Patch V4.5 has just dropped for all versions of Fortnite, including the iOS mobile version. This update introduces new weapons and Stars and Stripes outfits for your favorite heroes to celebrate the Independence Day! This update also introduces a brand new limited time mode: Playground mode!

Playground Mode is a private match that you start up with three other friends. Your group is dropped into an empty island, and you have unlimited resources to build whatever you like, hence the Playground name! You are only limited to the extent of your creativity, so unleash your inner builder and make the base of your dreams.

Don’t worry about accidentally blasting your friends, by the way – respawns are on so the fun is unlimited. Build deadly trap parks, have your friends run through them, and cackle from a safe distance as you admire your work, you heartless monster you!

And for the players who are feeling a little more cinematic, Playground Mode also features a whole new set of movie-making tools. Camera tools, scene tools, emotes, and more let you create your own scene. Record footage and open it with your favorite video editing software and voila – you are now a Fortnite movie creator!

Don’t forget that there are new weapons too! Exclusive to Battle Royale mode, the Drum Gun is a new medium ammo weapon that has the power of a rifle and the fire rate of an SMG. Save the World mode has its own new weapon too: the Stink Bomb! Want to make those husks smell EVEN worse? Just toss one of these into the fray!

V4.5 has already dropped, but unfortunately due to some technical difficulties Playground Mode has been delayed, but only for a little while! Playground Mode should be up and running by next week, so stay tuned!


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