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Hellopet House Guide: Tips & Cheats to Get More Candy & Unlock All Pets

Hellopet House Guide: Tips & Cheats to Get More Candy & Unlock All Pets
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Build your dream house and fill it with adorable pets in Hellopet House, with the help of our guide where we’ll share all the tips and tricks that you need to know to get the most out of the game.

From mastering all the levels in the game, to actually unlocking more pets and getting more candy to keep them happy, we have it all covered in today’s article, so read on for our Hellopet House tips and tricks!

Upgrade your kitchen constantly!

Since the main part of the game is the cooking/restaurant one, you should make sure that you have everything set up there flawlessly in order to make sure that you complete all levels without a problem.

And the best way to make sure that happens is to constantly upgrade your Kitchen and max it out sooner rather than later.

You can get to the kitchen upgrade area after you tap the “play” button and there are basically two types of upgrades that you can purchase: those that increase the amount of money you make from serving dishes and those that increase the number of products you can work on at a time, or their speed.

All types of upgrades are useful, but I personally like to first get the ones that increase the number of products and/or the speed at which they are ready and those that give more coins second.

You can’t focus entirely on one type because you do need money – the more, the better – but making sure that you get everything ready fast is maybe a bit more important, because happy customers means more money.

An important thing to keep in mind when upgrading is that you should always start with the first items that you have unlocked (Meat, Frying Pan and so on) and work your way up from there.

The reason why you should do it like this is that you will have to replay all levels in order to fully master them and the early ones don’t have all the items unlocked. So it doesn’t really matter if you have the meat dish maxed out, at level 1 or 2, you won’t even use it!

Focus on the key levels

As you progress through the game, you will discover some levels that will reward you with a key. These should be your priority, because once you have collected 5 keys, you unlock a chest filled with goodies.

Replaying levels is essential

I mentioned this already and I have to say it again: you will have to replay previously completed levels in order to master them, but also in order to get more rewards and unlock new stuff.

When you replay a level you have already beaten, it is more challenging, but if you replay them the right way, you will have no problem not only easily beating them, but also getting the most in terms of rewards (usually coins gained).

I recommend that every 10 levels you should go back and replay the ones you have completed. So after completing level 10 once, start again from level 1 and get the 2nd ribbon in all levels up to level 10, then go for the 3rd ribbon. Move on to level 20. Rinse and repeat.

You can only complete each level three times and once you have done so, you can’t replay them again. So even though there is a bit of apparent grinding involved, you won’t have the option to play and replay an easy level over and over again for infinite coins.

This is why you should be smart and play levels in an order in which you will always be able to get the maximum rewards from them.

How to master the cooking game

While kitchen upgrades are essential when it comes to beating the levels and getting the most out of them, there are some other things that you should always keep in mind and do in order to ensure that you will master each challenge easily:

– One of the most important things is to make sure that you’re always cooking. You should never wait to see what a customer wants and only then start cooking – keep those plates full with the base ingredients and adapt depending on requests. But always keep those pans full!

– While you don’t have a direct control over what customers you serve first, you can still keep things in check a bit by preparing different dishes for them. This helps a lot in keeping customers happy and the combo meter going.

For example, if you have two customers, one asking for water and meatballs, and the other asking for water and grilled chicken with beans, you can tap the water first – and it will be given to the one with the lowest happiness meter (filling it up a bit) and then the food for the one that still wants 2 items.

Then deliver the second item to each customer – this way, you will keep them happy and the combo meter as high as possible.

– That combo meter is very important, as it increases the coins you gain in a level. Always keep it in mind and try to let customers pile up a bit before you start to serve them, in order to be able to deliver as many correct orders in a row to keep the counter maxed out.

– Double tap an item you want to discard – if you no longer need it, quickly tap an item twice and it will be removed.

How to get more Candy & Hearts

Candy is extremely important in the game, but really difficult to get. I would say that it’s even more important than the Gems – but maybe just as difficult to get.

You want candy to unlock more pets, get better furniture in the house and generally play a better game, so you should take advantage of all the options you have in-game to get more.

You can do so by watching ads every now and then (and you should do it, candy is essential!) and also by interacting with your pets and completing their 4 wishes each time.

The catch is that you must have 4 hearts to fully interact with a pet and earn the candy from that action and hearts are replenished at the slow speed of 1 per 30 minutes (or you can get more with diamonds or by watching ads).

Take advantage of any other event or opportunity that the game offers for you to gain extra Candy: you won’t have a lot of choices anyway!

How to unlock more pets

There are two main ways to unlock all your furry friends in Hellopet House: from the Adoption Menu in the Pets Journal, where you can get various ones spending (a lot of) Candy, and from playing the game.

Basically, as you progress through the game’s stages, you will earn more pets as a rewards. So be as active as possible and sooner rather than later, you will have it filled with cute cats and dogs.

How to customize the house

As you complete levels in Hellopet House, you earn start which can then be used to fully customize your house. However, do have in mind that all the decorations and items you choose have no actual effect over the gameplay.

Therefore, it might be a better idea to stay away from the ones that cost Candy, for example, for a while – and wait instead to get enough of that to unlock new Pets.

You can always customize the items in your house anyway by tapping the furniture menu: items you have already purchased will not cost anything, but if you want to replace them with an item you don’t already own, get ready to pay!

Watch ads for goodies

You can watch ads in various parts of the game in order to better your game: for example, after completing a level, you can watch an ad to double the coins earned (so make sure to do it when you have a very solid level in terms of earnings).

You can also watch ads from the shop to get free Candy or Gems, as well as to replenish Hearts one at a time.

There is also an ad menu that rewards you with various items depending on the number of ads you watch, generally culminating with Candy.

These would be our Hellopet House tips and tricks that we had to share today. If you have additional advice to help fellow players build the house of their dreams and care for their pets, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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