Get ready to pilot futuristic spaceships, swerve oncoming asteroids and blow other players to smithereens with high-tech laser canons because online shooter Space Arena has just landed in an app store near you.

Available on iOS and Android, GameSpire’s free-to-play offering thrusts players into deep-space arena contests where they will lock horns with pilots across the planet via an internet connection. Swerving cosmic debris and laser fire will keep you alive, and blasting opponents to oblivion will help you climb up the leaderboard.

Players will have plenty of opportunities to upgrade and personalise their spacecraft along the way. Every kill you rack up brings in points for customising your vessel, and when enough have been accumulated, you can even buy a brand new one.

Hotshot pilots will also earn Diamonds as they play and these can be used to unlock all kinds of special skills and abilities, including damage resistance and speed boosts. These powers can be mixed and matched to fit the player’s personal preferences. Space Arena is available to download for free from Google Play, the App Store now.


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