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Heroes of Warland Cheats: Tips & Guide for Winning all Your Matches

Heroes of Warland Cheats: Tips & Guide for Winning all Your Matches

In Heroes of Warland you choose a hero and head on to the battlefield to demolish your opponents in a 3D FPS mobile game. For the competitive bunch who is into really intense 4v4 battles, we have put together the Heroes of Warland cheats and guide to help you win all your fights!

So, without further ado, let’s get into our Heroes of Warland tips and tricks:

Use the map wisely

Just like in many FPS games, for mobile or PC, you can use your surroundings to your advantage. If you want to surprise your enemy by sniping them, it’s best you get up on a high rooftop or behind some objects such as boxes and keep still while having a steady aim and wait for the opponents to just step into the light and BAM! Hit them with a head shot!

To learn your surroundings you should first go explore the map  thoroughly and find spots harder to reach, and try to camp them. If your opponent doesn’t know the game well, then they won’t even know what hit them!

Don’t be a target dummy

When you play a FPS game you don’t want to be standing still (unless you’re hiding as I mentioned above) because that will let your enemies target you easier. You should constantly be moving and jumping around because that will help you avoid getting hit, even if they have auto aim.

To better use this, you should head on to the platforms and they will keep you moving and jumping around. That’s not the best idea, though, if you plan on doing that constantly because you will be seen by the enemy; so to better use this, try combining jumping on the platforms with jumping on roofs and left-right moves.

Learn a hero and stick with it

One-tricking a hero means learning everything there is to know about it and all the cool and unique stuff you can do with it. When you find a hero you like, try sticking with it and head on to many different games to try out new tricks. You might find out he works better against a certain team composition, and is not so effective versus another.

Nonetheless, having a main hero is the equivalent of mastering your part of the game and doing your best to win the game, because when you know your part in a team, you will notice what the team is lacking and if possible you can try to fill in that role too. The wiser you get, the better your chances to win are.

4v4 is not hard

After all, the goal is to win, right? So, the objective is to destroy 4 enemies. When you manage to get that objective set in mind, you should try to think from all teams’ perspectives and picture what the opponent would do.

If you know a certain pattern towards the battle, position somewhere safe where you can see them and snipe them, and where you can not be seen.

Team composition matters

Another thing you should consider is the team composition. One of the best comps is one tank, one healer and two damage dealers. For this one, you should consider having the tank player go in front, the support behind him and the two damage dealers sniping all enemies who show up.

Another team comp you should consider is having two tanks who go in front and distract the enemy players, while two snipers sneak on a rooftop and aim at the enemies. The best damage dealer you should consider for this comp is Salv because of the rockets. With this it’s a guaranteed win once you get a multikill.

Daily quests give constant loot

While you adventure into the PvP, you might forget there are actually other objectives you could accomplish other than just winning the games. Some of these are the daily quests which are crazy easy to complete. Basically, all you will need to do is play games with certain heroes or anything battle related.

You should take a loot at these too, because the silver coins you get could buy you chests for more great loot.

Play with friends

You’ve probably made quite a few friends (or foes?) in game, and if you like the way they play, add them and keep playing together! The same goes for your real life friends who like FPS mobile games. Play together and collaborate IRL for better tactics and a stronger game plan. Once you get really good, who knows? Maybe some e-sports organisation might recruit you!

These would be our Heroes of Warland tips and tricks! We hope they will help you win many fights and become the best PvP artist in game! If you know of some techniques and tricks that we haven’t mentioned, leave them down in the comments below so other players learn about them too!

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Heroes of Warland Cheats: Tips & Guide for Winning all Your Matches


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