the consumers/players receive some form of coin award for completing a room or at least offer a daily spinning prize wheel to earn bonus items. I have a huge issue with game sites being money grabbers. This one not as bad as some I’ve encountered. In this game tho the levels are getting more difficult and the coins required to do a project are jacked up
      so I encourage more of you who enjoy this game to get on board with this and email suggestions to Support. There are advantages in numbers.
      Thank you

    • This is actually a feature I really like… after you “pay” for a feature you can change it as many times as you want for free. You can re-design a room completely after you finish it. I love that feature!

  1. How do I get passed level 179? I’ve been stuck there for weeks and I’m about ready to delete the game. I play to enjoy and distress not add to my frustrations.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I came here because I’m stuck on level 168 and It’s really hard to find any info online for this game. @Lannie, any advice for removing the boards on the left side to make the needed matches quicker? I’m sorry that I can’t help you, since I’m not there yet. ☹️

  3. How do you pass level 179? Anyone know? Been stuck on it for days now and tried different strategies. I’m tempted to purchase extra moves, but I don’t like spending money on in-app purchases.

    • I’m on level 198 and there are little candles, which are easy to get rid of. However along each side there are bigger candles. NOTHING I do will get rid of those. I match tiles right next to them and not one of the 17 has gone. I can’t move forward. Ready to give up which is a shame because I love the game. The app developer customer service is next to non-existent. Any ideas? Perhaps a software update from them is in order…

  4. I too have been stuck on level 179 for weeks. I am going to give just a few more days if I can’t get passed it I will be deleting the app. So sad I really liked this game, I just refuse to go down the road of spending money to continue playing. ☹️

  5. I am stuck on level 372 and can not beat it!! I am so aggravated. I love this game and I don’t want to stop playing but it is becoming repetitive and impossible trying to beat this level.

  6. I love this game but it seems to take too long in between lives as well as, I have never earned anything, gems or lives. It’s really frustrating.

    • You can refill lives , first you need to update the game then go to date and time from the sitting and change the day to tomorrow then go back to the game you will see it’s back to 5 lives again then close the game and go back to the date and make it automatic and enjoy

  7. I’ve HAD IT with this GAME!! I had high hopes that this wasn’t one of those Money Grab Games BUT… Unfortunately, IT IS!!! As you advance levels and room projects not only are the levels more difficult with limited moves but the objects on the game levels have to be double hit to transform leaving it near impossible to complete unles the player spends his/her own moneynto extend the moves on that level. Then, if that isnt enough the price to purchase reno looks for the room cost the player more BUT yet the player still receives a pewny amount in points for completing a level. The ratio of points earned / converted : to conversion amount for project decorating costs is grossly imbalanced. This is ADVANTAGEOUS TO THE GAME because it creates a position for the gamer to ONCE MORE spend his / her own $$. BONUSES are LAME IF ANY!! NO DAILY BONUS, NO BONUS or EXTRA POINTS for completing a Room Project or extra Points earned for the room design etc. VIRTUALLY NO PLAYER INCENTIVES ISSUED!!

    Then, if you have an issue and contact support regarding game issues or for example the instance I had with the game DEDUCTING more from my decorating allowance by $1800 Game cash I received a reply IN FAVOR of the game and I recieved NO CREDIT. It is basically, the player’s word against theirs (Game support) with no meeting in the middle or anything. The unfortunate part to this is that the player shouid not have to screen shot eachbmove to be able to dispute an issue if one arises.
    I have put these concerns forward to the Game Team and extended my playing time beause I do actually like the game but now I am FED UP and WARN ALL PLAYERS to watch your totals, even those on the level being played as I had 5 points not deducted once during a level but with no ability to prove it I just carried on.
    My final thought to all who play HOME DESIGN MAKEOVER is this….FIND ANOTHER GAME THAT TREATS THE PLAYERS BETTER!!! So, F#%☆ YOU Home Design Makeover!! I repeatedly voiced my concerns and said I would do make my thoughts known. This is only the beginning!!

  8. Love the game but very aggravating that you don’t get daily items to help with the game or diamonds! Every other game does that and without those, it get VERY boring!!! Also, there is no explanation on how to get rid of or use things! Frustrating

  9. The game is a joke- built with an algorithm designed to extract real money thru the purchase of gems when levels become more difficult and aggravating. No strategy will overcomethe game’s built-in design and without purchasing gems, only a (sometimes) ridiculous number of attempts- and fails- will eventually result in the completion of certain levels.
    I’ve been playing this game and hating it for months now and the only strategy I’ve learned is that by clicking the “support” button every now and then and sending them a nasty email about how terrible their game is, will sometimes be rewarded as they credit your account with gems. This, to me, is proof that certain levels require gems to make completing them easy.

  10. Just stared playing this game. Why is there no reference guide as what the coins are for. Can anyone out there enlighten me please. What does one use the coins for?

  11. Level 224 why do I run out of time before I run out of moves I don’t understand this level and what the clocks are for can anyone help can’t seem to get past it

  12. Why is this game not connected to facebook?? As i play it on my iphone, i cannot play it on my ipad as well, as it starts me off at level 1.

