Miniclip’s legendary golfing game continues on the mobile scene with Golf Battle, a simple yet extremely addicting golfing game to get your putt on! Just like Miniclip’s other golfing games, the controls are very simple – simply drag to aim, and go for the hole in the one! Our Golf Battle cheats and tips will show you how to become the number one golfer!

Even though it’s a pretty straightforward game, Golf Battle still has some nuances to its physics, so let’s get started with our Golf Battle tips and tricks guide!

Don’t let your chests go to waste!

Every time you win a Classic or Rush match, you will earn a chest! These chests contain currency goodies like coins and gems, but more importantly they contain new custom clubs and balls.

You’ll need these parts in order to upgrade your existing clubs, so open as many as possible. A Basic Chest takes three hours to open, with the rarer chests taking even longer.

If you have four chests, don’t play anymore matches! You only have four slots and any more chests you receive will automatically be deleted. Try to hold off on playing anymore matches before you can open at least one chest.

Remember your power levels

The key to getting good scores – just like any other golfing game – is to always keep a mental note of how much power you’ve used on your last swing.

Keep tracking of your power will help you determine how much power you need on your next swing, and it gives you a relative idea of where your ball will end up.

Take the shortcuts only if you’re confident enough

There are some courses that have alternate paths. In most cases, one of the paths will be significantly more perilous than the other, and we consider these paths as shortcuts.

These paths are often setup in a way that they are “do or die” moments, meaning that if you don’t make the path in one go, you will find yourself off course.

While these paths are sometimes necessary for a hole-in-one or for shorter times, do note that if you mess up too many times you will have waste the same amount of time than if you had just gone the regular path.

So, while these alternate paths are great, only take them you are confident you will get through with relative ease!

Go for speed in Rush mode

While in Classic mode, you’re graded on how many shots you use to get in the hole. In Rush mode, your shots aren’t counted – instead you’re graded on how fast you can get through.

In Rush mode you can be a little more lenient with accuracy, as it’s better to just make multiple hits to get to your target destination. Remember that you’re trying to beat the other golfers, no matter how many hits you need!

An important trick here that we usually get great results with is aim for the side walls: do the same in order to get ahead of the competitors, and faster towards the end!

Practice makes perfect

Even though this is not real life golf, practice does make perfect. So it might be wise, especially early on, to play as much as possible even if that means skipping on a few crates.

It’s extremely important to learn the courses and know what you’re doing, learn how to hit the ball and how each club works and helps you, so do practice a lot!

Try to learn where the most important spots are on a course, always look for shortcuts and ways to improve your score. Try alternate routes and eventually you will find the best approach each time!

Choose your clubs and balls based on the area you play

This is pretty much common sense, but it has to be said, just to make sure you know about this: it’s important to select your club based on the area you’re playing, and make sure that you spend your time on selecting the right ball as well.

The game Golf Battle makes your life a lot easier here, by dividing the clubs into three main classes (Basic, Camel and Arctic) – and each class is suitable for a specific type of course.

So if you’re on a course with snow and ice, choose a club from the Arctic set in order to get an advantage. Do the same with the balls.

Most people say that there is no difference between the balls whatsoever, but I always have the feeling that some balls have smoother and better movement than others, in specific situations.

So do experiment a bit and see if you share my opinion or you agree that the differences are only in terms of design and looks.

And, of course, don’t forget to keep investing coins in upgrading your items. This is a long term commitment type of thing and any help will be useful. Upgrades make the game easier, so whenever you have enough money, invest them in your best clubs.

Connect to Facebook

This is an easy way for you to get some premium currency for free, fast. This will also change your name in the game, giving you a bit more of an identity. So definitely do this for these two main reasons!

Get all the freebies in the game

There are all sorts of freebies that you can take advantage of in the game, like in all free-to-play apps on mobile. Making sure to focus on getting these first, as soon as you start your daily routine, is important as they will help you progress faster through the stages and in turn make you a better player.

You can claim free coins every hour, as well as watch video adds for additional coins or goodies, as well as the Lucky Shot in Golf Battle, which can give you some amazing rewards.

Make sure to take advantage of all these options to stay ahead of your competition or just to progress a lot faster.

That’s all for Golf Battle. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve been playing Golf Battle for a couple days now. Today when I open the game and tapped the free coin button to collect my free rewards the four rewards that require you to watch a video are missing. I’d like to know if those were just temporary. i’d like to know if those we’re just temporary. I still have the option to receive free coins every hour. Enjoy playing this game

  2. Great game, love it, only thing stopping a 5 star… The boxes take too long to open for the basic and you accumulate 4 boxes really quickly… The idea is to get you to burn gems. I don’t like that… And, the maps entry costs get crazy after like the third map! 5k to enter! And it takes time to learn the quickest or shortest route, which is a shame… So I’m just playing the first map, still really good fun

  3. Never just play only when you have a chest slot open! They are small rewards. I make ALL my money in games. Chest are nice when they come, but rarely make up for not playing but only once every 3 hours. That is some crap advice. Also this is a crappy blog just to write a blog. No cheats what so ever even though several times you mention cheats as if there is going to be some in this article. Even the title has “cheats” in it. Like 99% of youtube= clickbait.

    Best advice= Play alot learn the maps, open chest when you can to keep them coming, get your dailies. Yes Power in the clubs is most important. But not all maps need max power. But most short cuts and sand do.


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