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Good Pizza, Great Pizza – All Dough / Wheat Dough Recipes | Tips & Guide

Good Pizza, Great Pizza – All Dough / Wheat Dough Recipes | Tips & Guide
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No pizza is considered pizza without dough, right? Therefore, today’s article is all about the Good Pizza, Great Pizza dough & wheat dough recipes that you can prepare for your customers!

How to Get Dough in Good Pizza, Great Pizza

This is a no-brainer. The classic, delicious, elastic dough available in the game, which makes the most delicious pizza in town is obtained by default. You automatically start using this dough the moment you launch the game, so don’t worry about acquiring it. Wheat dough, however, is a little different.

How to Get Wheat Dough in Good Pizza, Great Pizza

To get this healthy, fiber-rich dough, you will first have to pass the Stewards Challenge. It will become available in the Shop for 115 Cash, on in-game Night 28 (that’s one day after finishing the Stewards Challenge).

This dough will be the key ingredient in most of the recipes requested by customers during the Wheat Festival. It’s important to have it because without it you won’t be able to complete the recipes that request it.

Wheat dough cannot be replaced by regular dough, and all customers will hint towards that in their order. They’ll either mention “wheat”, “fiber”, or even “whole grain”, which should automatically prompt you to use this dough instead.

All Dough & Wheat Dough Orders Listed

IngredientsCustomer Dialogue
– “One flatbread pizza please.”
– “I need a pizza with nothing on it.”
– “Yeah, just crust.”
– “I wanted to cosplay for this convention. See everyone dressed up makes me regret not doing it…”
Wheat Dough– “Hit me with some fiber, champ.”
– “Just wheat bread.”
Wheat Dough + Sauce– “I’m here for the wheat sauce, boss.”
– “Wheat and sauce, boss.”
Wheat Dough + Cheese– “Cheesy wheat bread.”
– “Wheat and cheese if you please.”
– “Please, wheat and cheese.”
– “Just cheese on wheat.”
Wheat Dough + Sauce + Cheese– “I’d like a tuna casserole. No? Well, how about a cheese pizza on wheat?”
– “Cheese and sauce on wheat dough, please.”
– “I’m on a wheat diet.”
– “Wheat pizza, please!”
[Mushion Pizza]
Wheat Dough +
(half pizza) Cheese + Mushroom
(half pizza) Sauce + Onion
– “I want a mushion pizza, brown dough. Cheese on the mush side, sauce on the onion side.”
Wheat Dough +
(half pizza) Sausage +
(half pizza) Onion
– “I’m sick of society’s constraints, man! I want something wild! Gimme a … wheat pizza… with no sauce, and no cheese, with just onion on one side and sausage on the other! Woo yeah!”
– “Quit harshin’ my chill, man. Half onion, half sausage on wheat. Nothing else. Jeez.”
Wheat Dough + Anchovy– “I’d like one field of fish.”
– “Anchovies on wheat. Nothing more.”
Wheat Dough + Sauce + Cheese +
(half pizza) Ham
– “Half Ham and Cheese on wheat.”
– “The other half is just cheese.”
Wheat Dough + Corn– “Hey, can you make me some whole grain cornbread? I’ve just been craving some lately.”
– “I just want corn on wheat dough, if possible. Sorry, is that weird?”
Wheat Dough + Sauce + Cheese + Basil– “I’d like a pizza to help lower my risk of heart disease, type 2 Diabetes, obesity, and some forms of cancer… with basil.”
– “Whole wheat was what I was going for… with basil.”
Wheat Dough + Sauce + Cheese + Corn– “I may be going against the grain here, but give me a corn pizza on wheat dough!”
– “I take the rumors I heard about this place with grain of salt. So give me a pizza with grains.”
– “Well, let’s start with whole wheat dough. Then make it a cheese pizza with corn.”
[3 pizzas]
Wheat Dough + Sauce + Cheese + Corn
– “Three pizzas, and I want you to make it grain up in here!”
– “That would be three cheese pizzas with wheat dough and corn kernels.”
Wheat Dough + Onion + Basil– “Whole grain and onion with basil.”
– “Onion and basil on whole wheat. No cheese or sauce.”
Wheat Dough + Sauce + Cheese + Onion + Basil– “Herb and onion on wheat.”
– “Herb? Oh. Basil.”
Wheat Dough + Sauce + Cheese + Bacon + Basil– “Bake me bacon and basil on whole wheat.”
– “I want you to top a pizza on whole wheat dough with bacon and basil. Then, bake it in an oven.”
Wheat Dough + Garlic– “Hey, do you guys do whole wheat garlic bread? I just want some of that, thanks!”
– “I’m sure you could just put garlic cloves on some wheat dough, couldn’t you?”
Wheat Dough + Sauce + Cheese + Mushroom + Truffle– “Fungus pizza. Wheat dough.”
– “Cheese, sauce, and fungi on wheat dough. No meat. No fruit. No veggie. No seafood.”
[2 pizzas]
1st: Dough + Sauce + Cheese + Mushroom + Bacon + Basil + Truffle
2nd: Wheat Dough + Sauce + Cheese + Mushroom + Ham + Basil + Truffle
– “One bacon pizza and one ham pizza. Add basil and all the fungi you have to both of them, please. Also, put the ham pizza on wheat dough.”
– “I think ham is softer than bacon so that wheat dough really helps to bring the chewy-ness.”
– “Cheese, mushrooms, bacon, basil, truffles, and sauce for one, and cheese, mushrooms, ham, basil, truffles, and sauce for the other. That’s it.”
Wheat Dough + Sauce + Cheese + Fig– “They say the Greek philosopher Chrysippus died from laughter when he saw a donkey eating his figs. Hopefully, a fig pizza on wheat won’t do the same to me!”
– “Just figs, sauce, and cheese, please. On wheat dough.”
Wheat Dough + Cheese + Eggplant + Sliced Tomato + Zucchini– “Eggplant should never go with zucchini unless they’re beside tomatoes and on top of a cheesy wheat flatbread.”
– “Eggplant, zucchini, and sliced tomatoes on a cheesy flatbread. No sauce. Wheat dough.”
Wheat Dough + Sauce + Cheese + Chicken + Jalapeno + Fig– “Ever had sweet figs with savory chicken and spicy jalapeno on a cheese pizza with wheat dough? Me neither! I wanna try it!”
– “Figs, chicken, and jalapeno. Wheat dough with sauce and cheese.”
Wheat Dough + Pesto Sauce + Cheese + Basil + Shrimp + Zucchini– “It has been foretold by the pizza ancients that zucchini goes best with shrimp, herbs, and cheese. But only on green sauce and wheat dough.”
– “I made that all up. Can I just have zucchini, shrimp, and basil? Add pesto, cheese, and put it on wheat dough. Thanks!”

All Achievements Unlocked by Cooking with Wheat Dough

You can unlock several achievements whenever you cook pizzas using wheat dough.

  1. Make 25 wheat dough pizzas (you get 1 Pizza Gem)
  2. Make 50 wheat dough pizzas (you get 1 Pizza Gem)
  3. Make 100 wheat dough pizzas (you get 1 Pizza Gem)
  4. Make 250 wheat dough pizzas (you get 1 Pizza Gem)
  5. Make 500 wheat dough pizzas (you get 3 Pizza Gems)
  6. Make 1000 wheat dough pizzas (you get 5 Pizza Gems)

This is all that we got for you on wheat dough in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Follow our other Good Pizza, Great Pizza articles to stay up to date with the latest news and guides, and don’t forget to check out the other ingredients as well!

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Good Pizza, Great Pizza – All Dough / Wheat Dough Recipes | Tips & Guide