  13. been stuck on level 541 and each time when i have ONE left to clear the game cheats. i’m so over this, i just want to finish this house and move on to the next room!

  14. My boyfriend has been playing and receiving presents such as unlimited goes for two hours and free rainbow slots etc yet I’ve been playing it for longer, updated the app and I aren’t getting that? Anybody know why?

    • The only time I have seen the unlimited lives thing happen is when I finish a level. They don’t make a big deal out of it and it is easy to miss.

    • You just have to use them like any colour block, if it’s red then connect it with two regular red pieces and it goes bang and comes off the total you need to complete the level. You can also blow them up, you need to get rid of one before more appear so if the aim of the level is clear 14 tape measures along with other stuff try and clear one with most moves so that more appear in time for you to clear enough to complete the level. They move up with every move you make, unless something blocks them, so I often try to set it up that they’ll clear themselves as they move up the screen which saves my moves for other things.

  15. Why is there no way to earn diamonds.. you can’t even get power ups unless you SPEND MONEY??? AND it takes to long to earn a life to keep playing

  16. Does anyone know how to clear the flower pots? I keep doing them by accident but don’t know how to do it lol. Stuck on the same level for a week and can’t figure it out!!

  17. I was at level 198 and the box to start 199 locked up. I have a white box and black background. Nothing more. As soon as I clicked on the app that is all that shows. After getting all this distance, this a terrible let down.

  18. Is this game inspired by “Mr. Kate” interior designer from youtube? because it seems like it is with Kate and Joey and the way they like to reveal the room. It would be so satisfying for me if it actually is. Let me know guys!!!

  19. Really like the game and have deleted it myself several times… but it is the only game I keep coming back to. A usability question, in case someone on the game QA team is watching… why do you not tell people how many lives they have left when they start or end a particular level? After you lose a life, it would be great to know how many you have left before you have to pay. SO great that you have to pay by the way, because I cannot and if it were a matter of just making it through the ads, I would never stop playing the game. Having to pay actually WORKS for me because it limits the amount of time I play at a time. Helps me restrict my addiction! Great game!!

    • I’m on 774 and still have no idea how many levels follow. I can look ahead at the coming rooms but there’s no way to equate quantity of rooms to redo with how many levels there are. I think it would be handy to know.
      On another note, there’re so many evil pieces coming in the higher levels. Some of what the 700s have:
      *bunnies that sneeze/shake and cover the surrounding 8 pieces
      *regenerating brick walls (I *hate* them!!)
      *trowels that mud over pieces and leave a brick wall piece (hate them, too)
      There’s more, of course, that I can’t think of right now.

      I, llike many of you, have wanted to toss my iPad across the room because of the unfairness that is this game. I’m not asking for it to be super simple because that would be boring, but it’s VERY obvious this game was purposely written so you’d have to pay actual money or go crazy trying over and over (and over). Are listening game developers? Your users are frustrated and pissed and I don’t think – at least I’d HOPE – that wasn’t your intent. Or maybe it was… ?

  20. Update of sorts: I am now on 780 and they’ve thrown in things that look like weights. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get them without using one of the special pieces you have to pay for. This isn’t right. You game designers suck. Big time. How would you like playing a game if this happened to you?! I doubt you’d like it at all.

    • How did you get passed level 683? I can’t get the last tape measure and have tried for days but it just isn’t showing up with lots of moves left to play

      • Same here, I am trying for a week and still
        one last tape left. They just don’t pop in the end of the moves and olesya one left. Stupid… Giving up this game

  21. So stuck on level 276 I keep playing and playing, it’s driving me crazy. I miss out on the limited designs
    Because I cannot conquer a level, but I love the game and play when I have completed my refills ugh!

  22. I’m on level 1231. I’ve just finished the Freaky Foyer special challenge, which interrupted game play on my French Country bathroom career, and now I can’t get back into my career room! It just says loading.
    I’ve updated, closed the app properly, uninstalled and reinstalled, and restarted my phone, and nothing is working. Anyone else with this glitch?

  23. I’m in level 683. There not enough tape measures to complete the level. For instance. I will have five chances to win the game and only one tape measure to match. But the tape measure never appears. I keep playing and getting close to winning but there isn’t a tape measure to match. I contacted the support team and no help. Anyone else have this problem? What can I do?

  24. I am having the same, for days now. I write the #. There is nothing I can improve ,to win. Reading what’s ahead I’m going to delete the game.

  25. I am stuck on level 683 and it’s asking to clear 15 tape measures but I can’t seem to get the 15th. I have played this level for 3 days and only 14 coming up every time HELP

  26. I am on leave 76 and as I played today. I had to wait because it said I was out of moves and a timer comes on and I can’t play till the time is up? What is that all about! Such a fun game but I am actually very frustrated because I have to stop between each game!!

  27. I am on level 254 and its tough. I was just wondering especially with the limited time why each thing is so any coupons?! It makes it hard to finish in 3 days especially when its two separate whole things to finish in the time. I was unable to finish the lights on the campsite due to being on hard levels to complete in order to get the coupons. I think it should be changed to where you get the coupons you earn on a level regardless of finishing the level or make the items less coupons. I love the game but would just like to see this improvement.

