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Game of War Cheats / Game of War – Fire Age Cheats: Tips & Tricks

Game of War Cheats / Game of War – Fire Age Cheats: Tips & Tricks

Game of War (fully titled Game of War – Fire Age) is an incredible base building / empire management game that I got hooked on a few days ago and now I find it impossible to stop.

This fortunately means that I have a lot of Game of War tips to share with you: cheats and tricks to help you get your kingdom better and get you one step closer to being the best player in the game.

I am sure that this sounds really nice, so let’s check out the Game of War – Fire Age guide below!

1. Complete quests

Game of War Guide

The easiest way to progress in the game is to complete the quests. They guide you through the building stages and the steps you should follow at first, and with all those free upgrades, you’re set for a great start.

So follow the quests and build/upgrade all the buildings recommended, while making sure that you already start training troops.

2. Join an active alliance

It is vital for you to join an alliance in Game of War because there are a ton of advantages from being in one. Of course, the more members the alliance has, the better and the more active it is, the better.

Generally alliances with a huge number of members are a good choice for starters: even though not all are active, you will still get your bonuses, like alliance gifts and more important help speeding up your buildings!

3. Build a few barracks to start with

The game only tells you to build one barracks and keep it for a long time, but you should build at least three to start with in order to maximize the production of soldiers.

Game of War

4. Complete alliance quests!

Make sure to complete the alliance quests as soon as possible to make sure that you get the loyalty points and the gold. Also, this helps keep your alliance strong, which is the first step towards being the best.

5. Use your teleport after joining an alliance

You will get a free item that allows you to teleport wherever you want to before your Stronghold reaches level 5.

It would be a great idea to move together with your alliance members – the proximity offers a ton of advantages and is the first thing needed to build a solid alliance (and keep you safe with their help).

6. Build hospitals!

My rule is to have as many hospitals as I have barracks. Hospitals help you with your troops and makes it easier for you to rebuild defences after you are attacked. The more you have, the more troops you will have to heal and not train again.

7. Keep visiting the Forge

The forge allows you to create items for your hero, powerful items that will help you greatly. So if you have the resources, make sure to use them as soon as possible (you earn resources from quests, resource parcels on the map or you can purchase them).

Game of War tips

8. Occupy resource fields ASAP

After building a decent army, look for resource fields on the map and occupy them. You will probably find quite a few unoccupied ones at first, it’s a good idea to go for them too. Also have in mind that you should go for the resources that you lack (iron for example).

Interesting about occupying is that you don’t permanently own that area once occupied, just harvest it until troops get to maximum capacity and then they automatically return home with the loot.

9. Open the Alliance Gifts ASAP

Whenever somebody in your alliance makes a purchase with real money in the game, everybody in the alliance gets a chance to receive a free gift with goodies from the pack.

However, this expire soon, so make sure you’re always on the lookout for these extremely valuable alliance gifts!

10. Always help your alliance

If you are lucky enough to end up in an active alliance, make sure you always keep an eye on the alliance tab and help as required. This includes reinforcing and making sure that you do your best to keep everybody in the alliance safe.

11. Keep an eye on your storehouse

As good you are as a player and as solid the alliance, you can still end up hit and hurt. That’s why it would be best to make sure you have your warehouse to a top level to hide as many resources as possible. If people can’t farm on your empire, they have no reason to attack over and over again!

Game of War tips 1

12. How to defend your troops

A good trick (although sometimes risky) to defend your troops is to send them to an unoccupied spot on the map. While there, other players won’t really have many reasons to attack, because they would gain no resources.

However, if they do attack, you don’t benefit from having hospitals in your empire, so you risk losing them all!

13. Start your research early on

The Academy is your friends because it helps you research a lot of goodies that in turn will unlock special items, like the traps and boosts in the Traps menu.

