Halfpipe Hero Cheats: Tips to Make More Money & Unlock All Heroes


Halfpipe Hero puts in the shoes of a pro skateboarder! Dominate the halfpipe as you build momentum, pull off sick tricks, and shine like a hero! It’s a simple one-touch game that requires a lot of precision. Tapping blindly will make your hero flail out of control, so some control is required here! We’ll help you become the ultimate halfpipe hero and help you earn the big bucks with our Halfpipe Hero cheats, tips and tricks to make more money and unlock all heroes!

1. Nail down the land timing!

The further you get, the bigger the cash prizes will be, so naturally you’re going to have to get the timing down on landing. You’ll notice during your first couple of jumps that a green exclamation mark will appear over your hero’s head when it’s the perfect time to tap. This window appears to be right after your hero does a full 360 revolution. After that, when their head is rotating back down, tap! It sounds tough as first but you’ll get the hang of it with enough practice.

2. Try to get perfect timing!

Depending on how close you are when you tap, you’ll get rated on your accuracy: OK, good, and then perfect. The closer to you are the apex of your rotation, the better your accuracy will be. If you can manage to land enough perfects in a row, you’ll enter fever mode. The longer you can keep up fever mode, the more cash and points you’ll score!

3. Wait for another rotation if necessary!

You don’t need to time your land on your very first rotation, but if you do, you gain a quickflip bonus which grants you more points and cash. But, at higher speeds, you may be going too fast to time it well. In that case, just wait for another rotation to tap. Be sure to take your time if you need to – you don’t want to break a high combo!

4. Watch those advertisements!

If unlocking heroes is your main goal, then watching ads isn’t such a bad idea! Each advertisement is about 30 seconds long, but watching one gives you a whopping $200! This is amazing because you actually don’t have a limit to how many times you can do this, so if you have the time you can just keep loading up advertisements and putting your iDevice down to do something else.

5. Practice makes perfect!

Above all, practice your timing and you’ll earn a ton of money in no time. Keep practicing until you can consistently land perfect flips, then keep going until you can land perfect flips on your first rotation so you get the quickflip bonus. If you can manage that, you’ll be a master hero in no time!

That’s all for Halfpipe Hero. If you have any other money-making tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Halfpipe Hero Cheats: Tips to Make More Money & Unlock All Heroes


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