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Garfield Rush Cheats: Tips & Guide to Collect All Boosts and Coins

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

These Garfield Rush tips and cheats we will share with you in today’s guide are going to make you achieve long runs with lots of boosts and coins, and hopefully, with a little bit of luck, with some puzzle pieces for the funny looking costumes!

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Since Garfield Rush is the runner type of game, you will have to pay a lot of attention to your surroundings, so it’s best if you first give this Garfield Rush guide a thorough read before you start the game, so you will have a clear objective in mind on what you should keep an eye on.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into our Garfield Rush tips and tricks!

Reaction speed is everything

It might not come as a surprise, but this is one of the most important features of the game. You need to reach fast enough to dodge the obstacles, and try as best as you can to collect the coins, and especially the boosts. 

Reacting is important, and if you jump too soon from a bus to another you might not make the distance needed, even if you did in fact jump. So make sure you try and react close to the end of a tall obstacle if you jump to another. Also, if you try and dodge the boxes or cars or poles or anything else at the very last second, it might be too late.

Always try and react at a somewhat ideal time, since Garfield will take his time to move, and some of those moves might require more animation, so always try and consider those few 0.02 seconds too when dodging an obstacle.

Always collect the packs!

The packs are situated only in the middle lane of the 3, so it’s not hard to collect at all, since usually there will be nothing else surrounding them (and also they have a golden glow, so it’s hard not to spot them).

These packs that you collect can give you either ingredients to boost Garfield’s level or puzzle pieces that can be used to unlock costumes for Garfield and Odie. It’s never a bad idea to go out of your way to collect them, because they will definitely be worth it.

Level up to unlock new recipes and areas

So this might come a little weird, but this game also has a leveling system, which is not often found in those types of games. By leveling up you don’t actually level up Garfield, but rather your own level. This lets you unlock new recipes that lets you level up even more by using the collectible items, and also new areas.

To level up all you have to do is collect the items you get from the packs (milk, meat and everything else) and combine them into a dish that you will then serve to Garfield the gourmand cat to level you up.

The recipes you unlock will require progressively more ingredients (for example the first level recipe is Bread and only requires flour, while the level 2 and 3 recipes need more than just flour), but they also give increasingly more EXP, which lets you level up faster. I suggest collecting the ingredients needed to always craft the highest level recipe, since that will be worth the wait and investment.

Get free packs, Gems and Coins

You can get free packs every 3 minutes by watching an ad. This is great if you need to collect puzzle pieces or coins quickly but don’t have the time to pay attention to the game. These packs are called Ads Packs and they can give you exactly what the other packs do, but instead of running to get them, you just watch an ad instead.

It’s free and easy, so I strongly suggest doing this if you can because it’s worth it. You can open a new pack every 3 minutes, so if you want to take the best of both worlds, I suggest that you start running and collect some coins while the timer for the Ads Pack resets. This will give you both packs (if you pick any) from running, coins and boosts, and also at the end you will have waited for the 3 minutes cooldown.

The same works with the Gems and Coins, so if you want to quickly stock up on them to unlock Odie or to simply open the pack bundles, it’s really easy to do this. By watching an ad you can get 2 Gems, and if you want Coins you can watch an ad for 500 Coins. 

The best way to take advantage of the cooldown timers and make the most profit, is to watch 3 ads (1 for packs, 1 for Gems and 1 for Coins) and in the remaining time to play a round of Garfield Rush. This will reset the timer by the time you are done, and like this you don’t have to run aimlessly for hours!

Try the Lucky Wheel!

After finishing a level you can get the option to play the Lucky Wheel (in exchange for watching an advertisement), which can give you anything between 100 Coins and 50 Gems! It’s a great way to collect some more freebies that will help you unlock new Garfield and Odie costumes, so there is no need to skip it!

Sometimes you will get an option to play the Lucky Wheel again after rolling once, by watching another ad. Don’t skip on this because you never know when Lady Luck will be on your side and you can even get 50 Gems!

Down is better than over

Sometimes you will get some obstacles that will allow you to go down or jump over them. I have figured that it’s better to roll down under them, instead of jumping over them. This is because you might not react in time when jumping over and it’s much easier and faster to go down.

This is a technique that has helped me quite a lot, but not every player has the same style. So if it’s not working as well for you, then play your own way and try and discover what you like best to do about the obstacles.

Go into the Void Gates

Once you reach level 5 (try and unlock a costume by now) you can unlock some nice Void Gates that will take you into another “dimension”. Here you can explore another area that also has some boosts and coins just like the usual ones. 

It’s way more interesting to unlock those initially “locked” areas because you will have multiple choices of where to go next!

Pick up the boosts

You will see sometimes some magnets or boots or many other boosts glowing golden on your runs. Try and pick these whenever you can as they will give you some good and useful boosts that will let you progress more and more and achieve high scores. Who knows, maybe you can even reach number 1 worldwide!

Don’t go out of your way for the coins

This is something I have learned by playing a lot. This is a lesson that you should also learn as soon as possible in the game. You should never go out of your way and do crazy stuff to collect all the coins, because you might end up risking your progress for nothing. 

If you first take care of the safety, then the coins will come for sure. I suggest that you first take good care of Garfield not to get hit and then try collecting coins. Also, it’s OK if you miss a coin or two as long as you can keep on running! You can take a look at how we decided to play the game for a really long and prosperous run!

These would be our Garfield Rush tips and tricks! If you know some other cool and useful tips, don’t shy away and share them with everyone who plays the game! 

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