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Harvest Town Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best Farm

Harvest Town Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best Farm
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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Harvest Town tips and cheats to help you build the best farm in the game and to learn everything there is to know to become the best farmer!

If you have played Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and other farming simulation games, then you will notice that this one is pretty similar in gameplay, but nothing like either of them as a whole. Each of them has a story of its own, and many things differ! So before you jump to conclusions, I suggest you give it a try because you will not regret!

But enough with the introductions! You are here to learn everything that we know about the game, so therefore let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Harvest Town tips and tricks right here below!

Start by following the quests

At the very beginning in the game you should follow the quests that the game has for you. There are plenty of things to do, and you will be able to claim quite a lot of rewards which will help you decorate your land.

Well, the most important part of completing the quests is because they will slowly teach you everything that you need to know about the game – from controls, to interactions and much more. So just try to stick to completing all the quests that you can before nightfall, and then continue on the following day.

Keep an eye on the in game counters

There is an in-game clock on he upper left corner of the screen, as well as other meters: one for your Energy and one for your HP. I suggest that you check them out and always try to not run out of any:

– when the in game time gets late, then you will pass out and lose items / money.

– when your energy runs out, you will be exhausted and you will pass out, losing the rest of the day.

– when your HP drops to 0, then you “die” but miraculously are brought back to life with less items in your possession.

So by all means, try to not run out of these – go back to bed in time, if you run out of Energy early throughout the day, then eat/drink something, and if your HP gets low, eat something!

Fill in as many Van Orders as you can

Early on in the game you might want to make a lot of money in game, right? Well, for that you should try to complete all the Van Orders that you can, because these will give you quite a lot of money.

The Van Orders are like mini tasks which require you to hand in various items, from cherries to wooden roads and caterpillars. You can gather all of the items in game fairly easy, and if you are not sure where you find one of the items it asks for, just tap on it in the Van Orders log and it will tell you (for example, “Caterpillar: gained from logging”).

Claim offline rewards

Even while you are not actively playing the game, you will still get something for your time not spent in game! The offline rewards will pop up when you open the game after being offline for a little while.

You can choose to simply claim them, or to watch an advertisement and double the offline rewards for free! It’s definitely worth it in my opinion, especially if you want to benefit from every stick and rock that you can!

Claim all the free in game items every day

There are quite a few items which you can claim for free every day in game, so if you want to have everything that you can, then you should try to get these as well, without missing out of them:

– Get free Daily Gift

This gift is located in the top side of the screen, when you tap on the Store icon (the golden shopping cart). There you can find in the Daily Gift tab a chest with materials which you can claim daily. All you need to do is just watch an advertisement and you can claim it!

– Get daily log in rewards

Every single day that you will log in to the game you will be able to claim some free in game rewards, depending on the day of the month. Every day the rewards change, so just make sure that you log in and claim them every day! Also, you can watch an advertisement to double these rewards!

– Open the Building and Material chests

Every day you will be able to open a free Building Chest and a free Material Chest by simply watching an advertisement. These will help you gather resources and materials that you need for building so try and open them whenever they are available.

You can find these chests in the upper left side of the screen, under the Bonus menu (kinda looks like a brown book/scroll). There you will see two chests: one blue (Building chest) and one turquoise (Material chest). Open them both every day and enjoy the free loot!

– Get awesome 7 day rewards

If you want to change your character’s looks, get an outfit, a bike and couple more useful items, then all you need to do is start claiming these rewards starting with day 1 of you playing.

Don’t waste Diamonds on changing your hair! You get this from the 7 day login rewards on day 5, just simply log in to the game for 5 days straight and you’ll get it completely free! Also, on day 7 you get a free outfit, the Detective Costume!

– Spin the lucky wheel for free

Every spin of the lucky wheel (which is situated on the Bonus menu) will cost 5 Diamonds – but you can choose to spin it for free by watching an advertisement! I suggest that you do this every day 3 times (that is the maximum you can spin for ads) because it will definitely be worth it!

– Do your 7 day tasks

These tasks are some mini requests which give you various rewards, which open new tasks every day for 7 days. When you have completed them, you will be able to claim plenty of Coins and Diamonds as rewards, so if you want to farm premium currency, this is how you can do it!

Gain Prosperity to level up

Prosperity is the equivalent of EXP in Harvest Town, and you will need quite a lot of it in order to level up and become a better farmer. There are a few ways that you can get more Prosperity, so let me list them all for you right here:

– Build any functional or decorative building.