14. Balance hero skill point spending between attack skills

Whenever your hero levels up, he or she gains skill points that should be spent in the hero’s skill tree. Focus on troop attack at first, then go for research and Food Production. Troop training should come next, followed by all the attack skills.

I recommend ignoring the production boosts since you will get enough resources anyway and your hero must be ready to destroy your enemies!

15. Choose your quests based on the rewards

Initially, I was selecting quests blindly for the daily and alliance menus and it was not good: I always thought that the higher level quests give better rewards, but that is not always the case.

A lower level quest with fewer resource rewards might still be a great option if you have resources or materials as reward!

16. Manage resources in your inventory

All the resources that you get from the chests go into your inventory, so make sure to check them out there and use them, but only when you really need it!

17. Be patient and active!

There are really a ton of things to do in Game of War on your iPhone and iPad and you only have to be very active to access all the goodies and the fun of the game.

Prepare to get hit in the chin every now and then, prepare to be farmed on (not if you’re in a solid alliance) and prepare to have fun! This is an amazing game that will keep you busy for a long time.

What other tips and tricks do you have to share with fellow Game of War – Fire Age players? Let us know by commenting below!

(UPDATE notice:) This article was updated in March 2020.

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Game of War Cheats / Game of War – Fire Age Cheats: Tips & Tricks


  1. How is nobody pointing out that if you build 10 of each type of building (build 10 hospitals, destroy them, build 10 barracks etc…) you complete the “build 10” quests and get roughly 60k power in your first hour!? Not to mention the exp for your hero. All of these “top 10 game of war tricks” are written by people who havn’t played the game…and most are common sense. ^ is a REAL trick. ;-) You are welcome.

    • That,s true cat 2 barracks and 7 villa,s @ 7 hospitals is much better. Suppose you have 5 barracks later on you can train 6.000 troops together that,s no sense. Because that taks 3 days, better smaller qty and more frequent
      Your respurces are most important . Not your attackpower. That comes later

      • Absolutely disagree and I really think you aren’t understanding what i’m saying. Resources are not most important at the VERY beginning. Getting into a decent alliance is priority # 1 for obvious reasons. Most alliances worth their salt have minimum power requirements and the fastest way to get their attention is to have over 50k power…Not to mention that the strategy I outlined is completed with level 1 buildings. You build 10 of one building, then you destroy them and build 10 of the next. After you finish doing this for all the building types, then you are free to plan out your city how you want it. Building and destroying level 1’s is free and takes no time….trust me, I have 13mil power and control the wonder in my world. The build 10 strategy is the ONLY way to start this game.

        • I agree with the 10 build strategy and live by it as well. But I disagree that troops are not priority initially. In order to farm, troops are a necessity. Strength of troops not so much earlier on, but going right side and maxing research, construction, and gathering right away helps grow faster. After joining an alliance you can always purchase a skills reset later once you are comfortable with your city to develop strength (not power, a 10 million power player with no STRENGTH is easy kills.)

    • I have already upgraded all my buildings to level 5. To do the 10 building trick, do I have to have 10 farms or whatever at the same time, or can I build one then tear it down, repeat 10 times. Or do I need to build 10 at the same time ??


    • 60k power isn’t much in the grand scheme of things. And although it may intimidate one or two early attackers it does nothing to benefit your army growth, which is what people associate power with.

      One person could be afraid of you because you have 60k power more than them when you just started, but that fear will only run until they scout you and realize you spent your time doing the ‘build 10’ instead of training troops and traps.

      No, teleporting to an alliance hive and training large armies is what you need at the start, and along with that about seven hospitals. Base power will only go so far in this game, and that’s why the ‘build 10’ strategy isn’t really that powerful, and the way you are acting all stuck-up about it really annoys me as well, seeing as the majority of players know about it anyway.

      • Actually, it takes about 10-20 minutes to build ten of everything because of the free speedups at level 1. So, no, I doubt the lack of troops for 20 minutes will put a noob at a disadvantage. The peace shield would be up, so no risk of attack at that stage…

        • During the peace shield is when you should be out farming and training and leveling up your buildings. Build Ten isn’t beneficial in any way other than weak intimidation and a false sense of stength.

