Hogwarts Legacy: Should You Use M&KB or Controller When Playing on PC? Answered

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After multiple delays, Hogwarts Legacy, one of the most anticipated games of the year, is finally available to purchase and play on current-generation consoles and PC. Fans of the acclaimed Harry Potter franchise are excited to get their hands on another thrilling and magical adventure in the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The open-world setting allows players to go about their wizarding ways like never before once they become students at Hogwarts and master the art of magic. So if you own a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, or a gaming PC, you should definitely check this one out. However, should you use a mouse and keyboard or controller when playing on PC?

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Should you use mouse and keyboard or a controller when playing Hogwarts Legacy on PC?

The debate about using a mouse and keyboard or a controller to play games is one that’s been going on for decades, but ultimately it comes down to preference and the sort of game you’re playing. If you’re used to playing games with M&KB or a controller, then stick with the one you prefer.

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However, there are certain games that are simply best played with a particular control setting. Games like GTA V, for instance, can be enjoyed with either a controller or mouse and keyboard. A game like FIFA 23, on the other hand, is best enjoyed with a controller.

In the case of Hogwarts Legacy, the game has been optimized to be enjoyed with a controller. If you’re playing on your PC with a keyboard, then you should know that the keyboard and mouse inputs will be ported, and you won’t get the natural comfort that comes with using a controller.

And since the game has a pretty complicated combat system and open-world setting, it just proves that it might be a stretch playing with M&KB. You may find it nearly impossible to combine a variety of spells on mouse and keyboard, while it’s rather easy to do the same with a controller.

Ultimately, as aforesaid, it depends on your preference. So, if you’re used to playing all sorts of games with mouse and keyboard, then you should play Hogwarts Legacy the same way. And if you find it a bit difficult, then we recommend switching to a controller (as it’s meant to be played).

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Hogwarts Legacy: Should You Use M&KB or Controller When Playing on PC? Answered


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