One of the things we’ve noticed during 2018’s endless heatwaves is that water starts to look really good when you spend all day burning up in the sun.

That might explain why we’re so excited about Aqua Moto Racing 2, a new watercraft racer from developer Zordix. The water in this game doesn’t just look good — it looks absolutely sensational.

The game itself is just as exciting. Aqua Moto Racing 2 sees you speeding around a course and trying to complete three laps ahead of your desperate, barging rivals, who shove you whenever you veer too close.

There are 48 tracks in total, spread across 14 championships and three environments: The Tropics, Greece, and Egypt. Settings include rivers, atolls, bays, and much more. If you can dive in it, you can race on it.

On your way around the tracks you can earn speed boosts by getting perilously close to buoys, and you can earn cash by pulling off stunts. The riskier the stunt, the more you earn, and the greater your chances of coming off your watercraft in a humiliating tangle of splashing limbs.

Bags of cash are sprinkled throughout each course as well, encouraging you to veer away from the ideal racing line in pursuit of dosh to spend on new and improved watercraft. There are 12 of these in total, and you can only purchase the really good ones when you’ve successfully completed enough championships.

Aqua Moto Racing 2 is a classic arcade racer, with bright, bold visuals and a soundtrack that wouldn’t be out of place in a 1990s arcade.

But it’s bang up to date, too, as evidenced by its stunning water effects and clever mobile-optimised controls, which come in both virtual button and accelerometer varieties.

You can check out Aqua Moto Racing 2 on Android now – in both Free and Premium iterations.



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