Today, we’re taking a look at an indie newcomer in the puzzle genre. Hex Blocks Puzzle is a brand new brain training, fun-providing puzzle game available on both Android and iOS operating systems.

The gameplay of Hex Block Puzzle is simple and straightforward. You need to drag the figures composed out of little hexagons onto a bigger grid shaped, again, as a hexagon! If you cover the grid completely and use up all the figures you complete the level. Sounds easy?

It sure does, but you will shortly find out that the challenge is real and the fun meter is growing exponentially as you play more and more, advancing to larger grids with more possibilities.

Because once you advance to the denser grids, where the number of options to cover the game board increases, the task of finding the correct solution becomes much more difficult. (TIP: try to match the edges first, this makes filling the interior much easier!). So this is the type of game that increases in difficulty as you play, which is a nice touch since I completely hate puzzles that throw impossible challenges at me on the get-go. But it does get challenging at the perfect time, before it gets too boringly simple.

A medium board offers the right amount of challenge
A medium board offers the right amount of challenge

This mechanic is nothing new (like Block! Hexa Puzzle for example), but what I liked about Hex Blocks Puzzle is its good execution! The graphics are crystal sharp and stylish, the sound is pleasant to the ears and you have well made remixes of classical works for music. So there will be no frustration involved: you’ll be very zen when playing the game, taking your time and solving the puzzles at your own pace.

3 board sizes are available to pick according to your preference: small, medium and big. However, only the small board size is available at start. The bigger sizes are unlocked after you solve certain number of puzzles on the board of the preceding size.

Large boards are more difficult, but also a lot more fun to play
Large boards are more difficult, but also a lot more fun to play

If you find a level too hard to solve, you can utilize “hints”. Hints work like an in-game currency of sorts. You can either buy it for money or watch a video to get it. Both are the ways to support the developer, because Hex Blocks Puzzle is free to play otherwise and at no point you will feel that the developer is trying to force you do make a purchase.

The in-app purchase options are really decent
The in-app purchase options are really decent

As many free to play games out there, Hex Blocks Puzzle shows ads. But in my experience, those are not very annoying, because they are displayed only after the completion of a puzzle. And more advanced puzzles generally take quite some time to solve!

There are no options for multiplayer in the game, but you can still compete with other players trying to get higher on the leaderboards. A set of achievements with funny looking meme faces are also there to unlock and boost your Google Play Games level!

The game takes little space on the phone, doesn’t drain the battery too much and supports both landscape and portrait orientations. It is fun, it is well executed and even though it’s challenging, it is not frustrating – so I would consider it more than a game, I would consider it a brain training app with high entertainment value. Do give it a try, you will see that it’s actually a great game!

Download Hex Blocks Puzzle now for free on Google Play and App Store! You won’t regret it!


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