Godzilla Defense Force Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we will go over all of the Godzilla Defense Force tips and cheats that we have gathered so far and share them with you in order to help you beat all bosses and pass all of the game’s stages easily.

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If you have had some troubles keeping up with the stages because they keep becoming more and more powerful, then it’s about time you learn how to deal with each one of them in such a way that you won’t have to spend a dime (unless you really want to).

So, are you ready to learn all of our Godzilla Defense Force tips and tricks? Good! Then let’s dive right into them!

Upgrade the defensive facilities the right way

You have to keep sending in the big guns, quite literally, in order to defeat the Kajus that become stronger and stronger as you reach the more advanced stages.

And in order to do so and make sure that your damage is always optimized to the fraction, you should look to upgrade your defensive facilities from top to bottom: invest into the most advanced facility that you have, until leveling it up becomes too expensive.

Then move on to the one above and do the same. When you don’t afford one extra level, move one step higher and so on.

Remember: at all times, the gold cost per damage point is cheaper the more advanced the unlocked defensive facility is.

Level milestones make things better

In Godzilla Defense Force, each defensive facility will get a massive damage boost when they reach certain milestones: at level 25, level 50, level 100 and so on.

Keep an eye out for these milestones and when you’re close to one, no matter with what facility, focus on getting it first because the damage boost is massive. But even with the boost activated, you’re still getting more bang for your buck from the most advanced defensive facility you have.

Complete the missions

On the left side of the screen you will have a small menu showing you only numbers. If you tap on this menu it will open a new window showing you basically the missions you can complete to get more Gold in order to help you complete these expensive upgrades.

The missions vary, ranging from tapping the screen for a number of times to defeating UFOs, Kaiju (the big boss monsters like Godzilla), saving prisoners and so on. Generally the missions are pretty easy to complete, so if you find yourself in a tough situation, I just happen to have the solution!

If you are unable to go past a certain boss, then just play to complete the missions you have one by one and receive the Gold they give. Once completed, use this Gold to make upgrades and keep doing so until you gathered enough Gold to unlock a new building or you’ve defeated the enemy. 

Double your offline rewards

Whenever you are not actively playing the game, just close it and there will be absolutely no penalty – but rather a reward!

When you are offline in the game your soldiers will keep fending off all kinds of monsters and earn Gold.

So if you find yourself having difficulty gaining Gold, take a break from the game and come back later! When you return to the game choose the option to the right “Double up!” to get double the rewards and higher chances at defeating that seemingly impossible boss.

Save the hostages

Often you will see on each side of the monsters, some civilians shouting for help. Always keep your eye on the buildings, and when you see a dialogue box, tap on it! This will let the hostages parachute out of the building and you will save them.

Claim your free Cards in the Store

When you open the Store window you will see quite a few offers – but most of them for real money. However, there is something that you can get for free every day, and that is the Free Godzilla Pack.

Make sure you check back every few hours to purchase a new free pack because you can do this several times a day. 

Also in the store next to the Free Godzilla Pack, you will find the Daily Card. This card costs usually quite a few X-nium, so it can be pretty expensive. If you don’t spend your X-nium on other stuff in the game, then it could be a good idea to save them and buy some good cards if you see them in the Daily Card. 

Watch an ad to auto tap for you

In the Shop you will find an offer to watch a short ad and let the game tap in your place for a few minutes. This can be super useful if you want to give your fingers a break or if you want some extra help dealing with a powerful Kaiju.

Remember that the more ads you watch, the better and longer your auto tap gets: so it really pays to do this often in order to get a massive boost for nothing!

Tap like crazy

Auto taps or not, you should tap the screen like crazy, especially when dealing with those bosses. The more you tap, the better.

This means that you should place the device on a flat surface – like your desk – and tap with three fingers (or ideally six – three from one hand and three from the other) in order to maximize the damage done.

Get more Cards

Cards are basically some extra skills which you can obtain either from fighting Kaiju or by buying them from the Shop. There are some super powerful cards in game, but you need to be careful how you decide to use them because it might not be as easy as it seems.

Firstly, you need to watch your stamina at the bottom of the screen (the purple bar). If you have 5 points there, it means that you can only use cards which cost a maximum of 5 points (individually or combined). 

You can see the cost of each card in the top left of the card (in a hexagon box). Every card is different, and if you want to successfully defeat a powerful boss, then you need to carefully choose a good combination of cards whose cost won’t exceed the stamina you have.

How to choose your active cards for battle

For every battle you can choose up to 3 cards to help you during the fight. These cards each have a unique ability and you should think about how much stamina you have when choosing.

Since this stamina refills after a while, I suggest using cards that give you big boosts to your strongest units, or cards that deal a ton of damage when activated (useful for boss battles)

For example, if you followed one of the first tips we mentioned here (upgrading your best buildings first) then you can use a card that boosts the Attack or Production Speed of that unit (or both + a third card which can be something powerful like “Godzilla ’66”).

You can try different card combos and if you have some cards that you know for sure you won’t use, tap on them and select “Grind”. This option will destroy the card but give you Card Powder which you can use to level up your best cards. 

Normally, the rarer the card, the better it is. However, it also costs more… so you have to find the perfect balance between them.

I personally use one very rare card that deals a ton of damage (like the Orbital Cannon or Godzilla 66) and 1-2 cards that cost 1 energy and boost production of the best units in the city.

