The mysterious Helix Tower Labyrinth awaits! Helix Jump is a simple yet challenging one-touch game where you must guide a bouncy ball through a perilous tower. Swipe to rotate the tower, but make sure not to touch the danger zones! Our Helix Jump cheats and tips will show you how to survive this dangerous descent!

Helix Jump is a pretty challenging game, so strap in and getting ready for anything! Our Helix Jump cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide will show you how to get through the tower and get a high score at the same time!

Go for the combo platforms!

Your main objective in Helix Jump is to descend through the ring platforms. You get points every time you successfully pass through a platform, but did you know there’s a way to get more points? There’s a little risk involved, but mastering this is the key to getting high scores in Helix Jump!

When you pass through multiple platforms without touching one, you’ll get a score multiplier depending on how many platforms you pass through in one go. The higher your combo, the bigger your multiplier, and if you get past four or so platforms in one go, you’ll be racking in huge points!

Keep your finger in the corners!

This might be obvious, but you want as much of the bottom portion of the screen to be open. You need to see where the openings and danger zones are, after all! Try to keep your fingers in any corners of your device for maximum viewing space. When you swipe to rotate the platforms, try not to make too large of movements so that you block your view.

Take your time!

No rush! Your squishy ball will bounce continually on the same platform, and it will continue to do so until you move onto the next. There’s no time limit or anything that you need to abide by, so go ahead and take your time. In fact, if you’re just starting out we recommend taking it slow and going one platform at a time.

There is something you should keep in mind though! If you pass through multiple platforms to get your combo going, your ball will ignite and speed up. If you hit a platform in this state, you’ll break the platform and automatically drop down to the next after a single bounce. This can catch you off guard if you’re not ready!

Watch the moving danger zones!

After you’ve gotten to level 5, the game will throw a new obstacle at you: moving danger zones! Up to that point you’ve only had to deal with stationary danger zones, but now you’ll see that some of them will start to move. They move in a fixed pattern though, so take your time and study their movements so that you know when it’s safe to move forward. Timing is everything!

That’s all for Helix Jump! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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