          Make the most of your shield and use that time to prepare your place for defense.

          • Twenty minutes to get your hero exp, rss, and free power isn’t going to affect you to the point where you are weak in comparison

      • Yes, you are correct, you lose what 1 power per level one building? At any rate, it’s not the power of each building that you are building your power wit. It is the fact there are questions to build 10 Farms, Build 10 Villas, Build 10 Hospitals, etc. It is the power and resources, etc that you get from the complete quests that you are aiming for, not just the building itself.

        And I didn’t find the person being arrogant, I found the person being helpful to those who are actually NEW and therefore wouldn’t just KNOW these things. And yes, it should be put somewhere for newer ppl to read as a strategy tip. Namely because alliances want you to have x amount of power to join. You don’t lose anything by doing the build 10 quests, (that’s why they are there, to help you), and it’s not “false intimidation”, it’s helping your numbers grow.

        Wow, people, if you wanna fight so bad, take it to the game. Why sound like children on here?

  2. If you are a wallet warrior, this is a game for you, but if you are like me and have no money, it is not fun at all when you get wiped out by a wallet warrior. There is no defense whatsoever. It is utterly ridiculous.

    • True, but wallet warriors can be hurt where it hurts most. Spend 2k on troops and resources and wake up to being utterly destroyed while out farming is not a good feeling ;-) Always nice to see a wallet warrior with 20 mill at lvl 17 get dropped to half that because he doesn’t have the hospital space to cover his excessive troop counts……..

      • Yeah, when in a war with another alliance just try and make them spend as much gold as they can on winged boots and stuff, it’s always satisfying to see :D

  3. Actually do build ten right around level 4 stronghold ensure gymnos is a level 5 to gain more hero xp. Be vip 4 and have only built four of everything to allow the room to construct the level one buildings.Don’t collect your empire quest rewards till u r a level 8 stronghold this will give u better bonus and hero xp :D and if u need more resources and can’t find em build farm accts or a new acct level to 5 for market and send to your other acct then send RSS to your main. Use ya brain :P

    • Actually. About collecting the empire quests… Wait till there is an event that requires “increase your power” that has an item for your hero. Each of those build 10 quests are 6000 power. Just cash in a few of those and you get there. Save the rest for the next “increase your power” event.

    • First you have to look for a very weak player (City) Click on it and select rally (Note that you have to be in an alliance to do this) an option of time will pop up, select 8 hour marching time, select all your troops or as many as you want to keep safe, click on march, an that way you can rest assure your troops will be there when you go online again.

      A G.

  4. This is ridiculous, the whole weekend, my connection to the game has been really flaky, successfully connecting maybe only 10% of the time. And when I’m actually in the game, it is so laggy as to be unplayable. Have played for some weeks and now I’m starting to get REALLY bogged down. And WHY does the game allow people with 20+ million power to hit on little people with barely 100k power?? What is the sense in sending 300k troops out to whack a city with only 10 troops defending? There seems to be zero strategy in this game, just brute force… and to feed an army that size is ridiculous, you have to be either playing the game for hours every day or forking out $$ or something. Advancing beyond level 14 or 15 is really difficult unless you pay out some real money to gain advantages in the game. The playing field is WAY too uneven. If you don’t join one of the big boy alliances, you’re toast every weekend, you’ll get hit again and again and it’s way too hard to advance. Not a game for casual players or even having fun – it requires dedication that I am not prepared to give to a silly game and certainly not one that positively encourages bullying and beating up the small guy.

    • There’s this thing called kill event, you probably were in a not so new kingdom and got hit. It’s part of the game, but mostly it’s actually really fun. I’m currently part of the Serrai kingdom, and part of @VT, my main alliance’s little sister. I actually lead a bit, it’s really fun.There’s my annoying ad for the day.