– Repair or Upgrade any functional building.

– When you open the Edit Mode, and you purchase and place ornaments you will receive a little Prosperity.

– You get extra Prosperity when you complete Order Van tasks.

If you are in a rush to level up, then try to complete as many van orders as you can! That will help you not only get EXP (Prosperity) but also Golds, so it’s good either way!

Dig the dark holes?

Because there are quite a lot of unusual stuff in game, this should not surprise you! When you spot on the ground a dark hole with eyes, then you should use your Shovel to dig up that spot. There will be a chance that you get some pretty good stuff (random materials, Coins, limit pack), garbage (which is not so great) or even a dungeon with a Treasure Chest!

Be careful if you get the dungeon! Inside there will be some strong monsters along with the Treasure Chest – you should try to avoid the monsters and get to the Treasure Chest without fighting – then you can open it by destroying it with the Pickaxe. If you get hit, then make sure that you restore your HP, because if you die, then you’ll lose the dungeon!

Go into the Mine if you want to make money

If you are looking to get rich or (hopefully not) die trying, then you can get to the mine and start digging! In the mine you can use your Pickaxe to dig out all the precious stones in there, which can bring you quite some goods in return!

Upgrade your tools every chance you get

Having good tools will help you quite a lot in the game, because they will speed up the process. For example, when you upgrade the Pickaxe it will take less hits for certain rocks and ores to break. So you should try to upgrade them whenever you have some extra Gold and materials because it can get really costly!

The order in which you upgrade your tools is entirely up to you, but I would suggest that you first make every item Copper, then once they’re all Copper you upgrade them tot he next, and so on.

Honestly I would probably upgrade the Pickaxe, Axe, Pot and possibly the Fishing Rod (if you fish a lot), as the rest can still do the trick as lower level. Just make sure that the Pickaxe and Axe are the highest because these are your most used items.

Build the farm of your dreams!

Lastly, I would like to tell you a little bit about building your own farm! You can make plenty customizations and add a ton of decorations to the entire land there! And if you really want to dedicate some time to this game, then you should definitely pay attention to where you plant and grow various crops. Let me tell you a few things to remember:

Plant your trees far from water

The trees that you plant will produce fruit and they will stay alive for quite a long time! They also take a long time to grow (longer than normal crops), so you should do your best to plant them in an area where you can harvest all of the fruits from them!

If you plant a tree next to water there might be a risk of fruit falling in the water, and therefore those fruits will be lost! So try placing the tree at least 1 extra tile away from any wall and water just to make sure that you can collect all the drops.

Don’t bother with the bridge

The bridge can be repaired by gathering a ton of materials, but you shouldn’t really bother with that for now. Once you reach level 20, the bridge will be completed for free for you, so it’s better to focus on using the materials for something else, not for the bridge.

How to raise your skills

Raising the skills is pretty simple. It’s pretty much a matter of time invested in upgrading these skills, so if you want to level up farming for example, then you should just keep on farming! All that it takes to rise your skills is to keep doing what you’re doing! Eventually you will max them out.

Don’t lose trees in the water

When you are chopping down trees you will always want them to fall away from water! Because if you cut them down from the wrong position then you will end up losing all the wood, and if you’re on the hunt for wood, that’s not ideal. So let me tell you how this works:

– When you cut a tree, it can only fall towards the left or right side.

– If you want the tree to fall to the left, then you can cut it from its right or top.

– If you want the tree to fall to the right, then cut it from its left, bottom or bottom left.

Add more friends and get gifts

The game has a pretty interesting function which lets you add other people to your friends list! You can visit the homes of your friends and if you are a good friend, they can even give you gifts!

To add a friend, simply head on to the World button and select the Search button to see a list of people that you can visit or send friend requests to! This list refreshes every 40 seconds or so and you will get a new list of people!

There you can choose to add the people, visit their homes or if you want, look for some people on your own by typing their name or ID. This option is in the World -> Friend -> Search.

If you want to add more people who play this game, you can feel free to share down in the comments your in game name and player ID so it will be easier for others to find you! Your ID can be found when you head on to the Options menu -> Manor -> PlayerID! Mine is 12270986 with IGN Xristinaki. Feel free to add me and don’t forget to share yours!

Send gifts every day to all your friends

Once you have added people you can send them gifts and they can send you back! You can find them in the World -> Gift tab! Just make sure that you send them every day because they will make your friends happy and they will send you back!

These would be all of our Harvest Town tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with us and the other players? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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Harvest Town Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best Farm


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