  28. Has anyone noticed that it blinks the move you should make? I have followed each suggested move and it always enables me to win that level…? Kind of don’t like it because I want to do it myself but can’t stop noticing the answer blinking right at me and I know that if I consistently follow it I will win the level. Does this eventually stop?

  29. What is the game money used for? We are awarded $, but I only see that we can spend Diamonds or Tickets. So why earn $ for completing a level?

  30. 683. Seriously. Working on this level for 3 days. Always ends with me needing 1 tape measure that never even pops up on the board. Is this a level where you have no choice but to pay$$ to get through it?

  31. So, I’m on level 947, playing for almost a year, love the design aspect, but I’m so done with this. It’s not hard, but give us something… ANYTHING! Glitches where your explosives don’t work even making a match on them. (Support is not helpful BTW when you email and tell them). And there are no incentives to keep playing!!! 90 diamonds to get 5+ moves?? A year of playing and I’ve earned 45 diamonds. Everything is diamonds and you have none (UNLESS YOU BUY THEM) You don’t get hammers, explosives, etc. Try for yourself, see how there is no incentive to keep going.

  32. This game is fun but a COMPLETE RIP OFF. I’ve never witnessed such high prices!!!! No rewards for playing ! Customer support sucks !!!! I’ve emailed them 4 different issues with no responses. Beware of spending ANY $$$ ON THIS GAME.

  33. Stuck on 279 . Doesn’t seem possible to achieve. This game is a fix though because I know if I keep playing it will eventually work and it Wont be through skills that I’ve learned it will just happen! I’ve failed many ticket challenges, because I don’t play 24/7 it’s crazy the amount of time they give. But like everything else it’s a money making scam of course

  34. I’m on level 1408 and my experience is eventually you get a board that you can beat no matter how hard the level. At a certain point there are extra design challenges that require you to earn tickets. At first you can easily earn enough tickets to complete the challenge but gradually the difficulty of earning tickets as well as the number needed increases. I have decided for my own sanity to ignor these challenges and just play the regular game. My main complaint is the inability to earn gems as many boards only require ONE MORE MOVE! I never have and never will spend real money on this game.

  35. This is the second time I’ve played the game, I was on level 1197 when my other phone died!! My question is what the heck are the diamonds about??? Lol I’ve never used them and cannot find an answer anywhere!!!

  36. I am on the pool level and I can’t change the pool steps. Does anyone know where/how to click to click to change them? I also would like to change the pool water color. It only lets me change the flooring color. Any ideas? Thanks.

  37. From the comments above , it seems this game is a curse, the more levels one completes the more frustrated one becomes. I better delete the game now. and how does someone get to level 1197. Are you in prison or sometheing , Gees what has this world come to

  38. Hi all, I have been playing for a while, on level 577! However the app suddenly won’t launch, I have uninstalled, restarted etc..nothing fixes it. Any tips? Thank you!

  39. I like playing but the last 10 days or so it keeps freezing, I reboot it and still the same,I don’t want to uninstall lncase it starts at the beginning again, I’m on quite a high level,any tips !

  40. Any tips on boosters? I’m not sure how they work and I hate to waste them. I’m on level 1261 and have never used them. Crazy I know.

  41. I’ve just completed the donut shop and now my screen has froze. There is just a yellow arrow pointing to the edge of the page but when I press that it just keeps taking me back to the log in screen.
    Anybody got any ideas as I really don’t want to have to re-install and lose everything?

  42. How do I deliberately get rid of the little weight things in level 775?
    No, I’m not a great player…. to my shame, I’ve spent more money then I’d like to admit to get that far. I keep promising myself I’m going to delete the game.

  43. I was on level 312 and my phone died got a new phone and now the game wants me to start all over :( None of my previous wins/ room designs are there. Everything is gone ??

  44. I cannot get pass level 188!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re supposed to get 30 blocks of each color but the last color NEVER has more than 1 or 2 blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how fast I get the other colors the time is up because it won’t give you any blocks of the last color. I think I am just going to stop playing!!!!!!!!!!! Have been on this stupid level for 2 months! Any HELP APPRECIATED!

  45. I am on level 1781, and am stuck trying to get 145 purple tiles and 12 boards in 21 moves, seems impossible, any hints other than those above? I am hooked on the game, obviously, thanks

  46. I cannot figure out what to do with the tape measure? Any hints? Normally they tell you what to do with newer pieces but this didn’t and I feel like an idiot lol. Thank you

  47. I am on level 213 and cannot figure out how to clear the chains. 3 tiles will not do it, even doing that twice does not clear them.

    Also, completely unable to earn boosters or coins at all. How do you do that?

  48. I’m on level 1223 and have a limited time challange that has a question mark for the last item for the house. How do I get it? It just keeps talking about it but won’t let me purchase that piece.

  49. I finished a project and the next one has been locked for 5 days. I’d there a time limit or what? I’m on level 2075 and have over 10,000 coins saved up.

  50. At which levels you get new perks? I just passed level 10,000. The games are much harder, but in the past there were new perks introduced, such as doubling the money at the end if you beat it at first try.


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