Game of Trenches Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

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In today’s article we are going to cover all the Game of Trenches tips and cheats to help you build a powerful base, and always have the best upgrades available at all times!

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If you like this type of games, then let me tell you this much: you will have a great time in this simple-looking game, which is going to let you build a base relatively easy, and with minimum headaches involved.

As you might well know, some of the games that follow this style are usually complicated-looking and send you from place to place to deal with tons of stuff – but no, Game of Trenches is not like that at all! Here you will have to build your base in a very compact space – a trench!

So if you are ready to learn all of our Game of Trenches tips and tricks, then let’s get right into it!

Build all the resource facilities available

You should always try to build all the available resource buildings first. They will provide you with constant resources, and that way you can ensure that you will always have the necessary materials to train troops, upgrade buildings and so on.

It is super important to build all the available buildings from the very beginning – and not just for the quest, but because they will be good for later on in the game when you will need to have collected tons of materials for certain stuff, so if you start early on, it’s better!

You can find the buildings by tapping on the hammer button in the main interface, then you will see there 3 categories: Economy, Military and Decorations. Head on to the Economy tab and make sure you always have all of them built!

Upgrade your buildings as soon as you build them!

In this game, as soon as you build your buildings, you should also start upgrading them! This is a method that I have found very efficient, because as soon as you start building a ton of stuff, you will forget about the ones you built initially, so it will get a little confusing.

What I like to do is start upgrading the buildings as soon as I construct them, to the maximum available level. And once I level up the Headquarters, I go over all the buildings again and make sure I keep them upgraded to the maximum level at all times.

This way I never have issues such as requiring a certain level to do some quest or start a certain upgrade. It will take a little bit more time, but if you think about it, this way is more efficient because you always have the buildings maxed out for the current HQ level, and that means that you have more power overall! This takes me to the next point:

Upgrade the Headquarters as soon as you finished maxing out all the buildings!

This means that for every level of your Headquarters has, the buildings have a maximum level that they can be upgraded to. I suggest going through all of them and making sure they are upgraded before you start upgrading the HQ.

The Headquarters usually takes longer than any other building, because it’s the core structure of your base, so it’s undoubtedly the most important building you have. Don’t neglect it and keep upgrading it too – as soon as you max out all the buildings!

Claim your daily deals – doubled!

Every day you will be able to claim some rewards by heading in to the store! Simply tap on the Store button (main interface, tap on the Gold in the top right corner) and there you should head on to the Daily Deals tab.

There you can collect every day some new loot, so make sure you do this daily! Also, if you choose to watch an advertisement you can double those rewards! It’s definitely worth it if you want to quickly get more powerful!

Move the buildings as you please

In the game you can also move the buildings, and arrange them however you like to make your base unique. To move a building, all you have to do is simply tap on the building once, then tap and hold and drag it to where you want it to be moved.

You can do this as many times as you like, but I noticed that some of the buildings get bugged when you do this, and either move back on their own (yeah, they do!) or keep on floating while still having the same building as a double underneath (weird, right?). So don’t freak out if this happens – it’s just the game!

The glitches that might appear after moving your buildings can be fixed by closing the game (completely) and re-opening it. Basically give the game a restart!

Farm resources on the world map!

If your resources farmed in the resource farms are not enough, you can choose to seek resources in the world map! This is a little more dangerous, as there can be other players intercepting you and starting a fight, but as long as you train troops it should be good.

Farming resources here is not the best way in my opinion, since you can have them instantly delivered to you from your farms, but if you really need a lot, it’s good to know that you can do that here too!

Researching will be your best friend

You should start researching and upgrading your University as soon as you start playing. Start by researching Construction, and then move on to other Resources. It’s better to research development instead of military field first, because this will help you gain more from the game by passively playing.

Military will be needed later on, so make sure you focus on development first.

Use your speed ups accordingly!

You will get a ton of speed ups from the game, you can find them in the Items -> My Items -> Speed Up tab. There you will see how many you have of each, and whenever a building is upgrading you can use them.

However, I don’t recommend that you use them to complete a construction from beginning to end! Use them until the building has 5 minutes left, because that way you will be able to finish the building construction for free without wasting speed ups! Also, try to use them for upgrading your Headquarters and other super important buildings, and not the resource farms!

Join an active Alliance and get free stuff!

This is arguably one of the most important features of the game. When you join an Alliance you will receive 100 Free Gold! This adds up to the other benefits an Alliance gives, but either way it’s super good.

The 100 Gold are a one-time-only thing, so you won’t be getting them if you keep swapping alliances. However, I suggest that you first join to claim the Gold, and if the Alliance is not active, leave and search for an active one.

It’s super important for the alliance to be active because you will be able to give and receive help building stuff from the other alliance members. This is basically free speed ups for everything!

More Game of Trenches tips and tricks:

– You can spot the little green arrows pointing upwards next to the buildings when they have upgrades available!

– Customize your name and avatar! Don’t be that basic player with a default name – tap on the top left corner on your player profile and tap on the icon to change it, or on the “Change Name” button to change your name for free (since you get a free name change when you start the game).

– Open the resources you got in your bag at start! You will find there a lot of Gold, Food, Steel, Cement and Oil! Simply go to Items -> Resource and then tap on “Use item” to open them! Check back often because some rewards give you the resources here in this format!

– Finish upgrades for free when there are 5 minutes left until completion! Simply tap on the arrows and then on the “Free” button!

– You can watch ads to skip an upgrade entirely! This works for pretty much anything, so make sure that if you are not bored to watch an ad to skip a long timer, you do it!

These would be all of our Game of Trenches tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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Game of Trenches Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

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