Heroes lead the way, and the hunt is on in Hero Hunters, a cover-based third-person shooter with awesome heroes to play as! Take down the evil Kurtz army in a full-fledged campaign mode, duel players across the world in hectic PvP fights, or take down big enemies with friends in co-op missions. The choice is yours heroes, and we’ll show you how to become the ultimate hero with our Hero Hunters cheats and tips!

Hero Hunters is a pretty hardcore shooter for the mobile platform, so of course that means there’s plenty to do and conquer in this in-depth game. So, without further ado, here’s our Hero Hunters cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the Quests!

Daily Quests are given to you at the start of every day and you can complete for various rewards, including more stamina for campaign missions, team XP, and of course cold hard cash! Try to complete as many of these as you can before the day is over and they get cycled out.

In fact, it’s not even that hard to complete most of them! Many of Quests aren’t actually related to things you need to do during missions. A lot of them are stuff like “open 5 crates,” or “win 10 normal campaign missions”. In other words, you simply need to progress through the game and you’ll naturally complete most of these quests! Be sure to claim your rewards.

Take control of your most important heroes!

During a firefight, the AI will take over the heroes that you aren’t in direct control of. They’ll help you take down enemies and they’ll also periodically use hero skills. So, which heroes should you control yourself and when should you do it?

Essentially you want to take out high-priority targets first, and use the best hero for the situation. Enemy snipers got your team pinned down? Take control of your sniper and take ’em out yourself!

Use your active skills wisely!

Active Skills are what really set heroes apart from each other, and when used correctly they can really turn the tide of battle. There are offensive skills, defensive skills, and utility skills, and they all must be used correctly for most effectiveness. For example, Nightingale’s healing ability can save one of your heroes from a sticky situation, but beware of its long cooldown.

For heroes with offensive skills, try to get into the habit of using them often. The AI will use your heroes’ skills for you automatically, but it’s quicker if you switch and use it yourself. Abilities like Ryker’s Missile Barrage are great for quickly clearing out groups of enemies.

Get your free crates!

Gold Crates contain rare hero fragments and gear, and they can opened for free every two days. Otherwise you have to pay 100 gold bars for one, but you can get by with the free crates.

Silver Crates can be opened multiple times for free in day but they usually only contain common hero fragments and gear. Nevertheless, these free crates are great ways to bolster your team with new heroes, so don’t forget about them!

Need to raise your Power Level?

Your power level is the overall power of your team, taking into account levels and gear. If you don’t meet the recommended level for a mission, it might be tough. There are several ways to up your power level.

The first and most obvious way is through gear. Each hero has six gear slots and once you find all their gear, you can promote them to sacrifice the gear and give the hero a permanent stat boost. This is the best place to start if you want more power! Missing gear can be examined and the game will tell you what missions it can be found in.

The second way is through straight hero leveling. Heroes that participate in missions gain exp, but you can also use Team XP items to immediately boost a hero’s level. This is useful not only for catching up new heroes, but also giving your favorites the boost they need to reach the next level.

That’s all for Hero Hunters! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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