Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, the nice action game developed by Vivid Games, is now available for a reduced price on the App Store.

The game is now available for only $0.99, which is a true steal, considering how good the game is. This deal won’t be lasting for long so make sure to take advantage of it as soon as possible if you like action games, as the game is well worth even its full price.

The game’s price drop has been launched to celebrate the launch of the Survival Challenge competion. During this, players will have to survive waves upon waves of enemies in the game’s Survival Mode. Two separate events, one for each arena, have been announced, with the first one taking place until September 19th and the other being held for September 26th until October 3rd. In order to enter the competition, you will need to register an Everyplay account with Facebook or Twitter accounts. No prizes have been confirmed so far but something definitely will be announced soon, as there is no reason to start a competition without rewards.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is now available for purchase on the App Store for a reduced price.



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