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Hero Ball Z Guide: Tips & Cheats To Create a Super Hero Team

Hero Ball Z Guide: Tips & Cheats To Create a Super Hero Team
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Introducing Hero Ball Z, a new anime character collecting arcade shooter from Joycity Corp, the creators behind the mega hit Game of Dice! In Hero Ball Z, players will merge characters into more powerful shooters, and when they reach maximum tier they will turn into a unique character!

In Touch Tap Play’s Hero Ball Z tips and tricks guide, we will go over how to collect lots of characters and how to maximize their combat power. Mastering combat is all about positioning and character types, so let’s get started with our Hero Ball Z cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to create a super hero team!

Attack Patterns and Manual Control

Every hero in Hero Ball Z has their own unique attack pattern, which influences how their bullets will fire. Some heroes fire powerful lasers in a straight line, while other heroes fire small orbs that deal less damage but have homing capabilities.

You can experiment with your heroes to see how their attack patterns work, but you can also go into your hero selection and look at their detailed stats. If you tap on the blue button at the top of the screen, you can get a detailed breakdown of how their attack patterns work.

Attack patterns can also have two types of shots, a main shot and a sub shot. This means the hero will fire two different kinds of shots, which adds a lot of power to them.

When you have a rough idea on how a hero’s attack pattern works, you have a better idea of where to position them. Heroes with auto aim attack patterns can be pretty much anywhere since their shots have homing powers, but heroes without auto aim should be placed carefully.

In some cases, you may even want to take manual control of a hero. You can drag your heroes around at any time, and this is useful for lining up their shots. Heroes with powerful attacks that do not auto aim can be better utilized if you take manual control.

If you are having trouble on a specific level, it helps to use your strongest hero and manually control them. This goes double on the boss levels, as you need to concentrate fire on them while dodging their attacks as well.

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Hero Synergy

When building your hero lineup, it is best to pay attention to not only their attack patterns, but also their elemental affinity. Each hero belongs to one of the four elements: wind, fire, water, and wood.

Wind beats wood, wood beats water, water beats fire, and fire beats wind. If a hero attacks with the advantageous element, they will deal 120% damage. On the other hand, if you attack with a disadvantageous element, they will deal 80% damage.

You usually do not need to worry about elements when you are going through the normal levels, but keep them in mind when you do the challenges which pit you against other heroes with elemental types.

In addition to this, you can activate team color bonuses by using multiple heroes of the same type. For example, wind heroes get higher critical rate, fire heroes get higher critical damage, water heroes ignore armor, and wood heroes do extra damage.

You can see the full list of team synergy bonuses by tapping on the team color button when you are creating your line up. Keep team bonuses in mind when you are choosing your heroes.

Upgrading Heroes

Your main methods of upgrading your heroes is to spend gold on them to level them up, and using cells to boost their stats.

Leveling heroes is the most straight forward way of improving your heroes. Earn lots of gold by progressing far, completing quests, and returning when the time is right.

Using cells to boost a hero’s stats is limited, but quickly opens up once you evolve them – more on that below. This is where the majority of a hero’s power comes from, so make sure you keep up with cell upgrades.

When you receive a duplicate of a hero you already own, you can use them for evolution. When a hero evolves, their stats increase, their attack pattern gets better, and their cell stats can be upgraded further. Cells can be acquired from completing quests and returning.

You should always try to use the highest rarity heroes you have, and remember that if you are tight on resources you can “reset” heroes, which sets them back to their base stats but refunds ALL of the resources you spent on them.

You can reset each hero once for free, but any time after that costs rubies, so be careful and reset wisely.

Complete Daily Quests and Chain Quests

Every day, you are given a list of tasks that you can complete for rewards. These are your daily quests, and you should try to complete as many of them as you can before the day is over.

There are six daily quests every day, and completing them rewards you with star coins, gold, research coins, rubies, and more. Completing at least five of them will also net you a production boost ticket, which increases the speed of your hero ball.

These tickets are really helpful, so try to complete the daily quests every day. In addition to the immediate rewards, you also get battle pass points. When your battle pass levels up, you can earn special rewards!

Chain quests are just like daily quests, except you have to time limit on them and they are fixed. While chain quests do not reward you with battle pass points, they still offer some great rewards to supplement your hero upgrades.

Make sure to manually complete them, as your chain quest will not continue until you collect your rewards.

Utilizing the Academy

The academy is where you can spend your research coins (the purple tokens) on permanent upgrades that boost various factors. There are three branches of the academy: skill research, leadership research, and adventure research.

Skill research focuses on novices. These upgrades will help you bring novices into battle faster, which makes it easier to unlock new heroes.

Leadership research focuses on offline rewards. These upgrades will increase the rewards you get while you are away from the game, and they also affect how fast your heroes battle offline.

Adventure Research focuses on the “rush” ability, which allows you skip ahead at least 10 stages. These upgrades reduce the cooldown of rushing and increases the amounts of levels you skip ahead.

Spending research coins at the academy will allow it gain experience, and when the academy levels up new upgrades will be unlocked. Old upgrades will also have the level caps removed, allowing you to upgrade them further.

Research coins are a fairly slow generating income since you get them whenever you fuse novices, so choose your research wisely. Don’t think about it too much, though – the most important thing is to level the academy fast so that you can gain access to new research projects.

When to Return

Like the game says, returning is a valid tactic if you cannot seem to make a dent in the enemies on your current stage. When you return, you gain gold and elemental cells which allow you to upgrade your heroes.

Before you return, make sure that you have progressed far enough. You will know when the rewards are at 100% – try not to return if the rewards are any less than this.

When you return, you will be able to choose which region you want to end up in. At level 40 you unlock the fire region, 60 for the water region, and 70 for the wood region.

Whichever region you choose, you will earn a lot more cells of the corresponding element. Keep this in mind when you are trying upgrade a specific hero!

Get the Free Rare Heroes

To celebrate the game’s global launch, there is a “newbie event” that will reward you with powerful rewards just for simply playing the game.

Checking in during the newbie event will reward you rewards every day, including lots of gold and cells, but the best part is on day two you will receive the purple rarity (SR) hero Rina for absolutely free!

On day six, you will earn another copy of Rina, allowing you to evolve her to make her even stronger. If you manage to check in all ten days, you will earn the orange rarity (SSR) hero Alice!

In addition to this, there is also Alice’s Boot Camp, which provides you with a list of milestone challenges. Completing these challenges rewards you with newbie medals, which can be spent in Rina’s Supply Exchange.

Rina’s Supply Exchange carries a variety of helpful items, with the most notable things being two copies of Rina herself, allowing you to upgrade her even further.

There is also a SR-SSR Hero Mystery Box that is available for 150 newbie medals, which should be your next priority after you get the Rina copies.

That’s all for Hero Ball Z! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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