Game of War Cheats / Game of War – Fire Age Cheats: Tips & Tricks

Game of War (fully titled Game of War – Fire Age) is an incredible base building / empire management game that I got hooked on a few days ago and now I find it impossible to stop.

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This fortunately means that I have a lot of Game of War tips to share with you: cheats and tricks to help you get your kingdom better and get you one step closer to being the best player in the game.

I am sure that this sounds really nice, so let’s check out the Game of War – Fire Age guide below!

1. Complete quests

Game of War Guide

The easiest way to progress in the game is to complete the quests. They guide you through the building stages and the steps you should follow at first, and with all those free upgrades, you’re set for a great start.

So follow the quests and build/upgrade all the buildings recommended, while making sure that you already start training troops.

2. Join an active alliance

It is vital for you to join an alliance in Game of War because there are a ton of advantages from being in one. Of course, the more members the alliance has, the better and the more active it is, the better.

Generally alliances with a huge number of members are a good choice for starters: even though not all are active, you will still get your bonuses, like alliance gifts and more important help speeding up your buildings!

3. Build a few barracks to start with

The game only tells you to build one barracks and keep it for a long time, but you should build at least three to start with in order to maximize the production of soldiers.

Game of War

4. Complete alliance quests!

Make sure to complete the alliance quests as soon as possible to make sure that you get the loyalty points and the gold. Also, this helps keep your alliance strong, which is the first step towards being the best.

5. Use your teleport after joining an alliance

You will get a free item that allows you to teleport wherever you want to before your Stronghold reaches level 5.

It would be a great idea to move together with your alliance members – the proximity offers a ton of advantages and is the first thing needed to build a solid alliance (and keep you safe with their help).

6. Build hospitals!

My rule is to have as many hospitals as I have barracks. Hospitals help you with your troops and makes it easier for you to rebuild defences after you are attacked. The more you have, the more troops you will have to heal and not train again.

7. Keep visiting the Forge

The forge allows you to create items for your hero, powerful items that will help you greatly. So if you have the resources, make sure to use them as soon as possible (you earn resources from quests, resource parcels on the map or you can purchase them).

Game of War tips

8. Occupy resource fields ASAP

After building a decent army, look for resource fields on the map and occupy them. You will probably find quite a few unoccupied ones at first, it’s a good idea to go for them too. Also have in mind that you should go for the resources that you lack (iron for example).

Interesting about occupying is that you don’t permanently own that area once occupied, just harvest it until troops get to maximum capacity and then they automatically return home with the loot.

9. Open the Alliance Gifts ASAP

Whenever somebody in your alliance makes a purchase with real money in the game, everybody in the alliance gets a chance to receive a free gift with goodies from the pack.

However, this expire soon, so make sure you’re always on the lookout for these extremely valuable alliance gifts!

10. Always help your alliance

If you are lucky enough to end up in an active alliance, make sure you always keep an eye on the alliance tab and help as required. This includes reinforcing and making sure that you do your best to keep everybody in the alliance safe.

11. Keep an eye on your storehouse

As good you are as a player and as solid the alliance, you can still end up hit and hurt. That’s why it would be best to make sure you have your warehouse to a top level to hide as many resources as possible. If people can’t farm on your empire, they have no reason to attack over and over again!

Game of War tips 1

12. How to defend your troops

A good trick (although sometimes risky) to defend your troops is to send them to an unoccupied spot on the map. While there, other players won’t really have many reasons to attack, because they would gain no resources.

However, if they do attack, you don’t benefit from having hospitals in your empire, so you risk losing them all!

13. Start your research early on

The Academy is your friends because it helps you research a lot of goodies that in turn will unlock special items, like the traps and boosts in the Traps menu.

14. Balance hero skill point spending between attack skills

Whenever your hero levels up, he or she gains skill points that should be spent in the hero’s skill tree. Focus on troop attack at first, then go for research and Food Production. Troop training should come next, followed by all the attack skills.

I recommend ignoring the production boosts since you will get enough resources anyway and your hero must be ready to destroy your enemies!

15. Choose your quests based on the rewards

Initially, I was selecting quests blindly for the daily and alliance menus and it was not good: I always thought that the higher level quests give better rewards, but that is not always the case.

A lower level quest with fewer resource rewards might still be a great option if you have resources or materials as reward!

16. Manage resources in your inventory

All the resources that you get from the chests go into your inventory, so make sure to check them out there and use them, but only when you really need it!

17. Be patient and active!

There are really a ton of things to do in Game of War on your iPhone and iPad and you only have to be very active to access all the goodies and the fun of the game.

Prepare to get hit in the chin every now and then, prepare to be farmed on (not if you’re in a solid alliance) and prepare to have fun! This is an amazing game that will keep you busy for a long time.

What other tips and tricks do you have to share with fellow Game of War – Fire Age players? Let us know by commenting below!

(UPDATE notice:) This article was updated in March 2020.

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Game of War Cheats / Game of War – Fire Age Cheats: Tips & Tricks

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