Guitar Band Battle Cheats: Tips & Tricks & List of All Songs


Guitar Band Battle is a new Android and iOS game that reminds us of the awesome Guitar Hero title available on consoles a few year ago. A great game for music lovers who want to test their skills against other human opponents, upgrade their band and get better and better with each new song they play. And we’re here to help you achieve even more by sharing some Guitar Band Battle cheats and tips with you.

This type of game works flawlessly on mobile and I am sure you are having a lot of fun playing it already. But we can make it even more fun – so check out our Guitar Band Battle tips and tricks below and have fun!

We’re also sharing the complete list of songs in the game – and their original name – so that you can listen to them if there’s one (or more) that you like a lot.

Spread your upgrades evenly

Although in most games, you can focus on upgrading a main character, in Guitar Band Battle it’s better to spread your upgrades evenly among your band members and instruments. If you level up a character a few too many times, you will start getting equalized penalties which will prevent you from reaching top scores in the game.

On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter what you upgrade first as all upgrades seem to have a similar effect on the final ratings. So just take them one at a time, a level at a time, and you should do much better than those who don’t pay attention to this minor but important detail.

Get your free cases

There are two types of free cases that you can earn in the game: the Free Case, with one rewarded every three hours – but you can pile up two of them; and the Guitar Case which is more impressive and holds better rewards, but that can be won just once per day and you need 10 victories in versus battles in order to open it.

Play the same songs

Guitar Band Battle has a pretty large variety of songs available to test your skills on, but you should try to master a few of them and choose those over and over again. You can try multiple songs at first and see which one you are better at, but my recommendation is to try and master the more difficult ones because everybody else will pick and master the easy ones.

If you can perform amazingly AND choose a difficult song, then you will surely win the duel easily.

Use the bonus wisely

With every new duel, you get the option to use the 1.5 score bonus once. It’s best to wait and use it towards the final seconds of the song, or as soon as you reach the 4x bonus in the game.

This way, you maximize the gains from the extra bonus. If you use it too early, you won’t gain as much in terms of extra points.

Long notes are extremely important

I know, hitting every note correctly is extremely important as you also get combo bonuses and go to the 4x score bonus faster, but if I were to pick the most important notes in the game, those would be the long ones.

The thing with them is that as long as you keep them pressed, you generate points. So if you miss one, you miss out on a lot of potential points and this could cost you the duel!

So pay extra attention to long notes, make sure that you hit them at the right time and keep your finger pressed until the end in order to get all the points!

Use headphones

Probably because of licensing reasons, the songs used in this game are not the originals – both the names and the sound are slightly altered. For those who know the famous rock songs, it’s going to feel a bit strange at first.

But if you use headphones, everything will be a lot easier and you’ll find it extremely easy to feel the rhythm and naturally hit the notes at the right time. So if you have this chance, make sure to give it a try!

Rest your thumbs

Yes, this might sound strange, but you will see that your thumbs will get tired pretty fast from playing all those songs. Your performance will start to get worse, so it’s a good idea to rest your thumbs every 5-6 songs in order to make sure that you give it your best.

Give it a try, even if this sounds silly, and you’ll see that you’ll perform better with short breaks sneaked in between several songs.

Names of all songs in Guitar Band Battle

Due to copyright issues, most likely, the names of the songs in the game are not the original ones. But some are really good and I am sure you are curious to see which song is which, so that you can listen to it whenever you feel like.

Below we have a complete list of all the songs in Guitar Band Battle (thanks to our reader Seth Alexander Garza-Lopez):

Won’t you be his girl? = Jet – Are you gonna be my girl?
Are you gonna go that way = Lenny Kravitz – Are you gonna go my way
Restfully numb = Pink Floyd – Comfortably numb
Thunderstorm = AC/DC – Thunderstruck
Get in dustman = Metallica – Enter sandman

Healing in the name = Rage against the machine – Killing in the name
Learn to dive = Foo Fighters – Learn your fly
Lola = Eric Clapton – Layla
R U their? = Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?
Six country army = White Stripes – Seven nation army

Lose nobody = Kings of Leon – Use somebody
I give love a good name = Bon Jovi – You give love a bad name
Eyes of the lion = Survivor – Eye of the tiger
Last day = The Strokes – Last nite
Sheiks of swing = Dire Straits – Sultans of swing

Don’t look forward in rage = Oasis – Don’t look back in anger
Smoke on the lake = Deep Purple – Smoke on the water
Born to be savage = Steppenwolf – Born to be wild
Bitter child o’ us = Guns N’ Roses – Sweet child o’ mine
You bore me all day long = AC/DC – You shook me all night long

Everything else matters = Metallica – Nothing else matters
Codeine = Eric Clapton – Cocaine
Jonny be nice = Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode
Freeway to Hell = AC/DC – Highway to Hell
Fear of the light = Iron Maiden – Fear of the dark

Master of dolls = Metallica – Master of puppets
Ladder to Heaven = Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven
Bahamian Prosody = Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Smells like young soul = Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit
Can’t cease loving me = Van Halen – Can’t stop loving you

Polaroid = Black Sabbath – Paranoid
Run this way = Aerosmith – Walk this way
Steelman = Black Sabbath – Iron Man
No Talking ‘bout hate = Van Halen – Ain’t talking’ ‘bout love
Day traveler = The Beatles – Day tripper

LA Rock Town = Kiss – Detroit Rock City
Hoppin’ Harry flash = The Rolling Stones – Jumpin’ jack flash
Bad fly for a pallid guy = The Offspring – Pretty fly for a white guy
Purple fog = The Jimi Hendrix experience – Purple haze
What’s my date again? = Blink-182 – What’s my age again?

