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GoT Beyond the Wall Guide: Tips & Cheats to Improve Your Game

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The TV series might be over, but Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is now available on mobile, allowing you to get back in the GoT fantasy world and battle wildlings beyond the wall. And we’re here to help with a bunch of GoT Beyond the Wall tips and cheats in a complete strategy guide for the game.

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An in-depth RPG with tons of things to do, different tactical approaches possible and many heroes to choose from, this is the perfect game for those who enjoyed following the adventures of Jon Snow, Daenerys and the rest.

Let’s dive right into the Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall tips and tricks below!

Complete the Daily Quests

One of the most important things that you must do each day is complete all daily quests – or at least enough to unlock the three chest rewards that come as a bonus.

By completing the daily quests, you will not only gain rewards and a lot of experience points from the missions themselves, but also the added goodies from the chests. These are all going to help tremendously in the long term.

Pay attention to Troop placement & Danger Zones

If you want to make sure that you win your fights easily, you have to pay attention to everything from a tactical point of view. This includes pre-battle tactics and some things that are usually ignored during the battle.

The first thing you have to decide upon is the placement of your troops on the battlefield: the spots where you can place them will vary from battle to battle, but you should always take your troops’ strengths and weaknesses into account when placing them.

For example, archers can shoot over obstacles, which in turn will protect them from melee units. Your slower units or heroes are better placed up front in order to have to move as little as possible. In other words – take some time to consider what’s the best placement of each troop before battle. This is the only way to succeed.

Equally important (especially during the first turn) is the Danger Zone: simply tap the button in the bottom right corner and see the areas on the battlefield that the opponents can attack.

Got Beyond the Wall Tips: combat

In some cases, you will be able to further optimize the placement of your troops during this first turn and also make sure that no enemy will strike you first. This won’t always be possible, but whenever you have this option, it’s better to just take advantage of it instead of rushing head first into battle, especially if you can’t reach your opponents and attack them.

Early on, there were quite a few fights that I lost simply because I didn’t take enough time to optimize the placement of my units on the field, or spend the first turn waiting for the enemy to come close: they always will!

Focus on taking out enemies one at a time

Once the battle starts, it’s time to take out the enemies out and the best way to do it is one by one.

Try to focus as much as possible on attacking the same unit with multiple of your units or heroes in order to defeat them. Remember the golden rule of thumb in these games: a dead enemy is always a better choice than 5 enemies with 10% health left.

Prioritize the enemies you attack based on how much damage they deal, but also how difficult they are to take out: archers have low health, for example, but they are fast and will retreat, making it difficult for most troops to keep up. Defensive units have a ton of health, so they might take longer to destroy.

Always look at the battlefield and decide, based on the position of your troops and the placement of the enemy units, which one to take out first.

Bring units from the same region into battle

If you do this, you will receive a 10% bonus to damage and defense. While early on it’s not very easy to achieve that (and have good units as well), a bit later this is easily done, so find the region that you like the most and try to focus on those units only.

Keep your Heroes and Units upgraded to the maximum

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is not an easy game! Soon after starting to play, you will realize that your heroes and units are weak even for the regular campaign story.

So you have no other option than to keep pumping resources into existing units and heroes, max them out and go out there to win.

I know that early on you don’t want to waste resources because you will get better troops as you progress, but if you don’t do it, there won’t be any progress for you!

Cruise through the Story missions ASAP

This is extremely important because the farther you go in the campaign, especially early on, the more in-game features you unlock, as well as extra rewards.

These campaign missions will get really hard really fast, too, but in most cases you will still be able to pass a stage even if with just one or two stars.

While your ultimate goal is to beat all stages with three star ratings, focus on getting as far as possible as soon as possible. This way, you will get new units, heroes and in-game content for more options to progress and better your game.

Patrol for instant rewards!

Once you have aced one campaign story, you no longer have to go through the fight unless you really want to.

Instead, you have the option to go on Patrol in that mission, which basically means that you will instantly complete it and get the rewards.

The number of Patrols is limited each day, so when you take this option, make sure that you do it with story missions that reward you with useful stuff that you need to upgrade one thing or another in the game.

Got Beyond the Wall Tips for the Weirwood Forays

This is a time consuming in-game feature, but also a really rewarding one. And, like it or not, you will have to go through the increasingly difficult fights in the Weirwood Forays in order to make it easier to upgrade your units.

When playing this mode, you will have to choose a path: always choose the easiest one for you as there aren’t (in most cases) better rewards if you choose the difficult route. Your goal is to reach the end, so make your job easier by choosing the easiest path.

How to unlock more Heroes and Units

Heroes and Units will be unlocked for free by completing various stages in the game – story missions, Legendary Events and so on.