  5. You dont need to occupy troops somewhere to protect them, im in K2 and in sik WITH 13.5m power. Yes in the beginning you build 10 AND destroy 6 this ensure your power will go up quickly. Protecting troops requires LITTLE effort, all you need to do is pick a inactive player or alliance (if its a inactive player make sure his SH is level 15 if not in a alliance or a rally wont work). Start a fake rally by picking a 8 hour rally time on a player who is FAR away normally you want a target who is a 1:45min away. Second have your march go through the wonder of the forrest your troops will intially march alot slower and take ALOT longer to get to their destination. so add up the numbers 8 hour fake rally a 1:45 min march to get there plus marching through the wonder. this would add up into a 14 hour march overall and protect you troops for more then half a day. Occupying resource tiles is defnitley not a good idea, your troops can be zeroed on by people who want event points (such as the kill event) try to talk to your alliance about making a chatroom where everyone will only produce 1 resource. you have 100 players you devide that up into 20 players ONLY produce food another 20 players produce only stone and so forth. This strategy will never rely on you going to farm for tiles and protects troops.. but dont hoard the rss for long considering this will make you a target for an attack. Also hero skill points should be reset if you already used them for something that is not of helpfulness, if you are focusing to produce 1 rss then you should be spending your skill points on the rss you are mass producing. reset your hero skills to master what you are producing then use the rest of your hero skills on troops training and research. faster troops are made the more power, the faster research is completed the quicker you can strengthing your hero on the needs for you.

    If you have questions about the game or just need some tips add me in game. FR0STB1TT3N

    • Just a tip: if you can then it is a great idea to have your rally go through the forest. This allows you to send a march almost 4 hours meaning you have a max time of 16 hours rather than 12 or so

  6. I have been playing for 4 months and got to 4.5 million power without spending a penny.
    The secret is your gold mine, build it,and upgrade every time as soon as you can, add as many facebook friends playing the game and you can collect 250 gold every day, makes life easy.

    if you want to add me I am [email protected]

    I am big alberts in world 30, G-L alliance

    keep going and add friends to keep collecting

  7. How do you cancel fake rallies?

    Another alliance got the wrong idea. Even after explaining to the I meant no harm they keep attacking. I’m not losing troops buts messing up my battle stats. Can someone help ASAP. Thank you in advance.

  8. Two words for you troubled rss people…. HYPER FARMS.
    Example: an alliance of 100 members participating in hyper farming that is at 100 mill power to start will shoot drastically faster up in power with all ( not just some) hyper farming. So here’s what ya do…
    For every person who hyper farms: if they choose to hyper food, they want to build one stone one wood one ore and the rest all farms. UPGRADE UPGRADE UPGRADE!!! Idk how many times u see the word, UPGRADE! We ain’t saying it to make u work we say it to HELP U GRow. Now that example goes for all hyper farms, hero skill reset to optimize that resource they hyper farm and you will be making over 500k of said resource a hour! Bye bye tile hunts and long marches and tile killed troops! Hello massive armies strong buildings and a superior alliance working as one to create the top dog alliance :)
    Ps. During kill events or tile kills if u can get to VIP 9 but really really try for ten at VIP 9 and active during kill event or tile hits get 15% bonus for troop attack. VIP 10 get 15% bonus for troop attack, defense and health!

    Also instant troops
    In case u didnt kno yet: price is directly correlated to speed up times for example:
    3h1m=650 gold
    2h59m=300 gold

    8h1m=1000 gold
    7h59m=650 gold
    So before instant training make sure your training time is just below one of the major speed up times I.e (1,3,8,15hr etc)

  9. Anyone know how to send two rallies to protect troops? I have 100k troops but my rally only allows 50k. It also will not allow my other 50k to rally a different city. Any ideas?

