Welcome to the deep caverns of Egg Egg Mine, where wondrous bounties and priceless ores await you! Ground Driller is an idle digging game where you are in charge of an excavation company. Your goal is to dig up as many precious minerals as possible to sell for a huge profit! Our Ground Driller cheats and tips will show you how to make the most of your drill and make lots of money.

While Ground Driller may be an idle game, there are lots of incentives to stick around and be active with the game, and we will go over those with you in our Ground Driller cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep an eye out for ore deposits and chests!

As your driller becomes more and more powerful, it will leave behind many floors for your miners to dig at their own pace. Every now and then, scroll up and down through your levels – there is a chance that a random event will occur on one of them.

Sometimes you may find a chest that contains a handful of coins that can help you out. You will find the common wooden chests most of the time, but sometimes if you are lucky you may come across a gold chest which contains a ton of coins!

Other times you may find an ore deposit lying on the floor. To further notify you of this, the floor in question will be highlighted. You will need to tap rapidly to break the ore deposit down, and you will gain a random assortment of ores as you tap.

Make big purchases during Good News!

Every so often, you will receive an indicator of “Good News”. Good News indeed, as these indicators often signify a price reduction, increased driller power, and so forth. Since these Good News events happen fairly often, try to hold off on big purchases until you get the one you need.

For example, one Good News you will see every now and then is that driller upgrades are 40% off. This can save you a ton of coins if you wait long enough, and the spike in power you get from being able to afford that many upgrades will be substantial.

Another one that you should try to catch is when certain ores – or all of them! – go on sale. This is the time to unload your inventory to make big bucks! Try not to batch sell your ores until you get this Good News, and if you really want to bring in the dough do the x2 sell!

Upgrade your Miners!

Miners are a nice little bonus to your driller’s main inventory pool. Miners will dig up ore for you over time, and the more floors you have open the more active they will be. Certain miners are better at digging up specific ores, so these guys are particularly useful for when you need a lot of a certain ore to create the next level of driller. There is one Good News that makes all miner upgrades 40% off, so keep an eye for that.

Hang onto some ore!

As mentioned, to create the better kind of driller, you will need a certain ore once you have upgraded the previous level enough times. As a general rule, once you hit the level you need for the current driller tier, there is no need to continue upgrading that tier as it will become quickly outclassed as soon as you unlock the next tier.

For example, once you upgrade the first drill to level 20, you will unlock the next drill, but it requires 50K coal to craft. Do not upgrade the first drill anymore and instead just wait for your coal to build up, then buy the next one.

That’s all for Ground Driller! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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