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Good Pizza, Great Pizza – All Cheese Recipes | Tips & Guide

In this article we will take a look at all the Good Pizza, Great Pizza cheese recipes that you can create

In this article we will take a look at all the Good Pizza, Great Pizza cheese recipes that you can create. Of course, cheese is a common ingredient in most pizzas, but which in recipes is cheese the star ingredient?

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How to Get Cheese in Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Just like dough, cheese is obtained by default the moment you start playing the game. You don’t have to do anything specific to unlock it. It’s also worth mentioning that classic cheese (presumably mozzarella) is the only cheese available at the moment in Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

All Cheese Orders Listed

Keep in mind these are the main cheese recipes in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. They are not the ones that have cheese as an ingredient (for example if someone asks for a classic pepperoni pizza, which by default has cheese).

IngredientsCustomer Dialogue
Dough + Cheese– “A sauceless cheese for me.”
– “I mean a cheese pizza, without any sauce.”
– “Cheese pizza, minus the sauce.”
– “Minus is subtraction. Don’t put sauce.”
Dough +
(half pizza) Cheese +
(half pizza) Nothing (plain dough)
– “I’d like half cheese bread and the other half just bread.”
– “No sauce. Half cheese. Nothing else.”
[“Cheese” “Pizza” “Plain Pizza”]
Dough + Sauce + Cheese
[by far, the most common pizza out there!]
– “Hello. I would not like a pepperoni pizza.”
– “I want a cheese.”
– “Can I get a pepperoni, without any pepperoni.”
– “Just cheese and sauce on that.”
– “One pizza as beautiful as the morning sunrise.”
– “A cheese pizza. You know, like the sun? Not very poetic, are ya?”
– “One cheese. Plain and simple.”
– “I need a pizza, but don’t bother putting any of those fancy toppings on. Just sauce and cheese.”
– “Just sauce and cheese.”
– “Just cheese.”
– “One plain pizza please.”
– “Pizza. Plain. Cheese and sauce is presumed.”
– “I’ve got a ton of mice to get rid of. One cheese pizza, please.”
– “Forcing them out won’t work, so hoping the bribe does better.”
– “One cheese pizza. Don’t forget the sauce. I’ve had people forget the sauce.”
– “Seriously. That sauce. I need it with my cheese.”
– “Sauce. Cheese. Go.”
– “Sauce! Cheese! Go!!!”
– “Do you wanna hear a joke about pizza?”
– “Naw, it’s too cheesy. Haha! I’ll have a cheese.”
– “I’m here for a pizza.”
– “Oh, sorry. Just a cheese pizza.”
– “Cheese please!”
– “Please cheese!”
– “Going to cheese town hard tonight.”
– “Cheese pizza for one!”
– “My sister is a vegetarian, but she doesn’t actually like vegetables or fruit. She likes mushrooms though… but not on pizza.”
– “My sister wants a pizza without meat, fruit, vegetables, or mushrooms.”
– “Cheese.”
– “Just a cheese pizza.”
– “Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese.”
– “Cheese?”
– “Yes, hello. Cheese pizza.”
– “Cheese pizza.”
– “Hi can I have a pizza please?”
– “Just a cheese pizza.”
– “You guys have pesto pizza now? Weird… I’d like my cheese pizza with ACTUAL pizza sauce.”
– “As in, tomato sauce. You know, the REAL pizza sauce?”
Dough +
(half pizza) Sauce + Cheese
(half pizza) Cheese
– “I’d like a cheese pizza with half no sauce.”
– “My pizza? Don’t put sauce on half of it.”
[2 pizzas]
Dough + Sauce + Cheese
– “One half cheese and the other half pepperoni. Make both halves cheese. And make it twice.”
– “Two cheese pizzas. I don’t know what I was thinking before.”
– “Two cheese pizzas, please.”
– “Cheese pizza… two…”
Dough + Pesto Sauce + Cheese– “Gimme that cheese with pesto, please!”
– “Oh, sorry. One cheese pizza, but with pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce!”
– “Hey, I heard you have pesto sauce now. Can I get some on a cheese pizza?”
– “Just cheese and pesto. I’m still not sure if I’ll like it with anything else…”
– “Normally, I wouldn’t think to put pesto on a cheese pizza. But that guy in the green shirt was very convincing!”
– “Time to try something new! I’ll have a cheese pizza with pesto sauce!”
[3 pizzas]
Dough + Pesto Sauce + Cheese
– “Pesto’s the besto! Three pesto pies with cheese, please!”
– “I can’t get enough of that tasty green sauce! I want 3 pizzas with pesto and cheese!”
Dough +
(half pizza) Sauce + Cheese
(half pizza) Pesto Sauce + Cheese
– “I love pesto and red sauce, but I’m only hungry for one pizza… Do I really have to choose one or the other?”
– “Oh, you can put each sauce on one side? Okay! One cheese pizza, half pesto and half tomato!”
[2 pizzas]
Dough +
(half pizza) Sauce + Cheese
(half pizza) Pesto Sauce + Cheese
– “Two cheese pizzas, please. And can you make them both half pesto, half tomato sauce?”
– “Huh? Why don’t I just order two pizzas with one sauce each? Because that wouldn’t look as cool!”
[2 pizzas]
Dough +
(half pizza) Sauce
(half pizza) Cheese
– “I’d like half cheese bread and half sauce bread. Make that a double.”
– “Two half sauce and half cheese.”
[2 pizzas]
1st: Dough + Sauce + Cheese
2nd: Dough
– “I’d like a cheese pizza and a side of bread.”
– “One cheese pizza, and one pizza with nothing on it.”

All Achievements Unlocked by Cooking with Cheese

You can unlock several achievements whenever you cook pizzas using cheese.

  1. Spread cheese on 25 pizzas (you get 1 Pizza Gem)
  2. Spread cheese on 50 pizzas (you get 1 Pizza Gem)
  3. Spread cheese on 100 pizzas (you get 1 Pizza Gem)
  4. Spread cheese on 250 pizzas (you get 1 Pizza Gem)
  5. Spread cheese on 500 pizzas (you get 3 Pizza Gems)
  6. Spread cheese on 1000 pizzas (you get 5 Pizza Gems)


By spending 25 Pizza Gems you can unlock fairly quickly the Cheese Autobuddy, which automatically spreads cheese on pizzas for you. It’s one of the best first upgrades you can get using Pizza Gems.

This is all that we got for you on cheese in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Follow our other Good Pizza, Great Pizza articles to stay up to date with the latest news and guides, and don’t forget to check out the other ingredients as well!

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Good Pizza, Great Pizza – All Cheese Recipes | Tips & Guide