It is time to mow the lawn! Grass Cut is a new zen-like action game where you play as a pair of buzz saws. Your objective is to cut down all of the grass, and we mean all of it, down to the very last blade of grass. Our Grass Cut cheats and tips will show you how to master the mower and become the ultimate grass cutter!

Grass Cut is a very relaxing game, and it is quite enjoyable to boot. Let’s get started with the mowing in our Grass Cut cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Search for the purple flowers!

When you start a new level, the first thing you should do is just cut as much grass as possible. Do not try to go for every single blade, just try to cover as much area as you can. Eventually you will come across the purple seeds, and these are the key to beating levels in a timely manner. When you find them, the seeds will jump out to a random nearby location and you must pick up all three.

Be careful – if you take too long, the purple flowers will begin to flash. If you are not quick enough, they will disappear and you will miss out on fever mode!

Utilize Fever mode!

When you collect all purple flowers, your saws will extend and you will be able to cover a LOT more ground. Fever mode only lasts for a couple of seconds though, so make it count! When you are dealing with a large level, it is best to swing around a lot to cover a lot of ground – do not worry too much about getting every single blade of grass. You can worry about finesse once you go back to regular size.

Take your time!

There is no rush to mow the lawn! Grass Cut is all about precision, so do not feel like you are in a hurry. When you are crossing hazardous terrain, be careful with your moves. If you move onto water, you are doomed, and you have to start the WHOLE level set over again. That’s right – one slip up and it is back to square one!

Use your swings to your advantage!

Your saws will always move in the opposite direction when you move. Be careful when you get to the later levels, as this can catch you off-guard. You can also use this to your advantage for making extra wide swings to cover lots of ground. Accurate use of the swings can make you mow down a big part of the level!

That’s all for Grass Cut! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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