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Fusion Heroes Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Winning

Fusion Heroes Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Winning

Fusion Heroes is a pretty unique mobile game from Tapinator, charming with its easy to understand gameplay and retro graphics. And today we’re going to help you get better at this game by sharing a bunch of Fusion Heroes cheats and tips.

Controlling your robot and selecting the best possible minions is what you have to do in order to master the game and even though it’s all pretty much straightforward, we hope that our tips and tricks will help a bit.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some Fusion Heroes tips and tricks in our complete strategy guide!

Choose items based on rarity AND level
The gear or units that you can equip in Fusion Heroes has two important elements that you should consider when deciding what to get and what to dump: rarity, but also level.

Here is how this works: when you receive an item, it will be of that level at which you are when you received it. So if you get a rare soldier at level 5, it will be level 5 forever. Therefore, if your next soldier is received at level 10, even if it’s uncommon, it might be better than your rare one simply because of the higher level.

The same goes for all the types of items in the game, so make sure that you always keep an eye on them to make sure that you are really equipping the best available. This means that you should also read the descriptions, as various units will have various characteristics, some of which are better than others.

Sell any unneeded items
As soon as an item becomes obsolete, you should sell it as there is no need to hoard gear items or units. Based on rarity (and not their level), these units will reward you with some gems which can be traded at the store to craft new and usually better items.

Best weapon type to choose in the game
There are three main weapons in the game: cannons, miniguns and laser beams. But which of these is the best?

Considering that the rarity is the same, I would choose either the Minigun (rapid fire rate, easy to control and hit the critical spots) or the Cannon (more damage and even though it has a higher recoil, it is still good).

I didn’t really manage to play with the Laser Beam, which needs to be charged in order to deal massive damage, but the more you charge it by tapping and holding the screen, the more difficult it is to aim. So I would instead choose the cannon or the minigun at all times.

Choose missions based on reward AND difficulty
There is always the same number of missions that you can try to complete, but each of them refreshes after the countdown timer reaches zero. Check them all out before starting a new one and have the following in mind:

The rewards that you are getting (usually diamonds or rare equipment pieces are better), but also the difficulty of the said mission and the level of the units you will face. If you are level 10 and you will face level 10 units, even if the mission is easy, you will have a more difficult time completing it that with a mission with level 8 units.

Keep crafting new goodies
As soon as you have enough gems, you should craft a new item for your robot or a new unit. It’s usually a good idea to wait and craft the rarest possible item and do so when your level is as high as possible (since the item you craft will eventually become obsolete).

Multitasking is key to win your battles
When it comes to winning the battles you start, it’s all about being able to multitask properly and do the most during the chaos.

You should keep an eye on three things at the same time: the units & special weapons that you can send in battle and send them in at the right time, the weak spots over the enemy and shoot them at the right time, as well as the incoming enemies that you have to either counter with your own troops or a special shot if available.

It’s also very important to try and prevent the enemy robot to take shots at you by hitting either all the purple or red circles which should be a priority over the regular yellow ones. Both circles, if left undestroyed, will result in a shot being taken by the enemy robot and massive damage taken by your own.

But if you manage to destroy them in time (usually the purple ones require multiple hits), not only that you cancel the incoming shots, but also stun the enemy for a short while.

This would be all, at least for now! If you have some additional Fusion Heroes tips or tricks to help fellow players win their battles constantly and improve their robots, let us know by commenting below.

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Fusion Heroes Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Winning


  1. I really like this game, as it’s quick fun and easy to learn. I like the mechanics overall, as it requires timing and the randomness of your crosshair keeps you involved.

    However, currently I’m stuck. Mission 1 says it’s very easy and I’m level 11. I can’t even complete mission 1 anymore, tried all 5. It’s impossible to fully destroy all the purple circles and therefore I keep dying quite easily on my second or third opponent. Countering the enemy’s soldiers is easy and sometimes I can spam all my 3 solder groups at the same time so I’m doing quite some damage. Waiting for a refresh of the mission doesn’t help anything. My head gear (= health points) is a lvl 8 rare one with 3000 hit points. I’m stuck on 0 diamonds and unable to gain more.

    I don’t want to start all over, but it’s now become a pay2win game for me and therefore I’m not playing it anymore. It was cool while it lasted I guess.

    One trick: press one finger on the screen at all times. When your special weapon / rocket is ready to go, activate it. Now, the game slows down and you can easily press with another finger on your screen to hit the purple/red circles. You can even activate soldiers in this state of slow motion. If you’re done with the slow motion, remove all fingers and press one time on the enemy to finally fire our rocket.
    Another tip: pressing when your crosshair in the yellow circle doesn’t only hit your enemy for critical damage, but also fills up the small yellow bar next to it. Once filled, you can fire off your special rocket again.


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