    • Some options:
      1) If you have a 2nd account, start a rally there and join that.
      2) Join somebody elses rally that’s set for similar timing.
      3) Reinforce a player who has a peace shield up
      4) If you have encampments around your base, you could hide them in among those. little bit risky, and wouldn’t recommend that during kill events
      5) send them on a really long march across the wonder to attack a weak base… hopefully you can find somewhere which is 3 hours out (maybe 4, not sure if you can march that far?) and back, that almost covers the 6-8 hours of a rally time you’d be away from

  10. Has anyone else had problems getting an answer from machine zone? Tried changing my email and was told there was an email from them for confirmation purposes. Have not received it (checked all folders) wrote again, same thing happened.
    Wrote and explained and asked for help to be sent to original email – nothing.
    Tested it by asking for password reset – got reply with link.
    Wrote again with that email address – nothing!
    Since my new email is for Facebook link and has not processed I presume this is why, when I click on a spare tile outside the city I do not get the option for a gold mine?

  11. Why does my storehouse not protect my resources when I am attacked? I have been wiped out down to 0 on a couple of occasions now, I’m told the storehouse (mine is at level 12) should automatically protect an amount of resources, but mine doesn’t.

    • Go to more>account

      Then set up an account by registering it to an email address. Then you can start a new account and do the same.

      You can choose which one to log into.

      This is how you make farms.


  12. To cancel a rally:

    Lets say you are in “city view” where you are in your own city. Switch to “map view” (bottom left button. From there look towards the top right side, just below your gold indicator. Tap that icon that looks like a trooper. If you have a fake rally going and want to cancel, simply tap cancel and then confirm you want to cancel, and Bam!!! Rally cancelled. You’re welcome ;)

    • In order to create an alliance, first make sure you aren’t already in an alliance. Then go to the alliance button from your city or map screen. There are 3 tabs on the top of the screen. One (the one that auto-opens) is “join” and will show you alliances in your kingdom with open recruitment. The other two will be “invites” and “create”. Choose create to make and become the leader of your own alliance

    • No, you need to have a gift mode, which requires you to spend at least $99.99. Even with the gift mode, you can only send these thing by buying them with gold. Can’t give from your item.

    • Sure can open your alliance store then open catalogue and stock up anything needed, now alliance members can purchace from the sore anything stocked. Im an alliance leader and anyone complains about no alliance funds are reminded to do the 6 hourly quests at least one a day or two

  13. How do you change the color of your text for kingdom chat? I know with some games you can use HTML/bb code but it didn’t work for me. There have been players today, with Text showing up blue. They claim Mz made them moderators, I highly doubt it.

    • when you buy packs, the type of gift that the members of your alliance get depends on your alliances gift level, and the type of gift from the packs. If you are talking gold gifts, as in you using your gold to gift someone, than yes you can guarantee that they get a teleport. And the power doesn’t matter. a guy with 50 mil power can take a rally from multiple bigger guys if they have their hero skills and research maxed out for defense and health, and they have the hospitals to house the troops. these are called landmines. most have millions of t3 troops and loads of hospitals maxed out.

    • no. the only way an alliance member can go to that dig site is if you start digging and then leave. then they can go to it and start digging. the person digging can use speeds to dig at the site. and sending max troops will decrease the digging time also.

  14. Many of these tips and tricks are BS now depending on your Kingdom, the money/power players have completely ruined this game. I’m in Helios, and it’s total crap anymore. You can’t farm resources without sitting there watching them directly, and I am talking about during non kill events. The big dogs roll around and tile hit for no other reason than to up their kill counts. They are so big…in the billions of power, and even the lesser ones are in the hundreds of millions in power that they don’t farm resource tiles….they farm players. Repeatedly. Be advised, they bookmark hives and other groups and will come back to you often. Your choices are to rally and protect your troops and hero, or shield. Miss one, and you will be zeroed.

