Whenever Halfbrick has a game announcement to make, we’re all ears and fortunately they just had one for us: coming sometime in the near future, their latest game is Colossatron, a title where you control a huge, robotic, alien snake set on destroying Earth as we know it. Sounds fun already?

From the Colossatron trailer that Halfbrick has released for their upcoming game, we think that it will be an upgraded version of the classic “Snake” title, with missiles and rockets and whatnot playing an important part in the game. Check out the trailer for yourself to see more and taste a bit of the humor Halfbrick have injected in their game. (in case you can’t find it, the trailer is waiting for you up there, just under the title).

Halfbrick didn’t announce any release date or pricing for Colossatron, but we’ve heard that they presented a playable demo at PAX Australia, so it’s sure coming soon!


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