High On Life: All Dr. Gurgula Hint Locations

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This guide contains spoilers for High On Life! The FPS sci-fi game High On Life sees players track down cartels and fight anyone who is found helping turn humans into drugs for the invading aliens. One of characters players meet is Dr. Gugula, a lanky alien scientist with many arms, whose life mission is to seek answers to the questions of the universe. Unfortunately, Dr. Gurgula has been experimenting on humans to find what he needs. Check out the guide below to find out the High On Life: All Dr. Gurgula hint locations!

Where to Find the Dr Gurgula Hints

The hints to Dr. Gurgula in the following places:

  • Douglas’ Room – Dreg Town, Port Terrene.
  • Jonathan Skrendel’s Office – Skrendel Labs, Zephyr Paradise.
  • Dr. Giblet’s Lab – Deep Jungle, Zephyr Paradise.
  • Nipulon’s Office – Nipulon’s HQ, Port Terrene.
  • The Top of Krust Lord Building – Blim City, Nova Sanctus.

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High On Life

Douglas’ Room

The hint is a poster. Find it by a fan in Douglas’ room which you can find after defeating Douglas and heading to a room containing a computer terminal. Garmantuous can be seen speaking at the terminal. Pick up the poster before moving on.

Jonathan Skrendel’s Office

The clue is found near another computer terminal, this time in Skrendel’s office. The office is situated in the lab. Make sure you get it before the Skrendel Brothers Boss encounter.

Dr. Giblet’s Lab

Once you have defeated Dr. Giblet you can find the hint. The hint is found in his lab, on top of a red table- you can’t miss it!

Nipulon’s Office

When Nipulon has been defeated you can head over to his office to discover the hint. It is found on a shelf in his office so look around on every shelf.

The Top of Krust Lord Building

This last hint to Dr. Gurgula is found on top of the Krust Lord building.

High on Life

Those are all the locations of the hints to Dr. Gurgula. Next up, why not check out how to get the secret ending to High On Life? Good luck!

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High On Life: All Dr. Gurgula Hint Locations


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