If the old school inspired gameplay experience of Gemini Strike has been giving you more than a few problems, your battered robotic fighter has reached the right place, as this Gemini Strike Cheats: Tips and Tricks guide will help you in getting a better understanding of the game and teach you some simple tricks.

Gemini Strike is a top down bullet hell shooter game not too different from many classic arcade games. Just like these game, Gemini Strike is a hardcore gameplay experience which forces gamers to always be on their toes and avoid bullets flying all over the screen. Gemini Strike also manages to stand out from the competition thanks to its story driven campaign, an unusual feature for the genre.

  • Extra Lives

In Gemini Strike, you can have up to four extra lives at any time. Lost lives can be restored by purchasing them or waiting for them to get restored automatically. There’s a simple way to get them restored as soon as possible: simply move your device’s clock ahead, open the game and then move it back to the real time, all your lives will have been restored. This is a really useful tricks, considering how easy it is to lose lives in Gemini Strike.

  • Black Market

Checking out the Black Market often is a good thing to do in Gemini Strike, as you will be able to purchase powerful items and more. All the items included in the market are all quite useful but getting all of them isn’t the best way to go, since these items can also be upgraded with crystals. The best thing to do it to get an item you really like and find useful for your playstyle and then upgrade it as much as possible. The difference in your performance during the game will be huge.

  • Avoiding Bullets

Being a bullet hell game, Gemini Strike will often put the player in some situations where dying is pretty much certain. The only way to avoid possible loss of lives is by evaluating when taking a risk is worth it, as most of the times a crystal on screen means that you will be focusing your attention on it rather than on the enemies. Thinks hard about the risks and the consequences and avoid making some rash moves without a good reason.



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