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Guide: What Does Inspire Mean in Survivor.io?

Guide: What Does Inspire Mean in Survivor.io?

The modern game industry has a lot of interesting genres and one of them requires you to fight against hordes of enemies and stay alive for as long as you can. Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular representatives of such games. Survivor.io is a huge project where you can level up your character and upgrade it with help of various items. Some of them have unusual effects and in this article, we will tell you what does Inspire mean in Survivor.io.

What Is Inspire in Survivor.io?

There are many different games that require you to fight against numerous opponents and one of them is called Survivor.io. It has a huge list of weapons, armor pieces, and gadgets that you can use to make your character stronger. Most of these items provide you with some unusual effects and today we will talk about Inspire.

Inspire in Survivor.io is a special effect that you can obtain with help of different items. For example, some pieces of the Army armor set provide you with Inspire. The description says that this effect appears when you kill an elite mob or a boss. Also, the Inspire buff goes away when you receive damage.

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So, Inspire is a special bonus that you can receive by killing an elite enemy. The effect can be different and you should read the item’s description if you want to learn what kind of bonus Inspire gives. For example, Army Nameplate increases your damage by 20% while Army Uniform regens your health. You should play carefully with these items as their Inspire effects disappear when you receive any damage.

There are lots of cool mechanics that you can find in this game and hopefully, this guide will help you to learn how Inspire works. Good luck with your further battles in Survivor.io.

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Guide: What Does Inspire Mean in Survivor.io?


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