Gundam Evolution: Sensitivity Converter Guide


Gundam Evolution is a relatively new first-person shooter from Bandai Namco. Players fight one another in powerful mechs, in a variety of different maps and modes. The free-to-play game features units from all across the Gundam multiverse in high intensity 6 vs 6 combat! As the gameplay is fast-paced and exciting, players will need the optimal sensitivity for their gaming equipment. Find out below how to get the best settings for you in ‘Gundam Evolution: Sensitivity Converter Guide’.

Gundam Evolution Sensitivity Guide

The best way to calculate the sensitivity for Gundam Evolution is to use settings you already have for other, similar, FPS games. Once you have a preferred way of playing it is generally a good idea to keep that sensitivity level across all games you play. This helps you go from one game to another seamlessly, with no trouble or re-learning according to the sensitivity settings applied.

To set you sensitivities for Gundam Evolution according to previous games you have player, visit the site Here you can input the values of the current game set up, and convert them to the game you require- in this instance it is Gundam Evolution.

Mouse Sensitivity Website

There are drop down menus from which you can choose which game you are inputting data from, and which you are wanting to convert to. For example: if you have your sensitivity settings perfected in another game, you can select it from the 100s of games provided in the Convert From drop down menu, and enter the values in the boxes provided. In the next section select Gundam Evolution from the Convert To drop down menu and tap ‘calculate’.

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The calculator will do all the work for you, and you will only then have to put those values in your Gundam Evolution settings to have exactly the right sensitivity for your game.

That is all you need to know about this helpful sensitivity converter! Next up, why not find out which are the best heroes in Gundam Evolution. Good luck.

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Gundam Evolution: Sensitivity Converter Guide


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