How to easily defeat each boss in Godzilla Defense Force

In order to take on any boss in game you should first make all the upgrades possible, and then select the strongest cards just as mentioned in the previous section (the ones which boost your strongest units).

When you are fighting a boss you should focus on tapping all the time, but also keep an eye on the buildings which have an exclamation mark above (and are in flames). Try tapping on these buildings before the timer runs out because you’ll get some extra Gold.

One other thing you should keep your eyes on during boss fights is the red circle marking a weak spot of the boss. As soon as you spot one, tap it to deal a great amount of damage to the boss!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the stamina and keep using the cards as much as possible, because they will help quite a lot!

After the boss is defeated, quickly tap and swipe as fast as you can to collect a lot of Gold! 

If you lost, get a few Boosts!

The Boost option can be found in the Defeat interface, that appears after you lost a timed fight with a boss. Here you will see a red button with “BOOST” written on it and if you tap on it you see that you can get a maximum of 3 boosts.

Each boost will require you to watch an advertisement to enable, and if you lost 3 times in a row and you want to watch 3 ads in a row, you will get the Boost X3. The boosts will give you Production Speed, Base Destruction Immunity and Attack +25%, so make sure you watch all 3 if you are having a tough time!

These boosts are free, so I suggest that if you are facing a strong opponent, take your time and watch 3 ads in a row to get the Attack +25%. Combine this with a good set of cards which further boost your attack and you will take down the enemy in a matter of seconds!

Tap on the Parachute to boost your funds

In the top right corner of the Defeat interface, you can choose to watch an ad to boost your earning more. I suggest doing so, because Gold is one of the most important features in the game in my opinion.

Explore the Moon

In the menu on the right side, where you see the world, you will have an option which lets you mine on the Moon. As crazy as that sounds, it’s a really cool feature which will help you gather Moonstone.

With 150 Moonstone you can head on to the Shop and buy a Moonstone Card Pack. If you are a card collector, this is a nice and free way to get more cards.

In order to explore the moon, you will use the civilians you have rescued in the base game – but remember to visit often both to claim your rewards and reactivate the mining for Moonstones, which take longer the higher your level gets.

Grind those useless cards!

If you are a true card collector, you might have some cards that are not all that amazing. You should grind all of the cards that you don’t use (never have and never will probably) and save the Card Powder to upgrade your best cards.

This is an option that will help you quite a lot! Let me give you an example: if you upgrade Destoroyah (which boosts Tank Attack +100% at level 1) to level 2, the Attack will become +150%. That is quite the boost!

Do this for all of your best cards, but keep in mind that the rarer a card is (the more stars it has) the more Card Powder it costs!

Also, don’t rush to destroy your cards before you are sure you know what you’re doing, because you will need more as you will unlock additional cities in the game.

Grind the key levels before the Godzilla fight!

Every now and then, you will be able to encounter a new Godzilla. If you are still not that golden in terms of power, don’t go ahead with the challenge just yet!

Instead, stay on the level before the challenge and keep fighting wave after wave and collect Gold. This works great at level 81, because the Gold you get is pretty good and you can camp this stage for quite a bit – or at least until you’ve bought the upgrades you want.

However, once you hit the Challenge button, there is no turning back! You will be faced with the Defeat interface (if you are not powerful enough yet to win) and it’s not worth it in my opinion to do this since you gain more Gold from fighting wave 81 over and over again than you get from offline rewards.

The same goes for any encounter: just spend some time there before hitting the “Challenge” button, no matter where you are!

How to handle new cities

As you play through the game and level up, you will unlock additional cities that need to be defended.

These are somewhat like the Defense facilities, meaning that you get different enemies attacking them, but they’re also much more expensive to beat.

The nice part about the cities is that the money collected in one can be used in another. For example, when you have London unlocked and you start racking in those Billions early on, you can move back to Tokio and quickly upgrade everything or get new facilities in order to increase your wave counts.

So find the balance between playing through the different cities, but do focus on the latest you have unlocked since that’s where most of the money are.

Time Travel in Godzilla Defense Force

The Time Traveling mechanic in the game is basically the prestige that all idle or clicker games have one way or another.

What it means is that once you reach level 5, you can reset your progress and start over, but receive some shards that can be used to purchase powerful artifacts – artifacts that will make you a lot stronger and progress much easier.

You will still get to keep all your monster cards, premium currency and artifacts/shards that you have, but everything else will be reset and you’ll start over from Tokio.

I recommend resetting first as soon as you get to the required level, then purchase 2 artifacts (they cost 13 shards, so make sure you will receive at least this amount before resetting for the first time).

From the second time travel in Godzilla Defense Force and onward, you should only reset when you receive a large enough number of Shards to make it worth it.

If you have some solid artifacts unlocked, spend those shards to level them up. If not, keep trying with new ones (which get more and more expensive) until you have something good to invest in.

The good thing about artifacts is that they’re always active and there is no limit on how many you can use at one time, so the more you have, the better.

Log in every day for useful rewards

Every new day you log in to the game you will have a chance to spin the Login Bonus wheel! From this wheel you can get Card Powder, Moonstone and X-nium, so make sure you don’t miss a day! 

Another cool thing about the game is that once you logged and tried your luck with the wheel once, if you choose to watch an ad you can spin again!

These would be all of our Godzilla Defense Force tips and tricks that we have for you right now! If you have some more useful game tips and tricks, share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Godzilla Defense Force Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

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