GS2 Releases Time Management Game Collection on Nintendo Switch


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You could be forgiven for thinking that time-management games are basically service sector job simulators. They involve pouring drinks, cooking food, waiting on tables, and that’s pretty much it. 

Except it isn’t – and you are NOT forgiven. Sure, the early days of the time-management were dominated by your Tappers and your Diner Dashes and your Sally Spas, but the genre has come a long way since then. 

Time Management Game Collection is a perfect showcase of the sheer variety and scope of the time-management genre in the age of the Nintendo Switch. 

It consists of six different full-length time-management games – and different is the key word. In terms of their settings and storylines they’re a diverse bunch that will take you all the way from the paleolithic era to the present day, and from the real world to the realm of high fantasy. 

There’s Julie’s Sweets, which is the collection’s only catering-based game. It sees you helping a character called Julie to work her way through 60 story levels and 18 challenge levels in a bid to master the art of sweet-making. 

Then there’s Country Tales, which is a Western adventure packed with peculiar characters and horrible villains. It’s your job to put these villains behind bars where they belong while completing hundreds of wild quests and 40 levels. 

Kingdom Tales is a fantasy game in which you have to explore, gather resources, trade, and repair your subjects’ homes, thereby increasing their happiness levels. You’ll meet druids, forest fairies, trolls, dragons, and other magical creatures across 45 levels. 

And then you’ll do it all again in Kingdom Tales 2.

Caveman Tales reaches the furthest back in time. It sees you helping Sam and Crystal, two stone age humans, exploring the prehistoric wilderness in search of a new home. You’ll guide your tribe, gather resources, and find hidden treasures.

Lastly, there’s Fate of the Pharaoh. We don’t need to tell you when this one’s set. It sees you advising the Pharaoh, building homes, trading, building monuments, and fighting crocodiles. Diner Dash never let you do that. 

Time Management Game Collection is rated E (for Everyone), and you can pick it now for all reputable retailers. More details can be found on the GS2 Games site here too.

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GS2 Releases Time Management Game Collection on Nintendo Switch


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