Always on the move = Lenny Kravitz – Always on the run
Stop = Pantera – Walk
Basket cage = Green Day – Basket case
Medicine = The Black Crowes – Remedy
Awake = Pearl Jam – Alive

Not any love = Led Zeppelin – Whole lotta love
Hotel Massachusetts = Eagles – Hotel California
Soothing = Santana – Smooth
Otherpart = Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside
Hit it = Michael Jackson – Beat it
Don’t try = Guns N’ Roses – Don’t cry

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Guitar Band Battle. If you have other suggestions for fellow players, let us know by commenting below.

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Guitar Band Battle Cheats: Tips & Tricks & List of All Songs


  1. Hi, I’ve reched level 8, but still can’t play 3-line long notes, since if I try to use more fingers than my thumbs, I lise concentration. I would be pleased if you could provide me with tips on this.


  2. does anyone know the original names of all the songs to the names of what they are in the game would like a list of both please also if someone knows where to go in the game to add cheatcodes please let me know been looking all over in the game ty

    • Won’t you be his girl?= Jet- Are you gonna be my girl?
      Are you gonna go that way= Lenny Kravitz- are you gonna go my way
      Restfully numb= Pink Floyd- Comfortably numb
      Thunderstorm= AC/DC- thunderstruck
      Get in dustman= Metallica- enter sandman
      Healing in the name= Rage against the machine- killing in the name
      Learn to dive= Foo Fighters- learn your fly
      Lola= Eric Clapton/Derek & the Dominoes- Layla
      R U their?= Arctic Monkeys- R U Mine?
      Six country army= White Stripes- seven nation army
      Lose nobody= Kings of Leon- use somebody
      I give love a good name= Bon Jovi- you give love a bad name
      Eyes of the lion= Survivor- eye of the tiger
      Last day= the strokes- last nite
      Sheiks of swing= Dire Straits- sultans of swing
      Don’t look forward in rage= Oasis- don’t look back in anger
      Smoke on the lake= Deep Purple- smoke on the water
      Born to be savage= Steppenwolf- born to be wild
      Bitter child o’ us= Guns N’ Roses- sweet child o’ mine
      You bore me all day long= AC/DC- you shook me all night long
      Everything else matters= Metallica- nothing else matters
      Codeine= Eric Clapton- cocaine
      Jonny be nice= Chuck Berry- Johnny B. Goode
      Freeway to Hell= AC/DC- highway to Hell
      Fear of the light= Iron Maiden- fear of the dark
      Master of dolls= Metallica- master of puppets
      Ladder to Heaven= Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven
      Bahamian Prosody= Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody
      Smeels like young soul= Nirvana- smells like teen spirit
      Can’t cease loving me= Van Halen- can’t stop loving you
      Polaroid= Black Sabbath- paranoid
      Run this way= Aerosmith- walk this way
      Steelman= Black Sabbath- Iron Man
      No Talking ‘bout hate= Van Halen- ain’t talking’ ‘bout love
      Day traveler= the Beatles- day tripper
      LA Rock Town= Kiss- Detroit Rock City
      Hoppin’ Harry flash= The Rolling Stones- jumpin’ jack flash
      Bad fly for a pallid guy= The Offspring- pretty fly for a white guy
      Purple fog= The Jimi Hendrix experience- purple haze
      What’s my date again?= blink-182- what’s my age again?
      Always on the move= Lenny Kravitz= always on the run
      Stop= Pantera- walk
      Basket cage= Green Day- basket case
      Medicine= The Black Crowes- remedy
      Awake= Pearl Jam- alive
      Not any love= Led Zeppelin- whole lotta love
      Hotel Massachusetts= Eagles- Hotel California
      Soothing= Santana- smooth
      Otherpart= Red Hot Chili Peppers- otherside
      Hit it= Michael Jackson- beat it
      Don’t try= Guns N’ Roses- don’t cry

  3. All the band member seem to be based off real musicians. I can’t figure out who the bass player with red hair and a blue NYC blue jacket is. I’ve tried googling every bass player with that description with no luck. Anyone know?

  4. Please help me i buy the crane hero master but this guitar has many style and less sound and l lose the bonus for ecualize,well I try to upgrade the sound but when I buy the upgrade I lose all the value in sound I get 0 and my guitar hability is so low now I thing I lose all me money help me what I have to do .

    • You don’t have to use that guitar right away. Use the one you had before until you get enough cash to equalize the upgrades on your hero guitar. I’m not sure what u mean by losing all the value in sound after you’ve upgraded it, but you can ask them directly on your settings using the “suppport” button.

      Really the only way to get ahead in this game is to purchase stars with your own money. Either that or just have a lot of patience and open your hourly cases until you can even your game out. I’ve never, and I mean NEVER thought I would use my own money on one of these stupid little games but then I thought what the heck. I mean if you can spend money on a deck of cards then why not buy into this game.

  5. I’m stuck doing the same songs. Getting bored. Can’t open any locked songs and I already got the songs with the stars. How do I unlock the ones with the padlock cause this is getting old with same songs. Please help

  6. When do the songs become harder? Im on stage 5 and its easy af. I’ve checked hard versions on offline mode and i’d love to play them online.

  7. Every player I play against has the x1,x2,x3 and x4 multiplier . How do u get this? I can’t figure it out. Do u have to buy a certain thing? I lose alot of matches because of it. Please help. Thanx


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