However, the main way to get them is through the Night’s Watch Oath, which is the gacha system in the game. There is no bonus from performing a 10-chest draw as opposed to a single draw, so there is no need yet to wait until you can draw 10 times.

There are also all sorts of events in the game – limited time events and special deals that make it easier for you to unlock new heroes and units or at least get new pieces to upgrade existing ones.

Focus on upgrading your best Heroes and Units

While early on you can’t really be picky, about three days into the game and you will already have a relatively solid number of heroes and units to choose from. From this point onward, you should focus your resource spending on those troops that you will use the most in battle.

Pay attention to the heroes, though: some heroes are much better than others, but they can’t be used in the regular story missions! Therefore, don’t put all your upgrade materials into a single hero unless you are 100% sure that you will be able to use him or her in all of the game’s instances.

Because one thing is clear: unless you spend a lot of real life money in the game, you won’t be able to unlock and upgrade all units and heroes to the maximum, so you’ll have to be picky.

Get the most out of the Lodge

The Lodge is a perfect place for you to gain some additional Seals of Valor in order to upgrade your Units. So if you pay a bit of attention to how this works, you will be able to optimize a bit and increase the chances of getting Seals that you actually need.

Just look at the units that you want to find seals for and the region where they can be found. Then, go to the Lodge and send a recruiting party there. You will have to wait for a while and you never know exactly what Seals you will get, but it’s better than randomly sending them out or not seding them at all.

The Lodge can be upgraded – level it up by taping the crest at the top middle side of the screen. With each extra level, you will get more rewards when sending out the Watch Recruiters.

Also, if you focus on a specific area, you will level it up, reducing the time required for the recruiters to return. So with a bit of planning, you can really up your game and upgrade your best units

Hero Traits: Which path to follow?

Unlike the regular units, your Heroes have Traits that you can unlock for them with points gained from leveling them up. There are two different paths for each Hero, although you can invest in both.

However, in most cases I would say that following a single path is the best way to go because the bonuses and rewards get better as you progress up that specific path and points are difficult to hoard.

Based on what I saw until now, the paths available in the game are the following:

Devastating: a skill tree focused on damage mitigation. Expect boosts to defense and counter attack damage.

Undaunted: a skill tree focused on boosting the Hero’s health, with additional boosts to healing and a bit on damage dealing as well as damage reduction.

Aggressive: a skill tree that focuses on dealing damage. It increases attack power and damage, as well as Critical hit chance and damage.

Warforged: a skill tree focused on abilities. It comes with various boosts, from increased attack to healing, damage reduction and more.

When it comes to actually choosing which path to follow, you should think about the role that you want your hero to have and select the best option.

With the starting heroes, I recommend choosing Devastating for Alvar Spyre, Aggressive for Dramon, Aggressive for Jon Snow and for Daenerys – Warforged.

Complete the Challenges for great rewards

Even though they aren’t as fun to complete as other parts of the game, the Challenges will reward you greatly for your time: Tactic Cards for your heroes, tokens to perform draws in the Night’s Watch Oath and more.

The early challenge, the Newcomer’s training, also acts as a bit of a tutorial, showing you exactly what the strengths of the units are and teaching you how to use them in battle in order to get the most out of them. It’s a win-win situation!

Complete the Legendary Events ASAP

The Legendary Events are GoT Beyond the Wall’s way of rewarding you with some extra characters and goodies, but they will also prove to be extremely challenging and difficult to complete.

The character unlocks are usually very easy, though – but later on they get more and more difficult. Try to think outside of the box when dealing with these challenges and you will be able to complete them eventually.

Stay Away from Auto Battles!

Unless you don’t really care about keeping your Heroes and units alive or you are completely OP, you shouldn’t rely on auto battles too much as the AI is horrendous. They are fast indeed and allow you to focus on other things while the battles take place, but for difficult battles, they are useless.

Think well before assigning Tactic Cards

To make things even more complicated (and fun), there are Tactic Cards that you can assign in the game to each of your heroes. They can only have one, but each tactic card can be upgraded and leveled up.

Think well before deciding what type of card to assign to each hero, as they are really important and choosing the wrong one will hurt your game a lot.

Fortunately, even if you make a bad choice, you can simply unequip the card and try something else. I would say that unique cards are usually better than generic ones, while offensive cards are better than support/healing ones.

However, don’t rush to upgrade the cards early on: wait for a bit to better understand how they work, see what you are dealt and only afterwards invest in upgrading them.

These would be, for now, our GoT Beyond the Wall tips and tricks. If you have additional strategies to share with fellow players, let us know by sharing your comments below.

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