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Ghostbusters World Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Become the Ultimate Ghost Buster

Ghostbusters World Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Become the Ultimate Ghost Buster

The highly anticipating ghost hunting AR game Ghostbusters World is finally here! It’s time to start singing the catchy 80s tune and go bust some ghosts on the streets of your city. But not before we share some Ghostbusters World cheats and tips with you!

You will see that most of the game mechanics are already known (if you played Pokemon Go or any other similar AR title), but there are also some brand new elements and genre mixtures that make this game more awesome than I was anticipating. But we’ll discuss this more in depth in our upcoming review – so make sure to check back soon!

Until then, let’s focus on today’s topic, which is learning how to play Ghostbusters World and how to get the most out of it in order to teach those ghosts a lesson. So without further ado, here are our Ghostbusters World tips and tricks!

1. Focus on capturing as many ghosts as possible
You can never have too many ghosts in this game and this is why you should always try to capture as many as possible. You should always start with the larger, rarer ghosts available nearby and then move on to others.

Based on my own experience, even if you don’t move around too much, you will still get a fair amount of ghosts nearby. If they stop appearing, you should force quit the game and then restart it – this will usually reset the world and spawn new ghosts nearby. Rinse and repeat to fill your ghost catalog fast.

2. Keep your remote gate close by
The remote gate is one item that you place on the game map and can collect from various items. You can do it every 15 minutes and this is why you should place it in a place where you spend most of your time (such as back home or your office).

You can reposition the remote gate indefinitely – so if you haven’t chosen a perfect location for it, not all is lost – but this costs premium currency and is pretty expensive. So make sure you always have it close by and collect those rewards regularly!

3. Destabilizing vs Capturing Ghosts
When fighting against ghosts in the “real” world, you have two options: try to capture them or destabilize them. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages, and we’re going to talk about them all below.

Capturing Ghosts is the main thing that you should do, in my opinion – at least when it comes to ghosts that you don’t already have in your inventory. I am saying this because you can anyway destabilize ghosts that you have in your inventory – and do it at any moment.

The only problem with capturing ghosts as opposed to destabilizing them is that you need Traps for them and it usually takes a bit more time. But you need ammo for destabilizing them anyway… so this is why I consider that in the majority of the occasions you should try to capture them.

When you Destabilize a ghost, you are basically destroying that ghost, but getting some nice rewards for that. The only difference is that when you Destabilize a ghost during a fight you get a spirit shard for that ghost, while destabilizing from your inventory doesn’t give you that shard.

Spirit Shards are materials that allow you to summon a ghost of the shard’s type (when you have enough of those), but mainly used to enhance the skills of that particular ghost. So unless you’re fighting against a ghost that you would like to upgrade and focus on in the game, you shouldn’t go through the trouble of destabilizing ghosts during fights and do it from the inventory instead.

4. Complete Missions and Challenges
Ghostbusters World has a set of daily missions, as well as weekly missions for you to complete for various rewards – and you should do your best to complete them as often as possible. Because if you do manage to complete them all, you will receive a special chest with even more goodies.

5. Focus on improving your top Ghosts
There are tens of ghosts awaiting to be captured and more will be introduced with future updates… but the truth is that you don’t really need to work on improving them all in order to be successful. Instead, focus on upgrading the top ghosts in the game since these are the strongest.

Instead of looking at the number of stars that each ghost has (which can be improved over time), look at the ghost’s rarity instead. Ghosts that have an A on their card are very rare (heroic), while the ones with a D are common. So always work on upgrading the best ghosts you have available.

6. Always work on crafting items
Another thing that you should constantly do is craft items. You will never have too many traps or ammunition for your weapons, so make sure that you’re constantly working on getting more. This takes quite a bit of time, so logging in multiple times per day in order to collect the items is a must.

7. Upgrade all your weapons
Another thing that you should work on improving is the various types of equipment that you have. We’re talking about your main weapons, as well as the counter weapons.

Each of these weapons has a tree-based development system with multiple options available. Focus on unlocking and leveling up the ones that are most useful in combat and then work your way to the other branches. All upgrades are good, but also expensive and require a lot of time so start working on them ASAP – and do it constantly.

8. Complete the single player missions
The single player missions are what really make the difference in Ghostbusters World, in my opinion, as they allow you to put your captured ghosts to the test against others, level them up and progress in an RPG type of game. And that is quite lovely for sure, especially since you have a ton of rewards waiting for you as well upon completion.

In this mode, a rock-paper-scissors mechanic is used, just like in most mobile RPGs. But the biggest and most important factor is the rarity and level of your ghosts, so make sure that you keep working on your team, level your ghosts up and make them better in order to keep on winning.

9. How to win your team fights easy
If you follow some simple rules when getting into fights in the Story mode, you will easily win fights as long as the opponent is not overpowering you.

The main rule is to know the skills of your ghosts and use them at the right time. You should always have a healer in the team and focus on taking out your enemies one at a time: one less enemy is better than having 3 enemies with 50% health, all taking shots at you.

Check out the number of waves that you will have to go through and plan your special ghosts’ special skills carefully: using them at the right time is vital and sometimes you have to wait a turn or two before activating them.

10. Enter the Ghost Reality
Once you reach level 7 in the game, you unlock the Ghost Reality, which is basically another in-game feature that comes with many goodies, including PvP. Take your time to explore that dimension as well and test your might against the stages there, collecting important shards and taking out other players’ teams

This would be all that we have for you right now in terms of Ghostbusters World tips and tricks. If you have other strategies to share with fellow ghost hunters – or maybe questions to ask – don’t hesitate to do so by posting a comment below.

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Ghostbusters World Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Become the Ultimate Ghost Buster


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