    The latest thing is heroes…if they are over lvl15, don’t plan on getting them back. And if they are in the 40’s + definitely don’t plan on getting them back. Instead, wait until the time runs out and prepare for the execution so you can resurrect them.

    Hopefully, this isn’t a meme across the game…but Helios is so dis functional now, and the money/power players have ruined the game. They don’t give a crap about the Kingsom events and winning, because they give no time for the smaller alliances and players to grow, but instead run it with an iron fist. Nothing pisses me off after coming off a great KvK, and scoring big…to two days later, during a non kill event, I get banged up at work and miss a shield reset…and get zeroed. The last one I lost 250K troops on resource tiles out collecting by an ass who just was killing people for the kill counts, even though they got no points for it.

    My advice…play, but Dont get sucked in, and definitely don’t spend real money. There are others who have been playing far longer, spend far more real money, are infinitely stronger who will just zero you, and all that money and effort will be for nothing.

  15. Need help. How do I train at another alliance (the other alliance is our “training alliance”). Been playing for just over a week now so sorry if it’s an obvious question :)

    • You can still combine them even if they’re locked, I think you just cant use them to craft anything. But I am trying to figure out how to increase my storage space too.

      • There is an item that drops in the Level chests called Crafting Bag, i think. You get more slots as you level up. Look in your treasures tab for the level chests if you haven’t already, and if you have, the item itself will be a picture of a leather bag on a purple background in your “special” items tab, I think. I hope that helps! <3

  16. Dont play. Awfull game fun to start then a misery to quit. Badly swayed in the favor of rich players. I say let them have it and stop playing. Most players are just slaves to big spenders. Mz has no support team. So when the game glitches and you lose everything don’t even expect an apology or even a responce. And that is garanteed to happen. When attacking the game constantly freezes and you are forced to reload while being destroyed. Stop the criminal developers from such absurd game conditions for unreasonable amounts of cash for the average person.

  17. for those who enjoy the challenge of not paying and still succeeding in this game, having the protection of a strong alliance is key. Once in an alliance, i suggest building and advancing enough resource farms as you can handle (i have 3 farms and my main account; hyper production of each wood ore stone food), focus everything (crafting, building and hero skills) on the production of the most sought after resource (silver) in the farm accounts. accumulate and sell your resources to obtain gold gifts!! Speed ups and shields to protect your hoard. (There are usually trade message rooms). once you have enough speedups and resources, work the solo, inferno and kingdom quests to build up the army of your main account which costs next to nothing when you factor in the prizes given for the events. I need to repeat, The focus should always be to maximize the resource to sell. Use your speeds on this before all else. Once you reach the point where youve completed all the troop training research, and optimized the amount of barracks and villas (villas reduce training time) only train troops if the events make it worthwhile, usually after a kill event do you get the best consecutive events for training troops. get creative don’t be dumb and blame it on wallet warriors! it takes a lot of patience, you will miss participating in many kill events, but it’s worth it. i produce 50M silver a day, selling for 30k worth of gold gifts in my kingdom.. each day! and I’m still improving those farms.

  18. Ok im in my kingdoms leading alliance but none of us have figured out how to complete the long live the king quest. if there is anyone that know how to please reply.

  19. Am at level 4 SH and want to teleport to Harat but keep getting a message saying “you may not teleport to this kingdom at this time”. I waited for the KvK to end but still got that message. Someone please help.

  20. I no that these comments are vary old I have been playing game of war for 2 years now and I have 1 trillion power I think that part of the ten strategy is good I think getting into an active alliance is priority #1 In my case I did not join one I made one and it was vary active I did not get vary big but it was to me then I was invited to join another alliance so I did and my alliance scattered I did not train troops till I needed to the first thing I did was research then I trained troops I currently have 11 billion troops I’m VIP 41 and my hero is level 76 I’m in full Pegasus gear if you want you can ad me to your friends list my name is Thug life 97 I’m in state ambarel I love this game and I hope you will to


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