An unstable experiment causes a catastrophic disaster on top of a snowy mountain, and now hundreds of scientists are stranded! Hang Line: Mountain Climber puts you in the shoes of an expert rescue climber.

Use your grapple hook to swing around the mountain side, rescue the stranded scientists, and recover the scraps of the failed experiment! Our Hang Line: Mountain Climber cheats and tips will show you how to find all the scientists and get a lot of coins!

Hang Line: Mountain Climber is all about timing, precision, and mastery of the mountain’s physics. Let’s get started with our Hang Line: Mountain Climber cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete all optional objectives!

Each mountain can have up to three optional missions to complete. Each mission is worth a certain amount of bonus coins, so you should always try to complete all of them. You will need coins in order to unlock later mountains, so racking up as much coins as possible is important to progression.

The only missions that are acceptable to skip are the ones that require you to use gadgets in the level. Replenishing your gadgets costs real money unless you get them from the free advertisements, so do not worry about these ones too much.

Watch your head!

Getting crushed by falling boulders is not the only thing you need to worry about! If you start using momentum to your advantage, you can swing around at high speeds. You will actually be required to do this at the later levels, so it is best to start practicing this technique early on.

However, be careful when you are trying to get around really fast. If your climber crashes into something when they are moving too fast, they will be temporarily stunned, unable to grapple until they recover which takes a few seconds. This can spell certain doom if you are over a pit with no snow or rocks to grapple onto, so watch out!

Listen for cries of help!

Even if you do not bring the scientist locator gadget with you, you can still use your own senses to detect scientists. When you are getting close to a scientist that needs to be rescued, you will hear faint cries for help in the distance.

The closer you are, the louder the cries will get. You can utilize this by going in a direction to see if the cries are getting louder, and if they do not go in the other direction. Eventually you will find the scientist!

Rescue more survivors for more sponsorship!

The more survivors you have rescued, the bigger your sponsorship donations will be! You have to wait a few hours between collections, so in that time try to rescue as many people as you can. Each level has a VIP survivor, indicated by a gold medal on the survivors screen. These survivors generate more coins for you, so be sure to find them all!

Watch out for the animals!

Certain levels have pesky animals on them that can interrupt your progress! The first animals you will see are mountain goats that can knock you around if you get too close. You can equip a gadget to take out hazards on the spot when you get close to them, so you can resort to that if the animals are giving you a hard time.

That’s all for Hang Line: Mountain Climber! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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